Home decor is a direct reflection of your style and personality. However, irrespective of your design approach, your house entrance design is the first thing guests notice when they walk in. To make a lasting first impression, it is important you get your foyer design right! We have rounded up a few elements that will transform your entryway.

#1: Decorate your walls
house entrance design_wall decor_wall painting_exposed brick wall_wall lights
Let the walls speak

Say goodbye to boring plain walls, and hello to bold, patterned wallpaper for your house entrance design. Since most foyer designs don’t take up a lot of space, framed art, or a photo gallery can add vivacity without compromising on the area available. You could also opt for eclectic light fixtures that exude a warm and inviting vibe, while lending charisma to the hallway.

#2: Mirror magic
house entrance design_accent mirror_ornate mirror_designer mirror_mirror in foyer
Decorative mirrors look lovely

In addition to creating the illusion of a bigger space, mirrors are a great way to light up your foyer. Choose the right type of frame and size to fit your aesthetic and the space well. Nowadays, mirrors can also double up as art installations!

#3: Make a little extra seating
house entrance design_chairs_foyer seating_foyer storage_wooden foyer
Make space for seating

An elegant pouffe or chair by the door can change the tone of your entryway drastically. If you want a rustic and classic foyer design, use an antique trunk instead. This is not just great seating option, but also excellent to stow away belongings such as shoes or coats.

#4: Keep it natural
house entrance design_plants_foyer plants_greenery_yellow wall
A dash of freshness

Plants have a great way of making your foyer design feel bright and airy. You can also get creative with the planters and pots themselves. For a traditional and welcoming vibe, choose a hand-painted urli bowl and float some fresh flowers in it.

#5: Table it
house entrance design_console table_Storage unit_buddha in foyer
Let functionality reign supreme

A table or a cabinet by the door is not just aesthetically charming, but also functional. Incorporating a table in the foyer design gives your family a place to leave their keys and mail as soon as they enter. Choose between wooden or marble tops to match the rest of your home.

#6: The warm fuzzies
house entrance design_rug_carpet_foyer rug_foyer seat
Add warmth with pretty rugs

In colder climates, a rug in the foyer is perfect for those days when the flooring gets too cold. You can opt for a faux fur rug to keep things classy, or a short hair that’s easier to clean if there are kids or pets around.

#7: Floating wonders
house entrance design_floating shelves_wooden ledge_display rack in foyer
For decor and simple storage

If you’re pressed for space, install floating shelves of varying heights and placement for all your decor and storage needs. This affordable option also draws the eyes upward creating a more elevated and spacious look.

How would you like to change your entryway? Create the foyer design of your dreams today!

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