Some spaces cast a spell on you from the very moment you step in. For homes, the foyer or entryway is that space; it’s a prelude to what the rest of the home looks like. Hence, it is very important to style this space in a way that defines your home in the best possible way! Now, this poses some really unique challenges because a foyer is most often a really narrow space. But a design professional will tell you just how much you can do with this narrow strip of space. So you can kiss your home entrance design woes goodbye because we are here to help. 

Before you zero in on a foyer design, it is imperative to understand that the same space can be styled in multiple ways. It depends on what you expect the space to function as. And this is best illustrated with the help of examples. Here we have applied 5 different styles to the same home entrance design. We have also broken down each of these home entrance design styles into their basic elements — colour or wall treatment, flooring, lighting, seating and decor. This will help you figure the reason behind each feature of your  foyer design serves in the grand scheme of things. 

The five different home entrance design styles we have illustrated below are minimal, maximal, industrial, Scandinavian and Indian. So pick the foyer design that resonates the most with you. 

Breaking Down 5 Iconic Home Entrance Design Styles

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And if you don’t find anything that fits the bill for you, you can write to us and tell us what other styles you would like us to explore. You can also explore What Design Style Matches Your Persona?

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