Mirror, mirror, on the wall – who is the grandest of them all?

Traditional home 1

Who livs here: Uttam and Sakshi Kumar with their two sons and his parents

Location: Noida: ATS Pristine, Sector 150, Noida

Size of home: Villa with 3 floors and terrace spanning 10,000 sq ft

Design team: Interior designer Ashima Razdan

Livspace service: Entrance hall, living and dining room

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹


The shimmer of gold and glint of glass has set this sprawling villa in Noida apart from its neighbouring properties. While most new homeowners are experimenting with new age concepts like minimalism and Scandinavian decor, Kumars have settled for a villa that is unabashed in its grandeur. In between the mirrors on the wall and the glass ceiling, this traditional home looks like a palace of illusions.

Let us take a tour to fathom the secrets of this mirage-inspiring Livspace home.

Red, gold and bold
Traditional home colours

This traditional home resembles the sets of classic period dramas dating back to the 19th century. Hence, copious amounts of Victorian red and gold that have been used consistently in the living and dining space fit the grand scope of things. The walls and sofas are a mix of red and gold. The dual-layered heavy gold and sheer white curtains do justice to the enormous windows.

Wealthy Wallpaper
Traditional home wallpaper

It is interesting to note that there is not a shred of of paint on walls of this traditional home; the entire place has been done up in wallpaper working around the colours red, muted gold and matt gold. The wallpaper has a slight gleam adding to the richness of the plush premises while the red panels on the walls and  quaint lighting fixtures brew a strong infusion of old world charm.

traditional home_info box
The Glint of Glass
Traditional home chandelier
traditional home glint of glass

The Kumars’ household mimics the legendary Rajasthani palaces with jharokas and shimmering chandeliers. Gold-rimmed mirrors have been placed strategically to reflect the grandeur of an elaborate chandelier. The 23 foot ceiling is adorned with shards of coloured glass that play tricks of light.

Traditional home mirror

The chandelier in the dining room is a slightly contemporary version of the one in the living room. Dining room also has a wall-length mirror that adds to the ambiance of optical illusions.

Vibrant Velvet Meets Solid Wood
Traditional home solid wood

The upholstery on the sofas and dining chairs is rich velvet, giving the space an air of regality. White marble table tops enhance the splendour of this traditional home. Nothing other than high-quality wood could have set off the positively imperial settings of this house. The baroque borders of the wall panels and mirrors also comprise solid wood with gold polish.

“Mr Uttam Kumar and his wife Sakshi decided to swim against the tide by opting for an ornately traditional home when everyone these days goes for contemporary designs. They liked the colour scheme at once and the design process evolved organically from there. I feel privileged to be have had the opportunity to work on this one of a kind project.”

– Ashima Razdan, Interior Designer, Livspace

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