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Jewel tones, if we were to look at colours as a family, are the more extravagant cousins of everyday colours. In fact, there’s a jewel tone for nearly every colour on the spectrum. Red transforms into ruby and blue into a cool sapphire. Moreover, forest green becomes a luxe emerald and yellows, a sunkissed amber. Hence, jewel-toned interiors are far from outdated– if anything, they’re a timeless interior design choice. Here are some of our favourite jewel inspired interiors, along with how to achieve the look:

Jewel Toned Home Decor #1: Glam Up the Walls
jewel toned interiors-green bedding-floral wallpaper
Stunning opulence

For a distinctly regal touch, a dark sapphire blue is the way to go; floral wallpaper featuring similar tones takes the drama up a notch. This backdrop will make anyone feel they’re living the luxe life!

Jewel Toned Home Decor #2: Match Colour and Texture
jewel toned interiors-blue sofa-chandelier type-wood display unit
Striking topaz blue

In this home, the topaz blue quilted settees are rimmed by gold legs and framed by an equally luxe interior setup. Therefore, to keep the focus on the settees, all other colours have been paired down to neutral or white.

Jewel Toned Home Decor #3: Use Jewel-toned Splashes
jewel toned interiors-purple artwork-neutral sofa colour-coffee table designs
A dash of colour

A clever way to introduce jewel toned interiors without overwhelming a compact space is to bring it in splashes and touches. Furthermore, in this room, the pared-back wall is flanked by ametrine-hued wall art and complementary cushions.

Jewel Toned Home Decor #4: Mirror it Up
jewel toned interiors-green wall-mirror wall-orange bedding-pendant lighting
Emerald green accent wall

As if jewel tones weren’t enough, this bedroom also features floor-to-ceiling mirrors that extend the grandeur of the space. Despite being vivid in colour, the wall ties in well with the soft furnishings on the bed and the floor.

Jewel Toned Home Decor #5: Pack a Punch with Accessories
jewel toned interiors-red bedding-red armchair-standing lamp-wall art
Rich ruby red accessories

A rich ruby hue dominates in this bedroom, in the form of the armchair, throw blanket and artwork. In contrast, the muted mint hues both complement and elevate the jewel toned palette.

Jewel Toned Home Decor #6: Turn Up the Soft Furnishings
jewel toned interiors-blue bedding-headboard-white armchairs
Deep jewel tones

Neutral furnishings and walls make the perfect base for the vivid jewel tones used in the soft furnishings. Subsequently, the quilted pouffes ensure the colours are cleverly diffused.

Jewel Toned Home Decor #7: Channel Jewels Through Upholstery
jewel toned interiors-green sofa-carpet designs-pendant lighting
Lush garnet green

A sure shot way to channel jewel toned interiors without breaking the bank is to bring the colours in through upholstery– specifically, seating. Moreover, in this room, the green garnet sofa ties in with the ottoman and is enlivened by the amber armchair.

Jewel Toned Home Decor #8: Throw in Some Gold
jewel toned interiors-red sofa-gold partition-wooden coffee table
With ruby toned furniture

Nothing spells luxe quite like gold and jewels– and, like this living room setup displays, gold and jewel tones look stunning when paired together.

Jewel Toned Home Decor #9: Use Colour Harmonies
jewel toned interiors-wooden partition-white sofa-blue sofa-living room designs
Unique blend of colours

This living room displays a triadic harmony of blue, red and touches of yellow, representing a colour harmony that isn’t conventional but still attractive.

Jewel Toned Home Decor #10: Opt for Vibrant Furniture
jewel toned interiors-orange sofa-partition designs-chandelier-entryway mirror
Regal colours

Jewel tones don’t often mean muted colours– they can also be quite carnivalesque, as in this living room. A tangerine orange is pared down by luxe gold and regal blue tones.

Jewel Toned Home Decor #11: Brighter and Bolder Colours
jewel toned interiors-artwork-living room sofas-chandelier designs
A mix of many jewel tones

There’s no upper limit to how bright you want your colours to be. However, in this room, the jewel tones are focused on in the artwork and touched upon across the room in the form of throw cushions.

Jewel Toned Home Decor #12: Neutral Interiors
jewel toned interiors-living room swing-blue chairs-partition
Neutrals for a subtle look

In this room, the traditional swing and facing armchairs hold all the jewel tones, allowing the rest of the space to be decidedly neutral.

Jewel Toned Home Decor #13: Play with Fabrics
jewel toned interiors-velvet dining chairs-purple furniture-pendant lighting
A royal amethyst shade

For a touch of pizzazz to already intense jewel tones, introduce stronger textures. Consequently, in this dining room, the chairs are decked out in an amethyst velvet that ties in with the adjoining space.

Jewel Toned Home Decor #14: Use Lighter Colours
jewel toned interiors-blue chairs-white sofa-partition-blue wallpaper
Plush & neutral

Lighter colours often provide a sense of grandeur and airiness. In this living room, plush velvet meets milky opalescent colours that are also reflected in the wallpaper.

Jewel Toned Home Decor #15: Accessorise with Curtains
colors-blue curtains-white sofa-orange chair
Splash of sapphire

Jewel toned interiors can also be achieved by way of rugs and curtains, as in this living room. Subsequently, gold tables and chair legs add pizzazz.

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