Tightened purse strings seem like they can limit the design process; in reality, they allow you to push the creative envelope and sniff out some great deals. The secret to fixing up a home on a budget is focusing on the details– specifically, the design details. Here are our curated home decorating ideas on a budget to help your process along!

Home Decorating Idea #1: DIY art
home decorating ideas on a budget-tables-art-frames
Get creative with DIY projects

Jute offers up a rustic aesthetic that can easily be achieved through a DIY project. Jute macrame wall hangings, vase coverings and placemats are great DIY experiments to try your hands at!

Home Decorating Idea #2: Hang up a mirror
home decorating ideas on a budget-green wall-striped mirror-mirror mount
Mirrors can add dimension to the room

Mirrors instantly open up a space without too much effort going into it. Depending on your budget, you could opt for gilded mirrors or contemporary frame-less options. Either way, it’s going to make a statement and works as home decorating ideas on a budget

Home Decorating Idea #3: Install new handles
home decorating ideas on a budget-green handles-checkered backsplash
Add a personalised touch with unique handles

A subtle way to bring in a fresh change is to change cabinet and door handles. This transforms the face of your cabinetry with minimal effort and allows you to bring in more luxe appeal.

Home Decorating Idea #4: Use a table runner
home decorating ideas on a budget-dining table bench-wall clock
Use a contrasting table runner

Table runners not only protect your table from scratches and burns but they also add a touch of grandeur to the space. Opt for cloth or jute options depending on your taste.

Home Decorating Idea #5: Use throw pillows
home decorating ideas on a budget-wood bed-side table designs-pink throw pillows
Opt for brightly coloured pillows

Throw pillows don’t take up much space but can be layered and upholstered in your fabric of choice. For beds, consider adding bolsters to the mix of added dimension.

Home Decorating Idea #6: Paint a wall
home decorating ideas on a budget-yellow wall-wall trims-track lights
Wall makeover with simple designs

Consider giving up one plain wall to a bright coat of paint. This instantly elevates a room without too much effort– if you have faith in your painting skills, you may be able to do it yourself, too.

Home Decorating Idea #7: Bring in a plant
home decorating ideas on a budget-white arm chairs-blue sofa-red standing lamp
Pick out plants for a lively element

Plants are easy ways to uplift a room without drilling holes or shifting furniture around. Cacti, fiddly fig and other potted plants survive well indoors and are low-maintenance.

Home Decorating Idea #8: Get new bed linen
home decorating ideas on a budget-red bedding-floral wallpaper-wooden bed
Comfy bedding can change the game

Instead of throwing on any old sheet and calling it a day, consider opting for a matched set in regal or jewel-toned colours. Bonus points if you choose luxe material such as linen or silk!

Home Decorating Idea #9: Add a rug
blue sofa-pattern rug-tv unit
A patterned rug can add colour and style

A rug can warm up a room and bring all individual elements together. Depending on the current design scheme, pick from plain, natural fibre or patterned rugs in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Home Decorating Idea #10: Create a Zen zone
Create a zen zone in any space

Symbolising harmony and balance, miniature zen gardens also make for pretty installations in any room. All you need is a few shapely pebbles, a scented candle and a few succulents to get started on your home decorating ideas on a budget .

Home decorating ideas on a budget aren’t out of reach – they just need some out of the box thinking! You might like reading this too: Budget Living Room Revamp Challenge

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