Hello there! How’s life at home treating you? Getting used to the new way of living yet? We’re sure this time isn’t easy on anyone with all the chaos the pandemic has created in our lives. So we bring you your September horoscope for home and happiness! And this month, Woodstock Witch, our favourite medium and tarot reader, is bringing to you colour therapy and how to harness it for a positive impact in your life and pave the way for happiness. Wishing you a productive, peaceful and healthy month ahead!



That we’re in the midst of a pandemic is not news to you, Aries. But, how do you remain grounded despite the chaos? How do you remind yourself who you are and what you came here for? Let your inner sanctum be a refuge from the trials and tribulations of the outside world. Your September horoscope says burgundy is your power colour. So, highlight your home with accents of this rich hue.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be an entire wall. You can always play around with the upholstery, the cushions, and the art work. Let your space become a living, breathing extension of your passionate energy and trust that the fire which is dormant within you will be awakened in the process. Word of caution: too much of anything is seldom a good thing. So, balance out this energy with lilac (fresh flowers are welcome!), which will not only bring a sense of serenity, but also help you connect with your spiritual/psychic side.

Your Power Colour




What if the things you enjoyed as a child are not random at all? The cards are urging you to travel to a time when you created from a place of unadulterated joy minus the fear or being judged. The question you want to ask yourself when you wake up every morning, “how can I have more fun?” Watermelon is a colour that will help you tap into your inherent playfulness and raise the vibrations of everything you come into contact with. Pouring yourself a glass of watermelon sangria is also highly recommended. If you’re feeling a sense of stagnation in any area of your life, consider connecting with the element of water, according to your September horoscope. If Vastu texts are to be believed, then placing an image of a waterfall or a koi fish brings forth the energy of prosperity as well.

Your Power Colour

Watermelon Pink



Stephen Fry once said, “It’s the useless things that make life worth living and that make life dangerous too: wine, love, art, and beauty. Without them, living is safe, but not worth bothering with.” Adopting the Apollonian way of life is a big mood in the Gemini HQ. Burgundy is a shade that will help you keep the Muse close at hand. Scarlet is another one of your power colours this month, one that is rumoured to activate your kundalini energy and bring forth a rush of creative ideas. If you have meditative practice, consider working with crystals such as garnet and hematite that will alleviate issues related to the ‘root’ and help bring your chakras in balance.

Your Power Colours

Scarlet, Burgundy



Cancer, this is the month to discover your inherent connection with nature and the plant kingdom; to channel your inner shaman and medicine wo(man). If you don’t have a garden, surround yourself with palms, philodendron, and peace lilies that are known to bring peace and positivity to the heart and the hearth. Watermelon pink is another colour you want to play around with. Painting your wall in this hue may be a colossal project to undertake at a time like this. But, who says you can’t splash some colours onto a canvas in your own unique way? The ultimate goal is to have fun. Perfection is overrated anyway!

Your Power Colours

Green, Watermelon Pink



You are feeling your most creative this month. But it’s not just about what you’re putting out there, it’s about how you’re feeling about yourself. In Beyonce’s words ‘you’re really feeling yourself, Leo!’ Shades of red and pink will help you fuel the fire within. Rose will help you create from your heart and bring for the energy of passion. You could play around with the accents in your space or bring home flowers for the beloved within. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be rainbows and sunshine at all times. Past wounds could reappear unannounced, but only because you are meant to heal and work through it. Meditating with stones like garnet and hematite and obsidian will liberate you from past pain, especially childhood issues that have been lingering for a while now.

Your Power Colours

Red, Pink



‘All work and no play’ is not a good look on you, Virgo. Embrace tangerine as your power colour this month, which is also related to the sacral chakra or the womb space—the seat of creativity in the human body. Decorating your space with this hue promises to awaken your joie de vivre *and* spontaneous nature. Honour this energy by responding to the creative urges emanating from deep within you. Laugh, sing, dance, skip, and play hopscotch. You are both the creative director and audience of this film. The sheen of silver will also prove to be beneficial. Consider placing a statue of Ganesha, Buddha or any other deity you connect with at your altar to bring forth the energy of serenity into your space.

Your Power Colours

Tangerine, Silver



As an air sign, you have no trouble astral travelling to the subtle realms or escaping to that mysterious place between dream and reality. But do the ideas you chance upon always find their way into your tangible reality? Something to think about, dear Libra. The ancients believe that we are an amalgam of soil and stardust. Both heaven and earth come together to make the human body. Visualising yourself as a bridge between these two polarities will help ground your energy. Your power colours on this journey: sapphire and auburn. PS: Gardening, cooking, working with herbs, and giving your indoor plants some extra TLC will help you stay rooted and increase your manifestation abilities.

Your Power Colours

Sapphire, Auburn



It’s the Summer of Love in the Scorpio HQ and your aura is emanating that beautiful indigo hue. Consider decorating your space with art and artefacts in this colour that have a special meaning for you. Crystals such as Lapis Lazuli, sodalite, and iolite will help you harness this energy. Other than raising the vibration of your space, these stones will also assist you in the process of meditation and channelling, help you stay connected to the creative realms, and increase your capacity to focus on the projects at hand. Tangerine is another powerful colour to work with. Play around with the cushions, the bedsheets, the rugs and the curtains. This will help you open the door to joy and playfulness.

Your Power Colours

Indigo, Tangerine



Love and laughter promise to be a constant in the Sagittarius HQ. No wonder your preferred choice of colours are magenta and orange! While the former will help you connect with your higher self, the latter is known to harness the healing energy from the unseen realms. The vibrance of orange alleviates loneliness and provides relief from digestive ailments, asthma, colds and tensions. As such, a sudden change of fortune is indicated for you in the coming month. Having a dynamic space will help you believe in your own power and make the right decisions says your September horoscope.

Your Power Colours

Magenta, Orange



Inner peace is a big mood in the Capricorn HQ and it comes from remembering the Polish proverb ‘not my circus, not my monkeys’. No wonder you’re vibing with shades of blue and lilac like never before! Connecting with the element of water will contribute to that sense of serenity. As per your September horoscope, you could add a waterfall (or a painting that depicts one) in the Northern corner of your house after taking the vastu into consideration. For lovers of the crystal kingdom, aquamarine is your go-to. This stone is known to hold the frequency of the ocean. If you’re a fan of flora, decorating your space with fresh lilac flowers is also a wonderful idea!

Your Power Colours

Blue, Lilac



Green is your power colour this month. So bring out your inner plant mama and connect with Nature in a whole new way. As an air sign, you will find that this therapeutic process helps you stay rooted and grounded. Jade, malachite, and green aventurine are powerful crystals you could work with. If cabin fever is getting to you, consider bringing in lilac elements into your room. This hue is associated with the upper chakras and has the power to increase both our psychic abilities and spiritual awareness. PS: Your September horoscope recommends you buy yourself some flowers to liven up your space.

Your Power Colour




Looking at the September horoscope, the mood in the Pisces HQ is rather celebratory. You’re feeling inspired to host your near and dear ones this month, some of whom may stay for an extended time period. To keep the party going, turn to the metallic hues of gold and silver. There is no better time to bring out those precious artefacts you’ve been collecting for years now. Red promises to be another one of your power colours this month. Closely associated with the warrior planet Mars, it’s known to boost your confidence in your abilities, which in turn gives you the courage to go after your dream. You don’t want to go overboard on this one though. The knick knacks you’ve collected from your many travel will work just fine. If the cosmic cues are anything to go by, there’s a major breakthrough on the cards for you.

Your Power Colours

Gold, Silver, Red

Meet Zohra, a.k.a., Woodstock Witch!

She is a practicing witch, medium, tarot reader, and cat mom. As a Libra woman who spends a lot of time indoors, she likes her space to reflect her eclectic taste, love for all things esoteric, and penchant for travel.

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