One of the most luxurious flats in Delhi!

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Location: Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden 

Size of home: A 4BHK spanning 4,000 sq ft approx. 

Design team: Interior Designer Shreya M and Quality Manager Ishant Jain

Livspace service: Full home design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Brace yourself for this 4000 sq ft grandeur! With its modern vibe and offbeat colour scheme, the dazzling 4BHK is designed by Shreya Maheshwari. And when it came to design, she left no stone unturned. 

The brief she got from the clients was fairly simple: a unique design with the best of materials and finishes. But the designing bit was going to be a lot more complex than just that. Shreya made sure that she created partitions to separate each zone from the other. She also designed creative corners so that each member of the family could dive into their hobbies. After the design discussions and decisions, the collective result is this gorgeous home!

For Entertainment and Family Time
Flats in Delhi_lounge area full view
Flats in Delhi_lounge area close-up

This is what the family likes to call the lounge area where they relax and spend some family time together. In conversation, Shreya adds that this is the only space at home that is splattered with colours. The L-shaped sofa comes in a combination of green, rust and pink that the family chose personally. The stone finish table that you can see in the centre features storage and is custom-made for the clients.

Flats in Delhi_lounge area tv unit

The TV unit right here is the only entertainment zone at home that’s both stunning and functional. The unit flaunts a lovely forest green colour and is made out of pinewood. But the offbeat colour is not the only attractive feature of this TV unit. The contemporary pattern on the jaali panels are backed up by mirrors to create an illusion of sorts. This functional zone has push-to-open drawers and cabinets that hold all the essentials that this family needs.

An Elaborate Pooja Room
Flats in Delhi_pooja corner

Shreya had to make sure she gives them a pooja corner that is huge enough to accommodate the family together . The pooja corner sits in a niche that separates it from the lounge area. Since this zone is often frequented by the family members and guests, Shreya has given it an elevated platform that sets the boundary for the divine space. Also, if you look carefully, you could see the Mother of Pearl inlays carved on the wall, in the form of peacock feathers.The three statement crystal pendant lights are yet another exclusive addition to this zone.

Plush and Understated
Flats in Delhi_living room sofa
Flats in Delhi_living room accent chairs

This room is what the family calls the formal living area. Stealing hues from the ocean, this room has a lovely combination of blue and white and a wallpaper on one wall. To play around with the lights, Shreya has given them a corner chandelier instead of the usual centrepiece. The centre table boasts of a semi-precious stone and looks lovely sitting amidst the blue sofas.

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Beautiful Dining Room
Flats in Delhi_dining room full view
Flats in Delhi_dining room side view

The dining room has one of the best pieces designed by Shreya for this family — the crockery unit. Take a moment to notice the bright red knobs. These were procured from a handicrafts market and complements the matte finish of the unit so well that we are crushing over it. The dining table top is a semi-precious stone and a combination of chairs and a bench form the seating around it. If you look at the drapes carefully, you will find that the blinds have a self-pattern on it that look very pretty in this room.

Waves of the Ocean
Flats in Delhi_kitchen from outside
Flats in Delhi_kitchen side view
Flats in Delhi_kitchen full view

The colour scheme for the kitchen has been decided in accordance with the lobby/foyer area. So, aqua blue and white are continued from the console table onto the kitchen cabinets. The abstract print backsplash tiles were chosen to make sure that they look appealing but not too loud. Profile handle make sure that it is easy to use the cabinetry. A built-in microwave oven unit makes baking a complete delight and the quartz countertop ensures easy maintenance while cooking up storms.

Lovely Deck for Parties
Flats in Delhi_deck area

The deck area is simple but pretty with pop colour chairs and lots of greenery around it. The family loves spending quality time here on lazy mornings.

Entertain and Work
Flats in Delhi_reading room full view
Flats in Delhi_reading room chair
Flats in Delhi_reading room study unit

If there’s a fun way to read, it is indeed this room. This multi-purpose room serves as a reading corner and a bar area for the family. The compact bar unit and the semi-boat-shaped bookshelf sit right next to each other against the laminate finish panelled wall. One can sink into the cozy sofa or comfy chair to enjoy some reading time. The study unit is as simple as it can get, with an L-shaped desk and wall shelves. The tall cabinet next to it takes care of all the electronic gadgets and extras that might populate the desk unnecessarily.

A Cool Kid’s Room
Flats in Delhi_kids room entrance view
Flats in Delhi_kids room bed
Flats in Delhi_kids room side view
Flats in Delhi_kids room full side view with study table
Flats in Delhi_kids room window seating
Flats in Delhi_kids room bathroom

The daughter’s room is done up in a lovely combination of blue, white and grey. The major elements that define this space are the window seating, open display shelf, sleek study table and wingback headboard. The seating next to the window features storage, while the matte finish study table attains it’s finishing touch by the turquoise blue pin-board that aligns itself with the headboard. The swing door wardrobe flaunts glossy PU finish and matches with the theme of the room.

Luxury Redefined
Flats in Delhi_master bedroom full view
Flats in Delhi_master bedroom front view
Flats in Delhi_master bedroom wardrobes
Flats in Delhi_master bedroom window seating
Flats in Delhi_master bedroom chairs
Flats in Delhi_master bedroom dresser

The master bedroom is indeed a subtle statement, with lovely finishes and exemplary use of veneer. Since Shreya could not play around with colours here, she chose to add an interesting twist to this room by adding patterned veneer on the wardrobes and continued it on the headboard. If you notice, there are ample seating options in this room, like the two accent chairs that sit right opposite the bed and the wonderful seating that has been carved in between the wardrobes. It overlooks the attached balcony to the room.

Flats in Delhi_master bathroom 1
Flats in Delhi_master bathroom 2

The master bathroom is simple, with stone grey wall tiles and a cabinet with mirrored shutter that sits right next to the vanity. Just like hotels, Shreya has given huge handles in the vanity that can be utilised to hang towels.

“When I started designing this home, I made sure that every little thing that I design for the family is totally approved by them. I had a lot of site visits during the entire duration of the process. But, when I see the final result, I am very satisfied with all the efforts that we put in and I am very happy to have worked on this one!”

-Shreya Maheshwari, Interior Designer, Livspace

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