In the year that’s gone by, we at Livspace have designed and delivered homes for people all across the country despite all the challenges set forth by the pandemic. The Livspace Magazine bears witness to all these dream homes crafted by our designers this year. No wonder choosing a few top homes is a herculean task for us! As a result, we handed over the baton to our readers and let them decide their favourite Livspace homes across cities. And here are the 9 best Livspace homes of 2020, one from every city we are located in:

#1: A Luxury Staycation Destination in Noida

livspace magazine-noida villa-swimming pool
A swimming pool straight out of a luxury hotel
livspace homes-noida villa-bedroom
A plush bedroom

Location: Noida

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

A home that doubles as a luxury staycation destination – no wonder this home tops our list and is loved by Livspace Magazine readers! This 6BHK villa in Noida, home to Anand Shankar and his family, is one such project where our designer incorporated ‘wow’ elements to create an opulent look. From a private pool with stone cladding and fountains to spa-like bathrooms and a Corian stone bar, this home is nothing short of a luxury hotel! And the best part is that our designer used only very simple and understated design elements to create this aspirational home.

top homes of 2020-noida villa
The happy clients

What we love: High quality finishes, custom-made designs and plush elements to create a luxurious, hotel-like look.

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#2: A Simple and Stunning Family Home in Gurgaon

livspace magazine-gurgaon 3bhk-living room
Elegance with pops of colours
livspace homes-gurgaon 3bhk-entertainment zone
Relax and rejuvenate!

Location: Gurgaon

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹ 

The first thought that comes to mind in the case of Gurgaon homes is ‘glamorous and glitzy’. But that isn’t the case for this homely and warm 3BHK in Gurgaon. Home to Poonam Choudhary, her husband Arnav and their adorable daughter Tia, this apartment is simple and clean, with pops of bright colours to brighten up each room. And the reason why we love this home so much is because it is first and foremost a warm home to a loving family. After all, where else will you find a home with such a lavish entertainment area where the entire family can sit back, relax and spend some quality time together?

What we love: This 3BHK stands out for its clean designs, eclectic decor items, storage areas and cosy nooks – creating the perfect family home.

top homes of 2020-gurgaon 3bhk
The Choudharys

“I think the skill of a designer is largely based on understanding our ideas of a picture-perfect home and translating it into a livable home, and in our case with colour! Neha, our designer, did a fabulous job of doing this. From efficiency to decor, everything was covered. When I look at my home, I feel happy..”

— Poonam & Arnav Choudhary, Livspace Homeowner

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#3: A Pet-Friendly 4,500 sq. ft. Ghaziabad Home Delivered in 11 Weeks

livspace magazine-4bhk condo ghaziabad-bay
Cosy bay seating
top homes of 2020-4bhk condo ghaziabad-kitchen
Stunning membrane-finish kitchen

Location: Ghaziabad

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

A 4,500 sq. ft. condo – delivered in 11 weeks, after fulfilling all the specific requirements of the owners. Seems like an impossible task, doesn’t it? But our design team was up for the task, creating a beautiful home that is a favourite amongst our Livspace Magazine readers! Kaushal and Mitali Goyal wanted a home that was clean, bright, elegant and pet-friendly. From matte finishes, a functional and open kitchen, spacious bay seating and clutter-free furniture, this Ghaziabad home has everything, all delivered at an unbelievable turnaround time!

Considering the time constraints that the Goyals had, we designed and delivered this massive 4,500 sq.ft. condo in just 11 weeks! Moreover, designer Himanshu Chowdhury managed to add customisations, making the home pet-friendly, within this short span of time.

livspace homes-4bhk condo ghaziabad
The Goyals with their adorable dog

Getting interiors for your house done is no mean feat. It involves coordinating with vendors who are doing custom work, carpenters, lighting team and ‘n’ number of other technicians. Getting all these moving parts together in 11 weeks time, including dynamic on-site changes, is a mammoth task that the Livspace team managed to deliver. It was an end-to-end experience in the truest sense. The whole team starting from Himanshu, our designer, to the junior installation staff were always available and that is what made the difference.

Kaushal Goyal, Livspace Homeowner

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#4: Cute and Compact in Pune

livspace magazine-pune 2bhk-living area
Bright and cheery
top homes of 2020-pune 2bhk-bedroom
Sophisticated wall trims

Location: Pune

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹ 

Not all homes are large and spacious. For people living in cities, we often have to make do with small homes and compact spaces. But a small space should not put a halt on your dream design! And this is exactly what Khushboo Sharma’s compact home in Pune proves. A renovation project, the noteworthy thing about this home design was the multiple space-efficient design elements that our designer Shweta Bangde incorporated. The minimal partition in the living room, multi-purpose furniture and storage units – the end result was a cheery and smart home.

What we love: The use of multi-purpose and space-efficient furniture to make this compact home look spacious.

If you want to know how you can revamp your home, read on.

#5: Modern Interiors in This Bengaluru Home

Location: Bengaluru

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Rightly known as the smart city of India, Bengaluru is home to several professionals across industries. And therefore the homes here should also be in sync with the urban spirit of Bengaluru. Swati and Gaurav Gupta’s 2BHK in SNN Raj Etternia is a contemporary wonder! Our designer Gautum Gupta used the perfect mix of plush elements and light-toned furniture to create a luxurious look. While the couple wanted a modern theme, they also wished for soft, pastel interiors. Gautum managed this by using pastel-themed furniture and wallpapers, and contemporary-style design elements like a 3-rope partition in the living room, a smart kitchen and functional storage units.

What we love: Gautum used toddler-friendly furniture like tufted sofas and storage units. While functionality is important at a home with a child, he also maintained aesthetics by opting for pastel tones.

livspace homes-bangalore 3bhk
Our satisfied customers

We wanted nothing but the best of interiors for our first home in Bengaluru. As our friends suggested Livspace, we went ahead and met up with Gautam Gupta, who designed the perfect home to host family, friends and even kids.

Swati and Gaurav Gupta, Livspace Homeowners

Read on to know all the details of this modern home.

#6: An Artsy Home in Mumbai

Location: Mumbai

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹ 

Ever wondered what an artist’s home would look like? So did we until we designed this urban chic Mumbai home belonging to Ashish and Shreya Joshi. The couple were very clear that they wanted a home design that was chic with artistic elements. Also, they wanted to stir clear from neutrals and whites. So, we went ahead and designed a home that is so pretty that you can’t help but take a second look! With comfy seating options, a distressed jhoola, pops of turquoise and pastels and patterned floors, the Joshis’ home is a favourite amongst our Livspace Magazine readers! 

livspace magazine-mumbai 2bhk-living room
Artsy and stunning

What we love: The use of bright colours and artsy designs to create an intriguing look, something that is a trend in Mumbai homes.

Our home is exactly how we pictured it to be. We are very impressed with how our designer Ritika translated our ideas into a reality. From the colours to the furniture, everything is just perfect.

Ashish Joshi, Livspace Homeowner

Check out all the interesting elements of this artistic home.

#7: A Stunning and Functional 3BHK in Dwarka

Location: Dwarka

Budget: ₹₹₹₹

When your family includes an elderly father and 3-year old twin children, stunning design takes a backseat. But Juhi and Ankit Girotra wanted a home that was luxurious, homely, bright while also being child and senior-friendly. While this might seem like a tall task, our designer Deepankshi Saharan got right down to business and created the Girotras’ dream home. As a result of Deepankshi’s expertise, this home has everything that you can think about! Refurbished furniture, separate dining areas for adults and children, oodles of storage and a custom travel-themed kids’ room – this Dwarka home is a sight for sore eyes!

What we love: We customised every corner of this home to fit in 3-year old toddlers and a senior father. While the home is high on style, it is also smart and easy-to-maintain.

livspace magazine-dwarka 3bhk
The family

We are very happy with the way our designer Deepanshi refurbished some of our old furniture to fit into our new home seamlessly. Our twins love their room and we love how the Moroccan tile flooring looks in the kitchen. Functionally, our wardrobes provide ample storage for the family. So here is a big shout to the design team for helping us move into our dream home!

Ankit & Juhi Girotra, Livspace Homeowners

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#8: A Colourful and Child-Friendly Home in Hyderabad

top homes of 2020-hyderabad 3bhk-living room
A colourful living room for entertaining guests
livspace homes-hyderabad 3bhk-kitchen
A functional and spacious kitchen

Location: Hyderabad

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Who doesn’t love a bright and colourful home, right? While beautiful interiors might not always go hand-in-hand with being child-friendly, our designer managed to accomplish this feat for Nilima Sharma. The highlight of this 3BHK is the way our designer used a different base colour for every room. Since Nilima wanted her home to be both stunning and functional, our designer deviced some new ideas. Like the use of a 3D peacock motif and jaali partition to add an ethnic touch to the home, while the blue granite kitchen and MDF storage units kept it child-friendly. 

What we love: A large and spacious kitchen and a mix of affordable MDF storage units kept this home child-friendly.

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#9: A Renovated Traditional Chennai Home Done up With Wooden Elements

livspace magazine-chennai 4bhk-traditional living room
A traditional living room with ethnic elements
top homes of 2020-chennai 4bhk-bedroom
A bedroom with wooden accents

Location: Chennai

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹ 

The highlight of our list is this 15-year old home in Chennai that we remodelled into a yesteryear charming abode. Home to Kamal Ram Mohan and his family, the aim was to create a modern home while retaining its vintage characteristics. As a result, our designer managed this by incorporating some distinctively Indian elements across the home. A traditional wooden swing in the living room, stunning Indian artefacts, a colonial dining set and a vintage wooden bed in the bedroom, this Chennai home is an ode to a timeless past.

What we love: The use of timeless vintage furniture and traditional artefacts to recapture the old-world charm of this 15-year old property. 

We are very impressed by Padmavathi’s commitment to our project. We had no hesitation to proceed even though we were not present to supervise the project. Bharani, our project engineer has efficiently dealt with all unforeseen situations that came to light during the process. Lastly, city head Braghadeesh ensured the process was flawless with no hiccups. Hence, we are extremely happy with the young and enthusiastic team of people at Livspace.

Kamal Ram Mohan, Livspace Homeowner

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