Colours of an apartment design can open up space.

The purple couch pops against the neutral background

Who livs here: Ekta and Kunal Khanna with their daughter Myeisha

Location: Rustomjee Paramount, Khar West, Mumbai

Size of home: A 2BHK spanning 900 sq ft approx.

Design team: Interior Designer and Quality Manager Pallavi Goel

Livspace service: Full home design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Mumbai’s space crunch issues are not new. So the interiors in the maximum city have to come with a new approach. Luckily, the concept of space is closely related to perception and functionality. So while any apartment design cannot magical increase the carpet area of your house, an innovative design can definitely make your home appear more spacious. A perfect example of clever apartment design is the home of Ekta and Kunal, which is under 1,000 sq ft but looks much larger, and not to mention plush.

This 2BHK belongs to a busy working couple with a 5-year old daughter and fits the bill for being a quintessential Mumbai apartment. Take a tour to delve into the details of meticulous planning and crafty designing that has made this home perfect for a family of three.

Pop of Purple
A rich pop colour

The first thing that draws your attention in the living room is the purple ottoman. Its vibrancy adds depth to the rest of the subdued shades in the room – grey and white. The combination of the couch and ottoman gives variety to the seating arrangements as well. Simple wall moulding panels demarcate the different areas within the room and add texture to the white walls.

A cluster of lights for the corner

The wall behind the entertainment unit sports a wallpaper with delicate patterns, which lends a contemporary minimalist touch to the room. Shutters have been used to cover the windows instead of drapes and the cluster of pendant lights near the windows turn into a night time glamour element in the room.

Ekta’s Corner
This is Ekta’s favourite spot by the window

The ledge by the window is Ekta’s ‘me’ corner in the house. From a design perspective, it makes perfect sense as it adds more seating space without crowding the room. Also, it has storage underneath. From an emotional point of view, Ekta and Kunal spend many an evening watching sunsets on this window ledge. After all, it’s got the best view.

Dining in Mirage
The mirrored wall opens up space

The dining set is a sleek affair with four chairs and an ottoman. All the living room furniture has been crafted in solid wood with upholstery. However, the most interesting element here is the tinted mirror panelling that makes the room appear more spacious than it is!

Through the Blue Door
A neutral and nuanced kitchen

A cheery blue door ushers the Khannas into their kitchen, which has a parallel layout. It is a custom-made kitchen and not a modular one. Both the carcass cabinets and shutters are made of laminate to give the kitchen longevity.


The beige shades used in the kitchen exude quiet elegance. The moving shutter that covers the microwave oven stands out as a trend that is picking up in Mumbai.

Pastel Beauty
The fresh pastel green stands out in this room

To begin with, this particular pastel shade of green is rather rare in terms of usage. But apart from novelty, the wall panelling serves as an fitting backdrop for the pastel pink headboard. The serenely white side tables are also set off beautifully against the soothing green colour of the wall.


The wardrobe has sliding doors and is substantial in terms of storage. The box bed was picked from the Livspace catalogue, and it gives the family some additional space to stow away things they do not use on a regular basis. There is a tall mirror adjacent to the wardrobe that functions as the de-facto dresser. 


The TV cabinet is sleek and extends into the display shelf that can be used for storing books or collectibles. All in all, the master bedroom has plenty of breathing space and a soothing aura due to the balmy mix of whites and pastels.

The Princess in her Castle
Myeisha’s room is like a princess’ castle

The kid’s bedroom has a dreamy vibe about it; it is like stepping into a fantasy novel. The shelf attached to the study table mimics the silhouette of a castle. The single bed has a peppy pink headboard, which is on Myeisha’s (the 5-year-old daughter of the Khannas) request. The bed has an extra pull-out bed attached to it and the steps to the bedstead are pull-out drawers for storage. The wallpaper has shreds of pink on white, matching the general tone of the room.


Purple-coloured PU has been used to create a pretty princess-themed room for the little girl. However, the designer has ensured that Myeisha does not outgrow her room in the coming years by using a fair amount of white as well. Moreover, with an eye on the future, she has added a dresser behind the full-length mirror, which is a must have for teenage girls.  

Ekta and Kunal were very receptive to all my ideas and that helped open me up creatively. Their trust in me and the overall team eventually resulted in this beautiful happy home.”
-Pallavi Goel, Interior Designer, Livspac

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