To enjoy your dream living room, it’s not enough to just style the furniture. It is equally important to carefully style your floor as well. Which is why we’re bringing you charming carpet designs for drawing room that you can fall in love with. Here is our list of top 9 modern rugs you can use to style your living room.

Carpet Designs #1: Colourful Stripes
Carpet designs for drawing room-striped rug-living room
Playful colours for a peppy room

Tie in the different hues of the space with a colourful, striped runner. This one reflects the wood tones, teal blue, canary yellow and mint green from the furnishings as well as the window blinds.

Carpet Designs #2: Patterned Goodness
carpet designs for drawing room-blue carpet-blue sofa
Intricate designs for a cosy home

Incorporate patterns into your otherwise blocked colored interiors by simply adding an intricately detailed synthetic rug amongst neutral walls, polished surfaces and smooth upholstered furniture.

Carpet Designs #3: Abstract Beach
Carpet designs for drawing room-abstract pattern
Reinforce the theme of your room

Some carpet designs for drawing room complete a story told by the other furnishings in the room…. One of sea and sand. The colours perfectly match the azure upholstered sofa and ocean grey chairs on either side.

Carpet Designs #4: Two’s Better than One
carpet designs for drawing room-two carpets-patterned carpet-swing
Distinguish spaces with multiple carpets

Even in a large living room, you don’t need a ginormous rug. Here we’ve used two modern rugs with similar traditional patterns along the sides of the sofa for a distinguished conversation area.

Carpet Designs #5: A Study in Cream
carpet designs for drawing room-intricate pattern-cream sofa
Play with colours and patterns

Do you have a cramped spaced or a skewed living room layout? Re-introduce symmetry into your design by placing a large woolen rug underneath your furniture pieces. This Persian rug mimics the cream shades in the room while still adding colour to the space.

Carpet Designs #6: Vintage Vogue
Carpet designs for drawing room-red carpet-cream furniture
In a neutral coloured room, use a bold carpet!

Carpet designs for drawing room with a striking, traditional pattern is the perfect stamp of your heritage in an otherwise contemporary space. It’s bold, red hue also helps brighten up the demure beige room.

Carpet Designs #7: Chic Geometry
Carpet designs for drawing room-geometric patterns-living room
Mix and match colours from the living room on the floor

Geometric patterns on modern rugs give your living room a chic look, especially when they echo the colours of the furniture and fittings within the space. In this #LivspaceHome, the orange shelves and mint sofa are perfectly mirrored on the carpet.

Carpet Designs #8: Dramatic Shag
Carpet designs for drawing room-asymmetrical-marble floor
Asymmetrical designs can breathe new life into your home!

Carpet designs for drawing room don’t need to be just oval or rectangular. This asymmetrical, velvet crush shag perfectly compliments the pristine marble flooring and furniture while adding a hint of drama to the space.

Carpet Designs #9: Muted Red
Carpet designs for drawing room-muted red carpet-wooden floor
Muted shades for subtlety

Rugs are almost a necessity in open plan homes. A simple, modern rug can help you demarcate space as well as introduce texture into the design. With large, muted red carpet designs for drawing room also keeps your feet warm enough to enjoy the gorgeous view even on cold nights.

Are you feeling inspired to tackle your own living room now? Let us know which one of these 9 modern rugs best suits your taste.

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