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2BHK interior design ideas_opening image living room

Who livs here: Saakshi Singh with her husband Rohit

Location: Hillcrest, Andheri East, Mumbai

Size of home: A 2BHK spanning 1,200 sq ft approx.

Design team: Interior Designer Janhavi Khapre with Quality Manager Trinath Kapal

Livspace service: Full home design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Finding a home of your own in the maximum city is a dream for many like Saakshi and Rohit Singh. Wanting to create their own escape away from all the hustle bustle and considering their busy lives, they approached Livspace to design their home.

For Rohit, a civil engineer and Saakshi, a consultant, a home that speaks volumes about them was a prerequisite. The couple loves whites and wanted their home to look modern and feel classy. When Livspace designer Janhavi met the couple, she knew that she had to give them something that they would remember for a lifetime. Some excellent decisions and quick thinking led to the creation of this masterpiece.

An Elegant Living Room

2BHK interior design ideas_living room sofa

2BHK interior design ideas_living room tv unit

2BHK interior design ideas_living room full view

The young couple wanted a living room where they could relax and chill with their friends over the weekend. Therefore, a modern design was in line and Janhavi had the right ideas for this space. She gave them a smart grey Chesterfield sofa and paired it with a floral print upholstered ottoman. They also wanted a TV unit with display shelves, and a cavity to place another pouf. So this space becomes the party zone when friends and family come visiting.

A Sleek Dining Room

2BHK interior design ideas_dining room

2BHK interior design ideas_dining room full view

As mentioned before, Saakshi and Rohit both love white, and they were certain about using it as the primary colour in most rooms. The dining room looks fetching with a sleek white dining table and upholstered chairs that borrow colour from the ottoman in the living. The crockery unit is interesting, with a glass shutter shelf where they can store and display their wine glasses and exclusive cutlery. The clock acts as a highlight on the wall that welcomes you as soon as you step inside this home.

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Multi-purpose Room

2BHK interior design ideas_reading room

2BHK interior design ideas_reading room couch

This tiny yet multi-purpose room has been designed exclusively for the couple to chill in their leisure time. Something that Saakshi wanted to retain was a bookshelf that Janhavi repurposed and painted in a bright yellow colour. Being an avid reader, she wanted a zone where she could sit with a cup of coffee and read to her heart’s content. A futon can find place on the floor and provide comfortable seating, while they enjoy the view outside.

2BHK interior design ideas_pooja corner

The couple had some idols that they wanted to put in their pooja corner. This minimal unit with ledges was perfect to create a cozy spot for praying. The tiny brass bells add the right amount of shimmer to this neutral space.

Warm Undertones

2BHK interior design ideas_guest room wallpaper

2BHK interior design ideas_guest room balcony

2BHK interior design ideas_guest room tv unit

A guest room that feels timeless and looks so serene is bound to get you compliments from one and all. Janhavi repurposed an existing bed and gave it poster on one side to give it a classic twist. She was sure that she’ll give them a floral wallpaper here that has a wonderful brown shade. The sleek and curvy console table in wooden finish ties this room together perfectly.

A Cool Master Bedroom

2BHK interior design ideas_master bedroom bed

2BHK interior design ideas_master bedroom wardrobe

2BHK interior design ideas_master bedroom balcony

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This is one room in this home that has a lovely but subtle pop of plush blue. Keeping the base colour as white, Janhavi decided to give the couple an upholstered headboard and matching drapes. Glossy white sliding door wardrobes with lofts take care of storage, while a dresser with a full size mirror pleases Saakshi. The couple also has lovely photographs of the two of them which they proudly display in their bedroom.

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“Designing this home was a complete pleasure, since their taste matched with mine. I love conceptualising homes with a mix of modern and contemporary design and filled with whites. The couple was crystal clear about what they wanted and decision-making was quick!”

– Janhavi Khapre, Interior Designer, Livspace

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