A 3 bedroom flat designed as a prime property on a tight budget!

3 bedroom flat design-tufted sofa-art silk sofa-jaali designs-living room designs
Rich and resplendent art silk sofas from Livspace

Who livs here: Gyan Prakash with his wife and two daughters

Location: ATS Dolce, Greater Noida

Size of home: 3BHK spanning 1,800 sq ft

Design team: Interior Designer Neha Haldunia & Project Manager Gurpreet Singh

Livspace service: Full home design, kitchen & 1 bedroom excluded

Budget: ₹₹₹₹

All that glitters is not gold, or at least, not as expensive as gold. That is our takeaway from this gorgeous Livspace home in Noida. This 3 bedroom flat’s design is all plush living. It makes use of rich fabrics and quaint accessories to look suitably glamorous. So its budget, which is under 10 lakhs will take you completely by surprise, and a pleasant one at that!

Mr Gyan Prakash and his wife wanted a 3 bedroom flat design that will give their home the look and feel of a high-end property. Livspace designer Neha Haldunia has designed and styled this home with that goal in mind and the result is quite flattering.

When the family described their dream home, they envisioned it as contemporary but not modern. They wanted to avoid a design with clean straight lines. Nor did they like the idea of going minimal, which is the latest fad. Moreover, they also wanted to avoid a typical ethnic design. Hence, the only way forward was to pick a transitional style for this 3 bedroom flat’s design process.

Take the tour to experience how this 3 bedroom flat has been designed to look rich and refined without overshooting a modest budget.

3 Bedroom Flat Design Ideas: Silken Stories
3 bedroom flat design-tufted sofa-art silk sofa-jaali designs-chandelier designs-living room designs
3 bedroom flat design-tufted sofa-art silk sofa-solid wood furniture-jaali designs-living room designs-livspace furniture-buddha head
The art of the ornate

The home has a mix of contemporary design with beautiful ethnic elements. For example, the sofa (which is from our catalogue) has a tufted design that is current. But the upholstery is crimson art silk, which gives the space an elegant sheen. The gloss of the sofa is toned down with the matte finish of the solid wood centre and side tables. The ottoman, also from the Livspace catalogue, is an accent piece that flaunts its prints.

3 bedroom flat design-tufted sofa-art silk sofa-ottoman designs-living room designs-media wall designs-white and gold wallpaper
3 bedroom flat design-wooden console table-tufted sofa-art silk sofa-jaali designs-living room designs
The MDF jaali forms a cloistered dining zone

The styling of the living room is inherently ornate though its not outright traditional. Stained glass artefacts glam up the setup while maintaining the continuity of the red and metallic colour scheme. The media wall is a simple affair with a classic mid-century console. Its simplicity is in stark contrast to the extravagance of the branched-candelabra style chandelier and the quirky pop-art vibe of the Buddha head fitted on the wall. Intermittent panels of metallic MDF and mirrors break the monotony of the white and gold wallpaper that runs through the passage leading up to the bedrooms.   

quirky pop-art vibe of the Buddha head fitted on the wall. Intermittent panels of metallic MDF and mirrors break the monotony of the white and gold wallpaper that runs through the passage leading up to the bedrooms.   

3 Bedroom Flat Design Ideas: Parted Dining Space
3 bedroom flat design-tufted sofa-art silk sofa-white and gold wallpaper-ethnic accent pieces
3 bedroom flat design-jaali designs-dining room designs-mirrored wall panel-marble tabletop
Dining space crafted to perfection using metallic glints

This 3 bedroom flat design includes a metallic MDF jaali that doubles up as a partition as well as a and decorative element. The dining space is carved out of the expansive living room by adding a mirrored panel opposite to the jaali. The plush look of this home reflects in the pristine white onyx stone tabletop that closely resembles Italian marble.

3 bedroom flat design-jaali designs-dining room designs-onyx stone tabletop-wall art designs
The dining set seats 6 including 4 chairs and a long ottoman

The solid wood chairs are upholstered with a mix of prints on white and beige art silk. These and the ottoman accompanying the dining set are picked from the Livspace catalogue. The accent pieces for this space include the moulded metallic artefacts on the wall that give the dining area a distinctly whimsical look.

3 bedroom flat design-info box
3 Bedroom Flat Design Ideas: Panelled & Paired
3 bedroom flat design-master bedroom design-wall panelling- blue headboard
A large bedroom styled to proportion

The master bedroom looks like a tranquil oasis, which probably has something to do with the soothing blues in the room. While the size of the bedroom could fit in a lot of things, Neha steered clear of adding too much to avoid distraction.  

3 bedroom flat design-headboard designs-wall panel designs-livspace furniture-side table designs
The blue bed stands out as an accent piece in the bedroom
3 bedroom flat design-master bedroom decor-fabric headboard-side table designs-types of wall panelling
3 bedroom flat design-wall texture-wall panelling-blue headboard-headboard designs

Once you have taken in the vastness of the room, the bright blue headboard of the bed almost instantly becomes the primary focus. The bed from our catalogue is blue in its entirety, functioning as the sole accent piece in the room. You can find two laminate finish side tables from our catalogue on either side of the bed as well.

Apart from the bed, the textured panelling on the walls adds volume to this 3 bedroom flat’s design. The panelling has a half-cut flute shape and is made of P.O.P. The pattern is repeated in the ceiling for the sake of adding continuity and structure to this very large bedroom.

3 bedroom flat design-white membrane cabinet-walk-in cabinet-walk-in closet designs
Walk-in closet with a full-length mirror

The interesting thing about this 3 bedroom flat design is the scope for creating walk-in wardrobes; there is one in the master bedroom and the daughters’ room as well. The one in the master bedroom has white laminate finish with a full-length mirror in the end.

3 Bedroom Flat Design Ideas: Princess Diaries
3 bedroom flat design-girls bedroom ideas-four poster bed-wallpaper for girls room-pink girls room
Customised four poster bed sets a fairytale theme
3 bedroom flat design-floral wallpaper ideas-pink beds-four poster beds for girls-fairytale theme rooms for girls
3 bedroom flat design-girls bedroom ideas-floral wallpaper-pink laminate furniture

The two daughters in the house have a room that is fresh, floral and straight out of a fairytale. The pink wallpaper with soft floral patterns obviously grabs eyeballs. But the real star of the room is the customised four-poster bed. The bed in question was put together on site and matched with a sleek study table and a side table on either side. The entire ensemble of the bed, side table and study table has PU finish with a mix of baby pink and white.

3 bedroom flat design-headboard designs-colourful headboard designs-headboards for girls-beds for girls room-floral wallpaper
A plethora of colours come together to make this fabric headboard a vivid affair

The bed not only scores for its unique design but also its quirky fabric headboard, which is a melange of pink, yellow, blue, green and some more!

3 bedroom flat design-walk-in cabinet for girls room-dressing room ideas for girls-grey laminate cabinet

The walk-in closet in the girls’ room is greyish in colour and has membrane finish. It comes equipped with a full-fledged dresser for the young ladies to deck up in style!

“Mr. Gyan Prakash and his wife were very simple; they put a lot of faith in me to interpret their design requirements and translate them into workable designs. They wanted a home that looked high-end without making it too modern or minimal. I believe I was able to deliver what I promised them.”
– Ar. Neha Haldunia, Interior Designer, Livspace

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