Often, homeowners come to us with no idea about what they want for their home design. On the other hand, some homeowners come to us with a complete picture of their dream home. Either way, we at Livspace try to understand their requirements and do our best, as we did for this interior design for Pacifica Aurum Villas in Chennai.

Divya Varshaa knew what she wanted for her 4BHK in Chennai. Divya wanted a simple and elegant design with highlight walls and maximum storage. Not only did we ensure that her interior design for Pacifica Aurum Villas met all her requirements, we also completed the project in just 30 days!

Who Livs here: Divya Varshaa and her family
Location: Pacifica Aurum-2, Aurum Villas, Padur, Tamil Nadu
Size of home: A 4BHK spanning 1,500 sq. ft. approx.
Design team: Interior Designer Arvind MS and Project Manager Sundarkumar P
Livspace service: Full home design
Budget: ₹₹₹₹


Design Brief
A simple and elegant design with highlight walls

What We Loved
The use of neutral colours and ambient lighting to create a luxurious look

Look Out for
— The Hollywood mirror in the master bedroom
— Aristo wardrobe in the master bedroom
— The jaali pooja room

Biggest Indulgence
The cappuccino-coloured acrylic kitchen

Smart Buy
The wardrobe in the kids’ room that comes with extra storage, open shelves and an attached study unit

From cappuccino to grey-blue to white, this 4BHK house design for Pacifica Aurum Villas is a play of neutral shades. Generally, you would expect a luxurious home to have bold colours like jewel tones. However, here you see how a neutral palette, along with statement lighting can create a plush ambience. So, let’s begin our tour!

#1: A Grand and Spacious Living Room Interior Design for Pacifica Aurum Villas

The chandelier exudes royal vibes
Wall trims add texture to this bare space

What Makes This Room Luxurious?

  • The grand chandelier
  • The Victorian-style wall trims
  • The subtle beige and white colour palette

How Did We Maximise Storage in This Room?

For the interior design for Pacifica Aurum Villas’ living room, we added hexagonal wall shelves on an entire wall along with the TV unit. In addition, you can find a small storage unit near the entrance.

Time-Saving Element

Instead of opting for intricate walls, simple wall trims gives a luxe look for this Pacifica Aurum Villas interior in Chennai while also saving on time.

#2: A Master Bedroom Interior Design for Pacifica Aurum Villas Exuding Luxury and Elegance

The wall trims continue from the living room
Live like a celebrity with this Hollywood mirror!
Mood lighting can make or break the look of your space

What Makes This Room Luxurious?

  • The Hollywood mirror
  • The Aristo wardrobe
  • Victorian-style wall trims
  • Metallic pendant lights

How Did We Maximise Storage in This Room?

While the master bedroom in this 4BHK house design for Pacifica Aurum Villas isn’t very spacious, we ensured that the family would never run out of storage by giving them a massive, three-door wardrobe by Aristo. Moreover, the sliding doors help in saving space further!

Time-Saving Element

In fact, opting for a modular wardrobe and a minimal false ceiling design with spotlights helped save time on interior design.

#3: Sip Some Coffee in This Cappuccino-Coloured Kitchen Interior Design for Pacifica Aurum Villas

For a plush design, use luxurious-looking materials like acrylic and quartz
Organisation is the key to success!
Level up on storage with wall units

What Makes This Room Luxurious?

  • The acrylic cabinets in a soothing shade of cappuccino
  • The under-cabinet lighting and spotlights in the ceiling
  • Quartz countertop and reflective finishes throughout

How Did We Maximise Storage in This Room?

If there is one requirement that all homeowners have in common with regard to their kitchen, it’s storage. So, we packed every inch of this kitchen interior design for Pacifica Aurum Villas with storage including upper and lower cabinets, shelves, organisers, a microwave unit and a tall unit.

Time-Saving Element

Opting for a modular kitchen is a practical option when you have time constraints. Additionally, other elements like the ceiling and lighting has been kept simple and minimal.

#4: Soothing Hues of Blue in the Second Bedroom Interior Design for Pacifica Aurum Villas

The blue-grey palette creates a calming environment in this room
Choose multifunctional units when space is scarce

What Makes This Room Luxurious?

  • The serene, blue-grey theme used in the wardrobe and TV unit
  • Glossy finishes
  • A stunning false ceiling with lighting

How Did We Maximise Storage in This Room?

Like the master bedroom, the second bedroom in this Pacifica Aurum Villas interior in Chennai is quite compact. Therefore, to maximise storage in the small space, we opted for a multifunctional three-door wardrobe with a dresser unit. Additionally, the wardrobe also comes with lofts.

Time-Saving Element

Bare and basic walls. In addition, modular designs can help you save time on interior design in comparison to semi-modular units.

That’s because most modular designs come precision engineered from manufacturing units, and don’t have to be made from scratch.

#5: An All-White Interior Design for Pacifica Aurum Villas That’s Perfect for Growing Kids

Minimum furniture to create space for growing kids
Instead of pink and blue, why not choose white for your kids’ room?
How much storage is too much storage?
Check out the gorgeous false ceiling!

What Makes This Room Luxurious?

  • All-white aesthetics
  • Curvaceous false ceiling with lighting
  • Glossy finishes

How Did We Maximise Storage in This Room?

If there is one thing this kids’ room interior design for Pacifica Aurum Villas can never run out of, it’s storage.

On one end you find a single door wardrobe with lofts, cabinets and an attached study unit. Similarly, on the other end, there is a two-door wardrobe with lofts, drawers and a dresser unit. Moreover, don’t miss the storage unit on the side, which is perfect for storing toys!

Time-Saving Element

The minimal all-modular design.

Bonus: A Jaali Pooja Room Interior Design for Pacifica Aurum Villas for Divinity

For the perfect desi look, opt for jaali
Doors are a vastu-approved addition to your pooja room

If you look at this 4BHK home design, the entire theme is modern, elegant and contemporary. However, the family made sure to stay true to their Indian roots with this lovely pooja room design.

The intricate jaali doors not only add a desi touch to this mandir, it also ensures the design is vastu-approved. Additionally, we love how the mandir fits right into a niche.

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