A DLF Gurgaon home that slays it with neutrals.

dlf gurgaon-grey sofa designs-blue carpet designs
Gradients of grey and steel blue provide a neutral setting to this living room

Who livs here: Neeraj & Meghna Gupta with their daughters Eesha & Eera

Location: DLF Park Towers, Gurgaon

Size of home: A 3BHK spanning sq ft 2,700 approx.

Design team: Interior Designer Shruti Modi & Project Manager Arti Arora

Livspace service: Full home design, kitchen and wardrobes excluded

Budget: ₹₹₹₹

This DLF Gurgaon home lacks nothing in terms of space. After all,  the 4BHK spans a whopping 2,700 sq ft! All it needed was the deft hand of Livspace to ensure that this expansive home was personalised to every family member’s needs and preferences. The family that lives here comprises Neeraj and Meghna as well as their two daughters, Eesha and Eera. Our interior designer Shruti Modi ensured that all their needs were met in decor.  

Their DLF Gurgaon home stands out in muted colours just like Meghna wanted, while using a bit of colour in Eesha’s room to her liking. Also, for Eera who is passionate about dancing, Shruti designed a dance studio so that she could practice whenever she wanted!

Read on to know what more this amazing DLF Gurgaon home has to offer for its inhabitants!

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Gracious Greys at DLF Gurgaon
dlf gurgaon-grey sofa designs-grey ottoman designs
A dash of fiery red in the corner brightens up the decor
 dlf gurgaon-minimal tv unit designs-blue carpet designs
dlf gurgaon-grey sofa designs-glass centre table designs

Meghna was clear about one thing, she did not want to experiment with too many colours. In fact, she preferred to stick with neutrals as far as the common areas of the house were concerned. So, Shruti chose a palette of greys and steel blue for the living area. The sofa is a plush affair with matching ottomans and the entertainment unit is a floating cabinet, rather minimal in design.

dlf gurgaon-grey sofa designs-blue carpet designs
The statue of Buddha in the red niche adds a tranquil vibe to the room

The only pop of colour we see in this area comes from the niche in the corner that is painted red. The statue of Buddha in this corner rests against a backdrop that complements the armchair. The scope of red in this living room is very little but Shruti has used a rich shade of crimson, which creates some interest in the otherwise muted setting. 

“We had a very pleasant experience working with Livspace; their level of responsiveness and professionalism was commendable. A special shout out to our designer Shruti for bridging the gap between my taste and my wife’s, which are poles apart. Also, the electrical team deserves a mention for the amount of research they put into their work. They managed to make an imported video doorbell from the US work with Indian electrical configuration.”
Neeraj Gupta, Livspace Homeowner

Timber Trails at DLF Gurgaon
dlf gurgaon-wooden dining table designs-wall moulding designs
The dining area comprises deep browns and beige
dlf gurgaon-wooden dining table designs-buddha decal designs
The mouldings and the Buddha decal blend in to make an interesting accent wall

Like the living area, the designer has steered clear of using colour in the dining area as well. The dining set is a solid wood piece with a classic contemporary vibe. The accents in the dining area are the mouldings on the wall coupled with panels of shimmering wallpaper. The centrepiece, of course, is an artsy decal of Buddha in a meditative pose. 

dlf gurgaon-wooden dining table designs-grey wall paint ideas
dlf gurgaon-wooden dining table designs-grey wall paint ideas

The sleek crockery cabinet in the dining area matches the dining table in colour and style. Don’t miss the grey wall paint near the foyer that adds depth to the space without being too conspicuous. 

Bashfully Neutral at DLF Gurgaon
dlf gurgaon-wooden bed designs-grey wallpaper designs
The abstract grey wallpaper adds an artsy edge to this bedroom
dlf gurgaon-wooden bed designs-grey wallpaper designs
dlf gurgaon-wooden flooring designs-minimal tv unit designs
Wooden flooring adds a touch of warmth to this room

Staying true to the wishes of the lady of the house, Shruti avoided using a bright colour scheme for the master bedroom. However, she managed to convince Meghna to try a subtle dose of grey. The moulding on the wall behind the bed adds texture to the space as does the abstract wallpaper. The bed and side table are in solid wood and come straight out of the Livspace catalogue. The TV unit and working desk are a mix of black, white and wooden tones; the variety of finishes is a deliberate attempt to avoid monotony in design.

Lilac and Lavender at DLF Gurgaon
dlf gurgaon-wooden bed designs-purple wallpaper designs
The lavender colour of this room is refreshing and bright
dlf gurgaon-wooden bed designs-wall moulding designs
dlf gurgaon-wooden bed designs-wall light designs

Meghna preferred solid wood beds to upholstered ones; hence, the bed in the Eesha’s bedroom does not have an upholstered headboard. The elegance of a solid wood bed and side tables sets this room apart. This is the only room in this home that has a touch of vibrance in terms of colour. The delicate shade of lavender adds a refreshing touch to this room without going overboard.

dlf gurgaon-wooden bed designs-cushioned bench designs
The cushioned bench in this room serves as a sit-out and storage for shoes
dlf gurgaon-wooden bed designs-wooden flooring designs

The cushioned bench (also used as storage for shoes) sports a deeper lilac shade of laminate with wooden tones. The same has been replicated in the study unit as well for continuity. 

Nataraja’s Den at DLF Gurgaon
dlf gurgaon-wooden floor designs-exposed brick wallpaper designs
The white exposed brick wall adds texture and volume to this room
dlf gurgaon-wooden floor types-exposed brick wallpaper designs
dlf gurgaon-full-length mirror wall-designs-exposed brick wallpaper designs
dlf gurgaon-wooden floor designs-blue wall paint designs
The pop of blue from the walls adds character to this space
dlf gurgaon-wooden floor designs-cabinet for music player

Finally, we come to the highlight of this home, which is a full-fledged dance studio for Eera, a professional dancer in the making. Sporting wooden flooring with full-length mirrors on one wall, this room is a drool-worthy space to have at home for a practicing dancer. The white exposed brick wallpaper adds texture this room that is bare save the storage unit in one corner. The unit is a custom piece designed to fit Eera’s music system.

“The Guptas were very sorted as clients and moved quickly with their decisions. As they were reference clients, they were familiar with my work, making the design process smoother. They worked with the design team collaboratively to help us deliver the home they wanted.”
Shruti Modi, Interior Designer, Livspace 

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