There’s a reason why some rooms look so appealing, while others look downright ugly despite having beautiful furniture. It all lies in the correct positioning of furniture — from making the most of natural light to creating cosy spaces that also encourage conversation. Where you place furniture in a room instantly sets the tone of the room.

Learn some simple tips that can amp up the charm of your interiors:

How to arrange furniture tip #1: Focus Is The Key

How to arrange furniture

Remember Joey Tribbiani from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.? His mantra to arranging the living room was simple. “You don’t own a TV? What’s all your furniture pointed at?” Creating a focal point while arranging furniture in any room can drastically alter the way it looks. It can be anything from a window, work of art or a television. That way, your seating can be arranged around it and encourages conversation.

How to arrange furniture tip #2: Big Coffee Table

How to arrange furniture

A big coffee table serves both, aesthetic and functional purposes. It acts as an anchor in a room and gives enough room for you and your guests to place their glasses and plates while you’re hosting parties. Arrange your furniture in a way that the table is reachable from all seats and does not obstruct anyone’s way.

How to arrange furniture tip #3: Consider Traffic Flow

How to arrange furniture

Have you ever been in one of those situations where you visit someone and you are caught between clustered sofas and benches with no space to walk out? We strongly recommend arranging your furniture keeping in mind walking and moving around space. See how intelligently the two chairs are placed in the setting above. It allows ample walking space without compromising on aesthetics.

How to arrange furniture tip #4: Think Gestalt

How to arrange furniture

All furniture arrangements have an element of gestalt psychology (Read more at: You can break up a huge rectangular room into smaller squares by creating zones with furniture. For instance, a long living room can be given more definition by placing two long sofas facing each other. This kind of a setting will ensure that the wholeness of the room has been considered while creating zones that work.

How to arrange furniture tip #5: Create Conversation Areas

How to arrange furniture

Cannot talk to each without craning and straining your necks? Well, it might be a case of wrong placement of furniture. While arranging furniture at home, make sure you place it in a way that you do not have to stress yourselves to talk to each other. Ensure smooth flow of conversation by creating a kind of a semi-circle with sofas and chairs.

How to arrange furniture tip #6: Allow Light To Seep In

How to arrange furniture

Who doesn’t like mornings filled with sunshine and happiness? If you have a bed that is placed right under a window in any of the rooms, ensure the headboard doesn’t block the sunlight. The headboard should end exactly before the base of the window. This also allows airflow.

These tips are sure to make your home look more appealing, while keeping things functional. Arranging furniture is no rocket-science! It just needs some smart thinking and aesthetic sense or friends like us at Livspace to guide you! So, the next time you are arranging furniture at home, keep these pointers in mind.