If you are looking to define the space and enhance the functionality of your open kitchen design, a kitchen partition is an indispensable tool to aid that endeavor. From the classic breakfast counter to more contemporary collapsible partitions, here are 5 kitchen partition ideas to help you weave function and aesthetics into your open kitchen design.

Kitchen Partition Idea #1: Wooden Partition
open-kitchen-design-wooden-partition-glass partition
Wooden frames with glass insets

Transparent wooden partitions facilitate an unobstructed flow of light in an open kitchen design. To make the most of the kitchen partition and pack in more storage and dining space, support the frames on a counter. Use bar chairs that reflect the earthy shades of the partition and the colour palette of the walls. To complete the look, you can set up statement lighting atop the counter.

Kitchen Partition Idea #2: Breakfast Counter
A functional and pretty partition

This is a classic kitchen partition idea that is simple to implement, and yet has a lot to offer. The breakfast counter neatly segments the open kitchen design from the hall, and is particularly useful in smaller homes, to keep the space free and uncluttered while making room for extra storage. Make sure the counter compliments the colour scheme of the adjoining walls. A few pendant lights will do for the finishing touch.

Kitchen Partition Idea #3: Glass Partition
Filters light in while providing a view

If you prefer the kitchen neatly tucked away from the dining space or the living room, a full length glass partition is a great option. This will keep the buzz in the kitchen away, without encroaching on the dining or living space. Filtering in light, while still providing a view of the kitchen, it lets you take the middle path in open kitchen design aesthetics. Unify the style by mirroring the geometric patterns of the kitchen partition on the adjoining feature wall.

Kitchen Partition Idea #4: Collapsible Partition
The smartest idea of the lot!

Collapsible kitchen partitions are invaluable for kitchens that are short on space. A sliding door cordons off the kitchen from the rest of the living room. Coupled with a pull out table where you can slice, dice, cut, and eat your meal, this ensemble packs a lot of functions while taking very little space. For the colour scheme, lighter shades such as white work well in a lean space. Contrast this with a rebellious burst of orange to demarcate the zones.

Kitchen Partition Idea #5: Jaali Divider
Jaali always looks fetching in any space

If you have an open kitchen design, it may be a tad unflattering to get off your living room sofa, and face a refrigerator staring you in the eye. One of the artistic kitchen partition ideas that address this problem is a jaali divider. When choosing one for your home, make sure it ties in with the rest of the design elements in the area. Here, the white floral patterns lead one’s eye to the back lit kitchen backsplash, and white modular kitchen set up, weaving a cohesive space.

Kitchen partitions are a great way to multiply the functionality while also elevating the aesthetics of the space. When done right, they offer the best of both worlds. Check this out to know more about open kitchens: 5 Things to Know Before Getting an Open Kitchen.

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