Is your modern apartment too small to fit all your belongings? Are you struggling to find the best use for all the vertical storage ideas for small spaces that you have on your Pinterest boards? We’ve put together seven clever storage ideas for small houses for every room in your cosy home. Now, you don’t have to make the difficult choice of having to leave prized possessions behind!

Vertical Storage Ideas for Common Areas #1: Partition with shelves
vertical storage ideas for small spaces-partition-shelves-dining-room
For artefacts

Shelf partitions are clever storage ideas for small houses with an open-plan layout. They help designate spaces while doubling as extra storage or display. Usually, open-back units make ideal partition shelves, but you can also use movable shelves to customise the layout.

Vertical Storage Ideas for Living Room #2: Integrated TV unit
A TV unit with a bookshelf, drawers and shelves

Who doesn’t love multi-functionality? Take this massive TV unit for example. It uses the best space vertically by combining shelves, drawers and cabinets of various sizes. So you don’t lose out on floor space and you end up with just one hyper efficient unit for your things.

Vertical Storage Ideas for Kitchen #3: Racks and trays
vertical storage ideas for small spaces-racks-ledges-pegboard-trays-kitchen
A mix of shelves and trays

Get creative with your kitchen storage. You could mount single ledges, racks and trays above cabinets, the sink or a bare wall in the kitchen. These are especially handy to reach out to things you need often. Think cutlery. Perfect score on style too!

Vertical Storage Ideas for Kitchen #4: Lofts
Lofts for extra storage space

Use the space above your kitchen cabinets to store rarely used items such as old books, fancy china, or home repair kits. It is wise to keep a step ladder handy, so you can grab what you need quickly and easily.

Vertical Storage Ideas for Bedroom #5: Floor-to-ceiling wardrobes
Mirrored wardrobes with concealed lofts

Large floor-to-ceiling wardrobes are clever storage ideas for small houses, to make the most of all the available space against a wall. They provide plenty of closet space for your clothes and accessories. We recommend mirror shutters to make the room feel spacious.

Vertical Storage Ideas for Bedroom #6: Headboard storage
Headboard integrated with vertical shelves and wardrobes

Modern headboards make for clever storage ideas for small houses. Brighten up your room with a couple of pictures or a small indoor plant. You can also place your favourite books in the space and turn it into a mini library!

Vertical Storage Ideas for Bedroom #7: Partition with cabinets

Smart partitions can really make a difference. Make a cosy corner for your bed and put in a partition with a fitted table, drawers and lofts on top. Opt for frosted glass shutters to keep things interesting.

Small homes often just require a little out-of-the-box thinking to make them work. Go ahead and try the above vertical storage ideas for small spaces and see how right these are for you.

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