Nidhi Duggal and her daughter Ridhima were extremely excited for their new home. They wanted a designer who would understand their needs and deliver their dream house as they envisioned it. Nidhi found Livspace via facebook and started working with our designer Geetika on their Noida flat. 

“Livspace has really helped us realise our dream and has implemented it really well. We love our dream house designed by Livspace.” — Nidhi and Ridhima Duggal

Watch the full video of this eclectic Noida flat here

There are some major steal-worthy highlights in the house. And since the elements used here are flexible and suitable to most Indian homes, let’s take you through them one by one. 

An Eclectic Design to Stay Relevantly in Fashion

A trendy mix of various styles and materials throughout the house

The geometric wooden wall panelling, although a sharp contrast to the traditionally cut MDF boards, highlights the colour of the sofa set. Furthermore, the contemporary coffee table with nesting stools draws attention to the wooden details in the room. The design is made plusher by the use of the metallic chandelier and the yellow coves. The neutral curtains offer a muted background to the setting in this Noida flat. 

A Storage-Compliant Kitchen

Smart spatial planning has enabled easy accessibility of kitchen crockery

Nidhi says that she cherishes the kitchen in her Noida flat as it accommodates the kitchen crockery unit as well. As a result, this saves her from having to bring crockery to the kitchen from her living room where her guests would be. You will also see many modular units like the wicker basket and the tall storage unit in this area. Finally, the colours and the finishes are stylish and easy to maintain as well. 

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Eye-Catching Wall Treatments in the Bedrooms

A unique aqua teal shade brightens up the space and serves to highlight the all-white bedroom window seat corner

The master bedroom is Nidhi’s favourite part of her Noida flat. The unique aqua teal colour has been unanimously appreciated by all her guests. Moreover, the narrow white trims add interest and texture to the wall. There is also a bedroom window seat that replaces the need for a chair in the room.

The pretty grape wine colour used in the daughter’s bedroom makes it fun and lively

Ridhima enjoys the grape wine colour in her room. The accent wall here is also given a texture to induce more interest. The glossy wardrobe laminates keep the room bright and require low-maintenance. 

A Practical Customised Design in This Noida Flat

A guest bedroom with seating by the bedside to make hearty chit-chats possible

Since Nidhi and her husband’s parents were going to use the guest bedroom mostly, Geetika added seating next to the bed. This, basically, presents the opportunity to comfortably sit in the room and talk for hours. Additionally, the wardrobe laminates are in muted colours to keep the design simple and appealing to their parents who often visit their Noida flat. 

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