Rooms styled in monochrome palettes are meant to stand the test of time. Elegant and undeniably chic, black and white rooms offer a number of possibilities when it comes to decorating. These versatile spaces are a designer’s dream as they can be infused with accent colors to create a variety of moods – from classic and timeless to quirky and bohemian. Here we show you how to use accent colors for black and white rooms to achieve distinctive moods.

Accent color #1 : Brown for wamth
Accent color brown_map

Wood furniture is an integral part of Indian homes, making brown the first choice. The cool, stylish aura of black and white walls is perfectly tempered by the warmth and texture of wood grains. This color combination is popular choice for Scandinavian-themed houses, which are currently in vogue!

Accent color brown_chair

There are a number of ways you can introduce browns into your black and white scheme. It can be as large as furniture, upholstery, wallpaper, flooring or something small such as wicker baskets, floor runners etc. Use off-white and grey tinged hues for layering.

Accent color #2 : Cheery pops of yellow
Accent color yellow

Yellow in large quantities might be overwhelming but when it is used as an accent color in black and white rooms, it balances the polar colors beautifully. It adds a cheerful touch to whichever room it is in and can be used in a variety of shades from perky canary and sombre ochre to mellow mustard.

Accent color yellow_storage

Considering the ebullient nature of this color, you can mix glossy yellow surfaces with matt finished surroundings or vice versa to add shine or to tone down the overall effect.

Accent color#3 : Green breathes life
Accent color green_kitchen

Adding a swathe of green or hints of it in a black and white room breaks the monotony and livens things up splendidly. It is a slightly unconventional choice that is sure to impress. Different shades of green will result in different effects – a bright splash of chartreuse, like in the kitchen above is best for pop-themed kitschy spaces, while a viridian or sea-green hue will result in a more elegant look.

Accent color_green plant

This unique palette works even better if the room receives plenty of natural light, as the green accents will effortlessly give the room an outdoorsy feel. A simple way to incorporate green in such spaces is to get leafy indoor plants.

Accent color #4 : Showstopping red
Accent color red_dining

The luscious, deep hues of red will give black and white rooms an edgy and gorgeous dimension. This attention-grabbing choice works especially well in a kitchen as it appeals to the gastronomic senses. Use red on rugs, paintings, throw pillows or crockery to attain the right balance.

Accent color red_bedroom

Whether you use it in small or large quantities, red blends beautifully in black and white settings to create an arresting vignette. From bright blasts of scarlet to seductive crimsons, this palette works well in both contemporary and classical themes.

These colors will complement black and white hues to make a fresh, fashion-forward statement. For more bedroom design ideas, check out: