This 3 BHK house is proof that colours aren’t always what makes a home shine.

3 bhk house-foyer design
Striking black pendant lights to set the mood

Who livs here: Nitesh & Pallavi

Location: SJR Palazza City, Bangalore

Size of home: A 3BHK spanning 1,665 ft.

Design team: Interior Designer Talminder Kaur and Project Manager Anjo

Livspace service: Kitchen, wardrobes and storage units

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Indian homes usually stand out for their bold statement colours or textures. But Nitesh and Pallavi had different ideas for their 3BHK house in SJR Palazza City. So when this brand new couple came to Livspace for designing their home, they had but two requirements: they wanted to move into their new home before their first anniversary and they wanted their home to have an earthy vibe.

Our interior designer Talminder Kaur was more than happy to oblige. She designed this home with a whte-neutral colour scheme and used plenty of rustic wooden accents. And guess what, she managed to do it on a budget too. A visual tour awaits you!

Small Storage Units

3 bhk house-foyer design-console design
Metallic wall art contrasts the matte console finish
3 bhk house-partition design-vanity counter design
Duco-painted partition conceals wash basin

Ever heard the saying that all good things come in small packages? Well it certainly holds true for this 3 BHK house in SJR Palazza  City. Nitesh and Pallavi liked the idea of having space around them. Hence, they opted for a number of smaller storage units like the laminate-finish console at the entrance. We love everything about this piece including its grainy wooden look and its compact design. Similarly, the cabinets under the washbasin are a valuable addition. The white Duco-painted partition sets it apart from the dining area.

Twin Units for TV & Crockery

3 bhk house-tv unit design-wooden slats
Earthy woodwork, just as Pallavi wanted it!
3 bhk house-tv unit design-floating base unit
Floating base unit from Livspace catalogue

Pallavi had a penchant for earthy wooden textures, and Talminder has transformed this fetish into a style statement for this 3 BHK house at SJR Palazza City. Firstly, let’s look at the TV unit. The floating base unit for the same is a modular piece from the Livspace catalogue. The back panel with solid wood slats is customised. Did you notice how the slats continue across the floor for visual effect?

3 bhk house-crockery unit design-mirror panel
Crockery unit is the most expensive furniture here

The second custom unit of note here is the crockery unit. Apart from the being the most expensive piece of furniture in this 3 BHK house, it also has amazing variety. The base cabinets have laminate finish white with a mix of veneer panels. There are shutters for the tall cabinet, and the back panel is mirror to open up the space. Quite the showstopper we promised, isn’t it!

Two-toned Open Kitchen

grey and white kitchen-open kitchen design
Grey & white kitchen matches rest of the colour scheme
grey and white kitchen-open kitchen design-profile lighting
Profile lights under cabinet act as task lighting
grey and white kitchen-open kitchen design-tall unit design
Lofts & tall unit for sufficient storage

The kitchen in this 3 BHK house is a very compact one. So the open layout really works for it. It also justifies the use of the same grey-white-neutral colour scheme for the kitchen. With its two-toned colour palette, the kitchen fits right into the scheme of things in this apartment. Talminder has ensured that there is plenty of storage space with overhead lofts and a tall cabinet. The use of profile lighting under the wall cabinets stands out for its aesthetic appeal and functionality. This is a space you would love to use for whipping up culinary wonders.

Modular Wardrobes in the Bedrooms

sliding wardrobe design-lacquered glass wardrobe
Sliding wardrobe from Livspace catalogue
white wardrobe-dresser design
Integrated unit with wardrobe, dresser and bookshelves

Storage for the bedrooms in Nitesh and Pallavi’s house is just as simple as the rest of the decor. The master bedroom has an integrated storage unit with wardrobe, shelves and lofts. Talminder tells us that the couple has a taste for reading, which makes this space great to keep their favourite titles. As the guest bedroom is smaller, the designer has opted for a sliding wardrobe from our catalogue.

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