Downsizing on space has its benefits–a lesser area to clean and a smaller budget to account for. That said, a small space often ends up feeling like a burden because it may seem cramped or gloomy or restricted. Never fear! There are ways to make a small living room appear bigger and brighter, no structural alterations attached. Here are some small living room ideas to deal with scant square footage without compromising on visual appeal.

Tip #1: Layer Your Lighting in Your Small Living Room Design

Add different types of lighting in your compact living room

When it comes to small living room ideas, lighting plays a major role. The right lighting can make a compact space look bigger than it actually is. Apart from maximising the amount of natural light flowing in, you should also use artificial lighting while decorating a small living room. Layer different types of lights like spotlights and recessed lighting to make your space look bigger.

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Tip #2: Small Living Room Ideas With an Accent Wall

Board-and-batten panelled accent wall

Who said that a compact living room cannot be stunning? If you are looking for small living room decor ideas, an accent wall is a great option for you. Not everyone likes bare walls, but decorating all four walls in a compact space can make the room appear more cramped. In such cases, an accent wall will be a better idea.

Tip #3: Small Living Room Decor With Mirrors

Reflective surfaces make a space look big

Small living room ideas are incomplete without mirror decoration. It is a well-known fact that reflective surfaces, like mirrors, can create the illusion of space. So, if you are stuck decorating a small living room, use mirrors as decor.

Tip #4: Small Living Room Design With Wall-Mounted Shelves

Vertical space to the rescue!

For a lot of homeowners, storage is a concern. This is especially true if you have a small living room design. If you are looking for small living room decorating ideas that also double as storage, opt for wall shelves. This ensures that your floor is left free for you to move around without bumping into things.

Tip #5: Small Space Living Room Ideas With Artwork

Artwork is a great way to make your home look glam

Finding small living room decor ideas can be a challenging task. You’ll mostly find decor inspiration revolving around larger spaces. But one evergreen small space decor tip is to use artwork. Art is the best way to create a glam and elegant living room.

Tip #6: Small Living Room Ideas With Vases and Flower Pots

Plants can make a small room look vibrant and lively

Small living room decorating ideas also include the use of compact but stunning decor to liven up the space. One way you can do that is by using elegant vases and flowerpots. A living room artfully decorated with plants and flowers will take the eyes away from its compactness.

Tip #7: Small Apartment Living Room Ideas With Rugs and Carpets

Add a touch of warmth with a plush rug

While planning your small living room decor, don’t forget to focus on your flooring. Some great small living room design ideas include adding a plush rug or carpet to your floor. This will not only make your space look elegant but also add a dose of warmth.

Tip #8: Small Living Room Ideas With Modular Storage Solutions

A TV unit with open and closed storage

In a small living room, you may find yourself compromising on nice furniture to make space for bulky chests of drawers and shelving. Here, modular furniture is a good option as they are usually multifunctional, with added storage. Storage inside furnishing keeps unsightly necessities out of the way yet easily retrievable when required.

Tip #9: Small Living Room Design Hacks With Paint

White is a popular colour to give an impression of a larger room

If you are looking for small living room decor ideas, we are here to help. It might be tempting to turn your living room into a Bohemian or multicoloured oasis, but it will make your space seem smaller. Instead, use paint to create a monochromatic palette, preferably using lighter and softer colours. Avoid going at patterns with a heavy hand because clashes will overwhelm the space; however, you could choose to play with textures within a monochromatic colour palette.

Tip #10: Small Living Room Ideas for Your Sofa

Neutrals can make your space look bigger

Planning to get a bright, yellow, floral sofa? This might not be a very good idea if you have a compact living room. The use of neutral shades is one of the most popular small living room ideas. A neutral sofa will not only look elegant, but also make your space look larger.

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Tip #11: Save Space in Your Small Living Room Design With Wall Lights

Wall lights can help you create a warm and welcoming ambience

We had mentioned earlier that lighting can make your living room look bigger. Now, if opting for ceiling lights isn’t possible for you, wall lights are another great option. A set of pendant lights in one corner can create a stunning effect.

A small living room design doesn’t have to be a homeowner’s nightmare. With these small living room ideas, you’re all set to create clever optical illusions and use your space to its full potential!

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