As Indians, we are introduced to astrology at quite an early age. Our rituals and traditions are deeply rooted in and guided by the stars. Whether you are a believer or a sceptic, astrology is still a lot of fun. So, we have compiled a list of design styles, colours and rooms which you’d prefer according to your zodiac sign. Zodiac houses are also important when it comes to determining your interior style. So, you may want to check your birth chart for a deeper look.

Bonus tip: If you do not resonate with your sun sign when it comes to your home’s interior style, check the house sign of your fifth (house of comfort) or your fourth (symbolises home and family) house.

Fire Signs

The fire signs of the zodiac are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. This element represents creation, boldness and passion. The fire signs are known for their main character energy. However, each of the fire signs distinguishes themselves with their unique style of expression.

Aries (March 20 to April 21)

Desi glam style for Aries

The Aries is the first of the 12 zodiac houses. The ram represents the zodiac house. The Aries is known for being ambitious, self-assertive and brave. So, when it comes to house astrology, we recommend you go for a design style that helps you stand out without being loud.

Colour: Ruled by aggressive Mars, Aries is represented by the colour red.

Design Style: If you are an Aries looking to build the perfect home for your taste, go for a desi glam style. This is because Aries likes attention. Thus, to stand out, Aries can add elements of glam with a hint of desi.

Room: Aries love to take care of themselves. They love to pamper their minds and bodies both. Thus, entertainment rooms and gyms are the ideal places for an Aries.

Leo (July 23 to August 22)

Maximalism for Leo

Known for being one of the most dramatic zodiac signs, Leos are known for their compassion,  large-heartedness and leadership qualities. Leos have the natural ability to be bold and daring! Thus, go for a style that portrays this attitude well.

Colour: Leo is ruled by the lord of the planets – the Sun. Thus, gold and mustard represent the sign well.

Design Style: When it comes to the design style, maximalism is something that you should explore. This style is marked by layered patterning, highly saturated colours, ample accessories and bold patterns. However, make sure it doesn’t end up being visually overwhelming.

Room: Leos are represented well by the living room. First impressions matter for a Leo, and this is the perfect interior space to make an impact on your guests.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Bohemian style for Sagittarius

Sagittarius is symbolised by a centaur or a mounted archer. Sagittarians are known for qualities like passion, curiosity and adaptability, and they are the natural healers of the zodiac.

Colour: Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Hence, the colour of this zodiac sign is purple.

Design Style: Since Sagittarians aren’t the biggest fans of staying at home, their interiors should remind them of the outdoors. Thus, the bohemian style represents them well. They should also use loads of natural elements and patterns in their homes.

Room: Ideally, the more open the home is, the more a Sagittarius appreciates it. Thus, open home layouts work quite well for them. You can also find many Sagittarians in the balcony or the backyard too.

Earth Signs

The earth signs are known for being dependable. If you need to make your resume, an earth sign is the one you call. Most earth signs are bound to focus on things like storage, practical layouts and convenience when it comes to their home styles.

Taurus (April 20 to May 20)

Scandinavian style for Taurus

Taureans are stereotyped for two things – their love for food and their stubborn nature. We may or may not agree with these conclusions, but we can all agree that Taureans are some of the warmest people one can come across.

Colour: Blessed by the goddess Venus, Taureans are ruled by their senses and their desire for perfection. The colour that suits them is white.

Design Style: The Scandinavian style of interior design best suits this earth sign. It is marked by the use of neutral colours like white. Additionally, the Scandinavian style is all about minimalism and balancing form and function. This works well for Taureans as they love simplicity.

Room: Sorry, Taureans, but we need to play into the stereotype for this one. The kitchen is the obvious pick for your zodiac sign as you guys definitely seem to have a love for food.

Virgo (August 23 to September 22)

Minimalism for Virgo

Virgo gives us boss baby vibes (seriously, why do all Virgos seem to have baby faces?). Symbolised by the virgin, they are seen as logical, practical and systematic. Hardworking and dedicated, Virgos define class in their own style.

Colour: The planet of communication, Mercury rules Virgo. So, green is an apt shade for this earth sign.

Design Style: Similar to Taurus, Virgos give importance to a practical workflow. Thus, a minimalist interior design style suits them well. They like their spaces clean and uncluttered, so they can concentrate on the task at hand. Thus, keeping things minimal with shades of soothing green works best for them.

Room: Virgos love to indulge in escapism and one of their favourite hobbies is reading. Build a cosy corner and fill it with books, our Virgo friends. You will not regret it.

Capricorn (December 22 to January 19)

Modern style for Capricorn

We come to the bosses of the zodiac houses. Think Captain Raymond Holt from Brooklyn 99. That’s what a Capricorn stereotype looks like. Calculating, persistent, disciplined and sensitive, this zodiac sign is all about leadership and hard work. Their homes need to be in tandem with their busy lifestyles.

Colour: Colours like red are too distracting for Capricorns. Instead, they’d rather choose earthy neutrals, containing some shades of brown.

Design Style: A modern approach fits a Capricorn perfectly. The modern style is based on clean lines, minimal patterns, natural elements and loads of natural light. This works best for them as they can be relaxed and focused, even at home.

Room: Capricorns are usually workaholics. Thus, a home office is the perfect sanctuary for this zodiac sign.

Air Signs

Air signs are known to be highly intelligent and decisive. Most air signs are usually armed with yellow legal pads to make a pros and cons list for everything. That being said, air signs are also extremely sensitive and emotional. Thus, their homes should be marked with deeply personal styles to ease them in.

Gemini (May 21 to June 21)

Contemporary style for Gemini

Gemini is represented by the symbol of the twins. This duality in their nature can be seen in their life patterns as well. They are constantly juggling things on a personal and professional level. They are great multi-taskers. Their zodiac houses should be able to reflect their personality and need for change.

Colour: Another sign ruled by Mercury, the colour that is recommended for this sun sign is yellow.

Design Style: To keep up with their changing demands, a contemporary home works well. The home should be designed to give the Gemini ample space to experiment with colours and patterns. Minimal designs, cool tones and natural materials will also work well for a Gemini, and these elements are also in trend.

Room: Geminis are social butterflies. Thus, a home bar, living room or balcony are spaces where they can socialise and connect with other people.

Libra (September 22 to October 23)

Mid-century modern for Libra

Like Taurus, Libra is also ruled by Venus. Thus, they are known to appreciate beauty and aesthetics. They are symbolised by the scales, which means that they have a strong sense of justice. Librans are also quite popular in their social circles, and they are creative folks.

Colour: Pink is considered to be the colour for Libra.

Design Style: Librans should incorporate pastels in their homes. It creates a soothing vibe. Hence, the mid-century modern style is great for this zodiac sign’s home. This style has clean lines, a mixture of natural and manmade materials, graphic shapes and vibrant colours.

Room: Librans can usually unleash their creativity in their dressing room. They love to pamper themselves. So, planning outfits, trying out new looks or just arranging their clothes can give them immense pleasure.

Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)

Eclectic style for Aquarius

Aquarius is usually confused with water signs. This is probably because their zodiac symbol is the Water-Bearer. This sun sign is known for its calm nature and sensitivity. They are also quite optimistic, self-reliant and clever. Aquarius zodiac houses are all about reflecting their mysterious personalities.

Colour: Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. Thus, the colour blue represents it well.

Design Style: As mentioned, the mysterious aura of Aquarians defines their style. Thus, an eclectic style can be a great option for their interior design. This style pulls inspiration from different sources to create a harmonious blend. Using contrasting visual elements in the house is something that an Aquarius may like.

Room: Aquarians love to think. Thus, a dedicated gaming room works best for them. Use loads of graphics, neons and blues to create soothing vibes.

Water Signs

One word defines the water signs and that is ‘intuitive’. These people are emotional, sensitive and empathetic. They are also blessed with a good eye for detail and are usually involved in some sort of artistic pursuit. Their homes are their sanctuaries and they love to showcase their personal trademarks wherever they live.

Cancer (June 22-July 22)

Kidcore theme for Cancer

Cancerians are ruled by the moon and, thus, are emotional people. They are sensitive and rightfully earn the name of ‘moonchild’. Their zodiac houses should have plenty of souvenirs or pictures that they can remember.

Colour: As they are ruled by the moon, grey, white and silver can be considered their colours.

Design Style: Cancerians don’t really care about sticking to a theme, so an eclectic style works well for them. However, a special mention should be made of the emerging design style – kidcore. As is obvious from the name, kidcore uses bright colours and nostalgic themes.

Room: Their bedroom is undeniably the space where they thrive. Thus, they can add personal touches to their bedroom with nostalgic elements.


Industrial style for Scorpio

The mysterious Scorpio is ruled by Pluto. Bad guys of the zodiac or not, most Scorpios are appreciated for their intense loyalty and strong determination. Thus, they always appreciate a raw, natural look to their zodiac houses.

Colour: Scorpions are known to be mysterious and black is the perfect colour to match that vibe.

Design Style: The industrial style is an ideal pick for Scorpions. It originates from 1970s England and the USA. Back then, the old warehouses and factories were converted into residential homes. This is where the aesthetics emerge from. The industrial style is noted by an extensive use of cement, wood and metals. A lot of dark, muted tones are used as well.

Room: Scorpions, like Cancerians, also regard their bedrooms as rejuvenation pods. Thus, bedrooms are their first pick too. Bathrooms come a close second because they can daydream and indulge their thoughts well here.


Art deco for Pisces

Sensitive Pisces is the last of the zodiac signs. They are known as the old souls of the zodiac. Thus, they are believed to focus more on spirituality and occult as compared to their practical Earth sisters. Their zodiac houses are usually dominated by curvy patterns, and natural and ‘mystical’ elements (Yes, we are talking about their crystal collection!).

Colour: Pastel shades usually have a soothing effect on these natives. We bet that dreamy Neptune, their ruler, also approves of it.

Design Style: Pisceans are always attracted to art and creativity. Thus, it makes sense when they use the art deco aesthetic for their homes. The decadent details, bold geometric patterns and rich colours are everything that satisfies a Piscean at home.

Room: Pisceans love to relax on their balconies. It allows them to disconnect from their everyday life. Thus, make sure you incorporate a cosy seating area, water fountains and plants to make your balconies or backyards more inviting.

Do you agree with these points? If you want to explore more design ideas, find out what design style matches your persona

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