The right lighting completes the look of your home. In fact, your interiors will not get the attention they deserve in the absence of proper lighting. And whether your home is compact or spacious, the right ceiling lights can help illuminate your spaces better without compromising on floor space. 

Ceiling lights are no longer used just for just the basics. While white tube lights and utility lighting would bathe your house in light, your home deserves a unique touch. For example, you can use recessed ceiling lights for the bedroom to add to the restful mood. On the other hand,  if you’re looking for something low-hanging to set the mood for intimate conversations, a dainty pair of pendant lights could do wonders! With the wide array of options available in the market, we wouldn’t be surprised if you’re confused. We’ve collated the options for you to make the right choice for your home. But first, a few basics!

Frequently Asked Questions

ceiling lights-ambient-accent-task

#1: What are ceiling lights?

The lights directly mounted on the ceiling for the general illumination of the room or a specific section of it are called ceiling lights.

#2: Do all ceiling lights need a false ceiling to be installed?

You can install chandeliers, pendant lights as well as LED strips on the ceiling even without an elaborate false ceiling. However, a basic false ceiling helps in adding ambient lighting such as cove lights and recessed lights.

#3: Can ceiling lights be used on walls?

You cannot install all kinds of ceiling lights on walls. While installing chandeliers and the like on walls is out of the question, many ceiling lights may emit heat and light that make it unsuitable as a wall fixture. Moreover, you might void the warranty due to incorrect installation. 

Types of Ceiling Lights

#1: Chandeliers

ceiling lights-chandelier
If you have a high ceiling, make the chandelier the focal point of your room

Did your mind immediately jump to fancy chandeliers when we said ‘ceiling lights’? The stylish hanging light with delicately carved branches and multiple light bulbs can make your room look sophisticated.

You will find a variety of chandeliers available in the market. If you’re looking for ceiling lights for the living room, you can opt for something ornate and traditional, or chic and contemporary, depending on your interiors. The electricity consumption of each chandelier differs on the basis of the number of bulbs used in each. Choose from a variety of shapes, sizes and materials to find the perfect chandelier for your home!

Type of Lighting: Accent
Market Price: ₹2,000 onwards


To install chandeliers, make sure your ceiling height is above 10 feet to avoid disruption in movement.

#2: Flush mount lights

flush mount lights
These safely mounted ceiling lights can be used in any part of the house

Flush mount ceiling lights are those that hang close to the ceiling and attract minimal attention while lighting up a large area. These fixtures are ideal for homes with low ceilings, and can also be a viable option if you have kids or pets attracted to hanging lights at home. Moreover, this kind of lighting can be used in any room irrespective of traffic and height.

Available in traditional, transitional and contemporary styles, you can pick from various materials like copper, glass and plastic too. They can be fitted with incandescent bulbs, CFLs, LED bulbs and even halogen lights. Make the eco-conscious choice here!

Type of Lighting: Ambient
Market Price: ₹800 onwards


We recommend this versatile lighting style to light up closets, bedrooms, hallways, entryways and bathrooms or rooms where the ceiling height is below 8 feet.

#3: Semi-flush mount fixtures

ceiling lights-semi flush
Semi-flush lights suit rooms with moderate to high ceilings

A combination of a chandelier and flush-mount fixtures, these lights hang at approximately 4-8 inches from the ceiling. Such types of ceiling lights are ideal when you don’t have the required height for a chandelier, yet want a unique light fixture that can stand out. For a statement appearance, you can opt for these in the foyer or common rooms.

Similar to the flush mount lights, these fixtures are economical and can be fitted with any bulb. However, depending on how much light is required, you could opt for a 15-watt bulb, or a 100-watt one.

Type of lighting: Ambient
Market price: ₹800 onwards


Best suited for ceiling heights of 9-10 feet. You can fit a kitchen nook or dining room with these lights.

#4: Pendant lights

pendant light-corner
Dainty pendant lights can brighten up the darkest of corners

Much like a chandelier, a pendant light hangs low over in your room as a single source of light. Such lights create a focussed source of light that can be as bright or dim as you want it to be. You can choose from minimal or oversized designs, and take your pick of size, shape and material of the light. If you feel one light isn’t enough, you could even opt for a cluster of lights that add to the charm of a room.

Type of lighting: Accent or task
Market price: ₹700 onwards


Best used in rooms where the ceiling height is over 10 feet.

#5: Inverted pendant lights

living room lighting-inverted pendant lights
Let your ceiling light up with a muted glow with inverted pendant lights

Also called “up-lights”, inverted pendant lights point to the ceiling, making them perfect for general illumination. If you’re thinking that it sounds similar to the semi-flush light, you’re not wholly wrong – the only difference is that it hangs down instead of being mounted directly on the ceiling. These lights work well in the entryway or passages, living room and are commonly used above kitchen islands.

Type of lighting: Ambient
Market price: ₹1,000 onwards


Inverted pendant lights can help in softening harsh lighting. If you’re looking to welcome guests into your home or make space for conversation, this might be a good idea!

#6: Track lights

ceiling lights-track lights
Use track lights to focus on a specific portion of the wall

This is the popular choice when you need to display a painting or curios at home. Track lights add a decorative ambience to a specific section of your home. They work well in the living room, and hallways to bring out the beauty of your exhibits. If you want to highlight a wall or a specific section of your home, you can always opt for these lights.

Since they usually come with 3W-9W bulbs, they are feasible only as accent lights. However, you can opt for directional lights, spotlights or even rail lights to add elegance to the setting.

Type of lighting: Task
Market price: ₹1,000 onwards


The track light should be mounted parallel to the wall. If the ceiling height is 9 feet or lower, place the track 2-3 feet from the wall. If the ceiling height is between 9 and 11 feet, place the track 3-4 feet from the wall.

#7: Recessed lights

ceiling lights-recessed
Recessed lights are commonly used as ambient lighting

Recessed lights are usually installed in a hollow in the ceiling, such that when switched on, the light is concentrated at a point, or more spread out. Since the source of light is not visible, this fixture becomes a softer lighting option for your home. For more ideas on what you can buy in recessed lights, read this article: Fancy False Ceiling Lights for Your Home.

You could choose cove lights, LED ceiling lights or backlit panels. Whether you go for LED string lights or LED bulbs, the power consumption varies from 15 watts upwards. 

Type of lighting: Ambient
Market price: ₹600 onwards


Stick to a layered style of lighting instead of relying only on recessed light as your go-to lighting option.The right mix of lights can add a beautiful glow to your room.

#8: Cove lights

Highlight your false ceiling with cove lights

Cove lights are built into the recesses of ceilings, to illuminate both adjacent walls as well as the ceiling. Such types of ceiling lights generally offer soft and diffused illumination, though it needn’t always be the case. Whether you choose to have a gentle glow in the entryway or tone down what could have been a harsh glare, these lights fit seamlessly into every part of your home. For more ideas on using cove lights at home, check this out: Want Your Home to Have That Soft Radiant Glow?

Type of lighting: Ambient or accent
Market price: ₹599 onwards


If you have invested in a fancy false ceiling, consider using these ceiling lights to highlight the same while lighting up your room brilliantly!

How Can Livspace Help You?

You will find a variety of lighting options available in the market but which is the right choice for you? This is where we can help. If you’re looking for ceiling lights for living room, consult Livspace. Check out our look-book for some inspiring ideas. 

When picked right, lighting can complement your home interiors. Let us know which of these options worked for you! Looking for tips and tricks to illuminate your home properly? Check out Your Search for All Things Lighting Ends Here.

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