Worried about how much damage your bank account will face if you hire an  interior designer? Well, while cost certainly should always be a consideration, sometimes, it is well worth it; these interior design fails will make you thank your stars if you have hired an interior designer! The bad interior designs showcased in this article are not only funny, some of them are downright absurd. As an interior design service provider, we find these hilarious, sure, but we also couldn’t stop thinking about the homeowners who have to live with some of these designs. So, go through this list, have a good laugh, but let this also help you reconsider your stance and call us for renovation or for your new home interiors!

#1: The Worst Interior Design Idea for the Bathroom

Is that how you want your ‘throne room’ to look like?

You know it is a bad start to a design plan for the bathroom when someone picks cola-coloured penny tiles. But to think that it’s okay to cover everything in it? This bathroom is not trypophobia-friendly!

#2: Want to Burn the Kitchen Down, Anyone?

That is way too much tufting

This is when you read ‘Tuft it up!’ and take it too seriously! But all bad interior decorating aside, this is a serious health hazard.

#3: Watch Your Reflection While You Flush

This is not the morning high-five you need

You think calling an interior designer is expensive? See what happens when you don’t call one!

#4: This is a Horror Movie Waiting to Happen

Maybe we shouldn’t have asked for a modern home!

This is for those homeowners with diabolical intent on the mind, to snuff out a life and make it look like an accident! This bathroom-cum-kitchen is the perfect spot! Drop the toaster ‘accidently’ into the bathtub and viola!

#5: When Your Architect Is a Mughal-e-Azam Fan

“Lets go to the balcony!”

Landlord: And, there is a balcony in this apartment too!

The balcony:

#6: Don’t You Want Some Thrill in the House?

Want to break both of your legs at the same time?

Floating staircases are not elder- or child-friendly to start with. But this one really takes the cake in creating a risky venture right at home.

#7: Do Errands Around the House While Watching TV

Honey, are you watching the soaps?

Even a bad interior designer will not be impressed by this. Also, we can just feel the neck strain by the end of the day of bingeing IPL on this TV.

#8: Sometimes Creativity Takes You a Long Way

We tripped looking at this

And this is not one of those cases!

#9: We Have So Many Questions!

Who needs a room freshener when…

Is this a 1BHK? What will happen when more than one person is living here? How is the plumbing done for this? Who thought this was ‘clever’? So many questions for which there seem to be no rational answer.

#10: Did ‘Caramel Brown’ Sound Tempting to You?

And to think they picked an expensive marble to commit this crime

Whatever you do, do not pick this shade for your bathroom. You see a live example of why not. We’d leave it at that.

#11: Did You Want a Kitchen Island This Bad?

Imagine trying to have a conversation with the person sitting opposite you

We do not know if this is a sign of a bad interior designer or architect, but we are definitely sure of one thing—this kitchen island is one of the worst interior design fails we have seen.

#12: Someone Went a Little Overboard With ‘Trendy’

Hygiene has left the chat

Can we meet the designer for this funny interior design fail? We just want to talk!

#13: Feel the Claustrophobia Settle In!

A perfect horror movie setup

If you seem to spend a lot of time in the toilet in the morning, this hilarious interior design is going to help you cut the time short!

#14: Flush Where You Bathe

Repeat after me—Clearance for toilets is 15 inches!

None of these poor interior designs are set up to standards. However, this one completely ignores the standard distance between the bathtub and the toilet bowl too!

#15: A Bathtub Out in The Wild!

What was the reason?

We can only sense the fear of this abandoned bathtub lying in the middle of what seems like a kitchen or the laundry room. Mom, come pick me up!

#16: These Bathroom Interior Design Fails Are Not Stopping!

Keeping it subtle was never an option

Designers: How much floral imagery carpet do you want in the bathroom?

Homeowner: Yes.

#17: We Feel Something’s Off

Can you help us with this?

But we can’t put a finger on it. What can it be? Hm… Maybe it’s the fridge. Who knows?

#18: There is No Way You are Going to Be a Couch Potato Here!

Work harder, not smarter!

Love to watch TV on the sofa? Not with this bad interior design, no!

#19: Interior Design Fails Come to Your Nearest Public Washroom!

This is a weird way to make friends

Whoever designed this wasn’t planning on using the washroom. Also, imagine trying to go here when you are drunk.

#20: When You Try to Rent a Property in a Metropolitan

It’s always the bathrooms

Upside: You have a bathtub and a washing machine

Downside: This bad interior design is a mortal threat!

#21: These Interior Design Fails Hurt!

You had one job!

Me: Mom! I want some privacy at home. I am closing the door.

The next day:

As funny as these interior design fails are, we are a lil bit horrified at some of them. Especially with the hazards they come with. If you have witnessed some of these interior design fails, have a hearty laugh and then give us a call!

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