A Brigade Millennium kitchen, courtesy of Livspace, that’s designed to perfection! 

Brigade Millennium-red-white-kitchen-parallel-layout
A clutter-free design at its best

Who livs here: Roshan Pai and his wife along with his father Ramesh and his mother
Location: Brigade Millennium, JP Nagar, Bengaluru
Size of kitchen: 128 sq ft
Design team: Interior designer Marita Manavalan
Livspace service: Kitchen
Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

How would you define your dream kitchen? Spacious and bright? Maybe with a cheery colour? This flat in Brigade Millennium, Bengaluru, recently got a kitchen makeover. And it’s serious goals! While Roshan Pai and his wife live in the US currently, he wanted his parents to have an uber comfortable kitchen. Also, it would make it easier when they eventually come back to Bengaluru. 

“We wanted a seamless kitchen,” the family revealed to our designer Marita Manavalan. As a result, Marita crafted a design that defines a place for everything and everything in its place. With a happy wine red colour, the kitchen looks picture-perfect. Especially with all that abundant sunlight pouring into the space! Here’s the tour. 

Brigade Millennium Kitchen: Smooth Finishes
Brigade Millennium-Red-White-Kitchen-cabinets-chimney-window
Glossy acrylic finishes adorn this kitchen
Brigade Millennium-Red-White-Kitchen-microwave-sink-cutting-board
Brigade Millennium-Red-White-Kitchen-upper-lower-cabinets-sink-light
Brigade Millennium-Red-White-Kitchen-kalinga-countertop-backsplash

The kitchen is a testimonial to red being a powerful colour. It holds your attention and never fails to make a statement. When the design team came up with a red and white palette, the family readily agreed. While pristine white has been used for the upper cabinets, wine red adorns the base cabinets. In addition, the choice of high gloss acrylic finish scores a perfect ten on style. Because of the acrylic finish, all the surfaces appear clear and smooth as well.

Marita used Kalinga stone for the countertop to complete the look. Also, having done that, she extended it to the backsplash to elevate the ambience.

Our designer Marita Manavalan with Ramesh Pai

“We think our designer Marita Manavalan, Uma Kari and everybody involved in the project did an amazing job crafting our kitchen. Moreover, the red and white combination is perfect!” 

Ramesh Pai, Livspace Homeowner

Brigade Millennium Kitchen: Bright & Breezy
Brigade Millennium-Red-White-Kitchen-cabinets-countertop-light-floor
LED strip lights run under the wall cabinets
Brigade Millennium-Red-White-Kitchen-sink-tall-unit-microwave
Brigade Millennium-Red-White-Kitchen-countertop-kalinga-window-cabinet
Brigade Millennium-Kitchen-Window-Vase-Flower

Well-lit and bright kitchens have always been the marker of an efficient kitchen. While this kitchen already features two wide windows in one end, Marita added more light sources as well. She put in an elegant false ceiling and LED strips below the wall cabinets. 

Brigade Millennium Kitchen: Ample Storage Everywhere!
Brigade Millennium-Red-White-Kitchen-tall-unit-drawers-flooring-cabinets
A tall unit and built-in refrigerator keeps the kitchen crystal clean
Brigade Millennium-Red-White-Kitchen-tall-unit-microwave
Brigade Millennium-Red-White-Kitchen-open-cabinet
Brigade Millennium-Red-White-Kitchen-roller-shutter

Since the kitchen has been designed in a parallel layout, it opened up a lot of storage options. We love how Marita cleverly used up the space without making it look overwhelming. It houses a tall unit, built-in refrigerator, and plenty of drawers. Everything appears seamless and smooth. Moreover, a roller shutter has been put in to neatly tuck in electrical appliances. The kitchen is clutter-free at its best!

“I had a wonderful time designing this kitchen. Also, working with Roshan Pai and his family was truly a great experience!”

Marita Manavalan, Interior Designer, Livspace

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