An invigorating colour scheme and exotic floral patterns suffuse this home with a fresh and positive spirit

graceful bangalore interior design

Who livs here: Shaheen Farooqui and his wife Kamaljeet Kaur

Location: Brigade Golden Triangle, Huskur Village, Bengaluru

Size: A 3BHK home spanning 1,640 sq ft.

Design team: Interior designer Haripriya Ashwin with project manager Karthik S

Livspace service: Full home design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Shaheen and Kamaljeet love nature and the peace and tranquillity it offers and they were more than delighted when they bought their new home. The silent neighbourhood with pleasant environs was a perfect getaway from the noisy city life. So it was only obvious their apartment works as a canvas to artistically portray their love for nature-inspired colours.

Interactions with several interior designing vendors proved fruitless and they almost gave up on their dream interiors. However, an unplanned visit to one of our experience centres changed that all. With interior designer Haripriya, a nature-themed home suffused with bright and comforting colours took shape and the couple just can’t stop gushing about it!

graceful bangalore interior design

With varying shades of blue, the open living-cum-dining area gets a cohesive look. Haripriya tactfully converted the passageway to a TV area and gave it a tasteful zing with a citrusy yellow accent wall. This worked perfectly for the layout, leaving plenty to room for the sectional sofa.

graceful bangalore interior design

The compact dining set with its gorgeous tables and upholstered seats makes way for comfortable mealtimes. The bench is a handy addition for more than two people to be seated.

graceful bangalore interior designgraceful bangalore interior design

Warm wooden textures balanced with blue and yellow, makes the master bedroom look like a beautiful painting. To ensure that the space doesn’t look cluttered, Haripriya utilised the passageway to employ the wardrobe and a dresser.

graceful bangalore interior design

The floral accent wall adds color and personality to the guest bedroom and exudes a calm, breezy feel. What better way to make guests feel welcome? The crisp lines of the herringbone patterned headboard beautifully contrast with the wall behind.

graceful bangalore interior designgraceful bangalore interior design

Keeping elderly parents in mind, Haripriya went for an all-white theme in this bedroom so that it is easy on the eyes. A rustic oak bed and sleek floating shelves keep things simple and stylish.

graceful bangalore interior designgraceful bangalore interior design

Inspired by nature, this kitchen is doused in shades of aquamarine green. The unique, patterned tiles on the backsplash match with the high gloss laminate cabinets and complete the look. With tandem boxes, bottle pull-outs, cutlery storage, open shelves, see-through and frosted glass cabinets, this parallel kitchen is a breeze to work in.

With happy hues and modern design elements, Shaheen and Kamaljeet’s home is a reflection of their ebullient nature and personality. I am so happy it came out the way it did. 

– Haripriya Ashwin, Livspace Interior Designer

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