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Panels that say ‘Welcome to fabulous

Who Livs here: Vinit Agarwal with his wife Amita and their son Aarav

Location: Brigade Cosmopolis, Whitefield, Bengaluru

Size of home: A 4BHK spanning 2,500 sq. ft. approx.

Design team: Interior Designer Iesha Parekh and Quality Manager Saravanan T

Livspace service: Full home design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

The great urban dream is to always move from a rented apartment to your own home. There’s something magical about that feeling, and the Agarwals resonated the same. Moving from Hebbal to Whitefield was a conscious decision for the couple since there are a lot of international schools and other amenities in and around this area. Being their first home, they wanted it to look stunning! In stepped Livspace, and the rest, as they say, is history!

When Iesha Parekh, their designer, met them, they only told her that they wanted their home to look good and have an elaborate pooja room. A fully functional kitchen was another thing on their list. Apart from this, they gave her complete freedom to design the home according to her design aesthetics. Take a tour and find out what’s special about this one!

#1: Making an entrance

Mirror-velous style ahead
Mirror, mirror, foyer glam, your entryway’s Instagram

The foyer, as they say, should be the most welcoming part of the house since it’s the first thing anyone notices about your home. Every corner in this home has been carefully curated by Iesha to give our clients the best. The foyer sports a lovely interplay of grey and white stripes on the wall through wall paint and textured wallpaper. The striking mirror and console table, set against this wall play a match to create a brilliant first impression.

#2: Breezy blues

Soft blue, the secret ingredient to stylish comfort

The living room in this home has details that one cannot miss. Both Vinit and Amita wanted matching sofas, but Iesha convinced the couple to get an assortment. As a result, you see the wonderful marriage between solids and patterns in the Chesterfield sofa and the accent chairs. The drapes and the cushion covers play match with a hint of flaming red in both, to add an element of surprise. The wall behind the TV unit sports the same texture as one of the walls in foyer, to maintain visual symmetry.

Your TV’s new BFF: trendy, tidy, terrific unit

Another striking feature of this living room is the veneer panel next to the television, which extends to the slats on the ceiling and down. We love how lines and patterns are perfectly in sync here!

#3: Floral impressions

Antique tales unfold amongst floral walls

The dining room in this new home interior project is a pure visual pleasure! One of Amita’s favourite corners, this space is interestingly designed with florals and rustic elements. A six-seater solid wood dining table is set against a lovely floral wall and a rustic crockery unit. Just the perfect setting for intimate dinners with the family.

Old is gold: Serve nostalgia with this dining dazzler

The couple wanted their dining room to have an old-world charm and Iesha gave them exactly what they wanted. The display unit on the other side is an extension of the distressed piece of furniture, added to maintain harmony.

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#4: An elaborate pooja room

Blue and white unite for divine design

One of the most coveted areas for the couple, the pooja room design is Vaastu-compliant. After a lot of iterations, Iesha came up with the idea to have a marble unit atop a veneer storage unit. A lovely lotus motif jaali panel stands tall behind the pooja unit. It makes the room all the more appealing to the eyes. Borrowing colours from the marble unit, the blinds sport the same motifs in magenta, in the form of smaller flowers. This is, indeed, a well thought-out design.

#5: Ruled by Geometry

Gray-licious kitchen!
Cabinets steal the scene in the gray kitchen
Hello to geometric tile goodness

The layout of the kitchen is entirely vastu-compliant, with the fridge sitting opposite the hob. Since the kitchen was compact, Iesha decided to paint it in light colours like cream and grey. Special attention has been given to the dado tiles on the backsplash, which follow a geometric pattern. With bottle pull-outs, cutlery units, shutters, base units and more, this kitchen is a complete modular solution for their culinary needs!

Here’s what we love about this project

#6: Work & play zone

Sofa + Bed + TV = Your all-inclusive relaxation station
Minty fresh vibes for both your outfits and brainwaves

Vinit and Amita wanted to combine the guest, entertainment and study room in one, thus Iesha converted it into a multi-purpose room. She added pastel shades and functional pieces of furniture. With a home theatre system and sofa-cum-bed in place, this room forms the perfect entertainment zone. Wardrobes with lofts provide extra and convenient storage for the family and guests.

#7: Happy young vibes

Seas of joy in a blue-and-white wonderland

Aarav’s room is a reflection of this chirpy and naughty nature. Awash in bright and cheerful colours, the kid’s room is a delight. While Aarav is a single child, he was hell-bent on having a bunk bed in his room and Iesha worked around the layout for this one.

Study, sleep, and style—this kids’ room does it all

To make the maximum use of available space, she designed the room in such a way that the study, bed and wardrobes fall on one side, allowing free space for Aarav to play on the other.

Ledge display unit, where patterned walls steal the show

The wardrobe has open shelves where he can keep his story books and ledges on the wall where he can display his favourite toys.

#8: A serene space

Green with envy? Nah, just sea green with relaxation
White wall backdrop for antique cupboard love

While designing the parents’ room, there was a small challenge. The bed in this room was an existing one and Iesha had to design around it. To make things interesting, she decided not to match the dark wood bed with the side tables, but in an ivory alternative. Also, since they wanted to keep the vibe of this room calm and serene, she gave them light sea green-themed drapes and self-design wallpaper. The wooden pendant lights on either side of the bed look fetching and minimalist.

#9: Mustard dreams

Grey walls, mustard accents—your dream bedroom awaits

Both Vinit and Amita believe that the bedroom should be one space at home where they feel relaxed. Hence, loud colours or bold patterns were not an option for them. Therefore, Iesha suggested a combination of grey and mustard for their bedroom, paired with plain white walls.

Snooze station upgrade: Grey headboard edition

If you look at the headboard wall carefully, you’ll see how these beautifully framed fabric pieces come together to create an interesting pattern. Also, since Amita has a lot of stuff to store, Iesha has given a taller side table on her side if the bed. Overall, the feel of the room is kept minimal and cozy.

Clever ledge, because your stuff deserves the spotlight too

Since Amita loves displaying curios, wooden ledges make their way into this room. This doesn’t impose on the room design and keeps things light and lovely!

Hear what the owners have to say!

“Both Vinit and Amita are really sweet people and the best part of this project was that I was given so much freedom to experiment. They trusted my designing abilities and were very open to new ideas. It was a pleasure to design for this wonderful couple.”

– Iesha Parekh, Interior Designer, Livspace

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