This flat at Godrej Homes is designed to entertain!

godrej homes-mumbai home-common area-living room-dining room
An inviting view welcomes you into this Godrej Homes apartment

Who livs here: Santosh Kharade with his wife Shilpa Kharade and their 13 yr-old daughter

Location: Godrej Central Shell Tower, Chembur, Mumbai

Size of home: A 3BHK spanning 900 sq ft approx.

Design team: Interior Designer Neeraja Gode and Project Manager Jinesh Rathod

Livspace service: Full home design (kitchen not included)

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

It’s a special feeling when you get possession of your first home together as a couple. For the Kharade family, it was one such experience after living in Mumbai for a long time. Each member of the family wanted their own personal corner in this Godrej Homes property and their designer, Neeraja had to oblige. Together, Santosh and Shilpa own an advertising agency and boast of refined taste in interiors.

When they met Neeraja for the first time, they were clear about having a muted colour palette at home. Although, they were biased towards neutral colours, they did not shy away from brighter hues. Since the family hosts a lot of friends they wanted dedicated zones for get-togethers. Entertainment also takes the front seat and thus, the largest room at home houses the home theatre system. Read on to see how each room has been designed brilliantly.

Godrej Homes: Made for Conversations
godrej homes-mumbai home-living room-entrance-blue sofa-big living room
Bright pops of colour refresh your mood as soon as you step foot in this home
godrej homes-mumbai home-living room-bright living room-yellow chairs-blue sofa-track lights-white walls
godrej homes-mumbai home-living room-yellow chairs-display shelves-exposed brick wallpaper-printed curtains
godrej homes-mumbai home-living room-white wall-track lights-blue sofa-led strip light
godrej homes-mumbai home-living room-side table-pendant light-printed curtains

Nowadays, the concept of living room is evolving and it becoming that space where get-togethers take place. Conversations start from this room and thus it is essential to make this room at Godrej Homes, the centre of attraction. With this brief in mind, Neeraja went ahead and gave the family a huge cobalt blue sofa. Sitting right opposite the sofa are two wingback accent chairs that act as the perfect conversation starters.

Speaking about adding character to this space, do not miss the exposed brick wallpaper with wall shelves for display. Out of curiosity we quizzed Neeraja on the track lights on the ceiling above the sofa. Interestingly, these lights are installed to highlight the artwork that the couple create together and this wall acts as their canvas.

Godrej Homes: Sleek Dining Room
godrej homes-mumbai home-dining room-LED strip light-wooden dining table-pendant lights-bench
A minimal dining room with a bench for extra seating
godrej homes-mumbai home-dining room-pendant lights-crockery unit-laminate finish dining table

Santosh is very fond of hosting his friends and this dining room carries a touch of nostalgia for him. He was particular about having a bench on one side so that it reminds him of school lunches. How amazing is that? This sleek dining area at this Godrej Homes apartment comes with a laminate finish dining table and a full-fledged crockery unit.

The glass shutters are meant for exclusive crockery and the platform can be utilised as a buffet counter. The laminate panel on the ceiling gives that finishing touch to this space, while the pendant drop lights create soft focus here.

godrej homes-mumbai home-client brief-key details
Godrej Homes: A Room for Entertainment
godrej homes-mumbai home-entertainment room-study table-exposed brick wallpaper-laminate wardrobes
A room dedicated to relaxation and entertainment for family and friends
godrej homes-mumbai home-entertainment room-pooja unit-exposed brick wallpaper

What’s a home without a fancy entertainment room? And when you love work and play equally, then the largest room at home deserves this space. This room at Godrej Homes is Santosh’s den and he loves entertaining his friends here. The huge study table is where he works when he’s working from home. Storage come easy, with overhead cabinets and wardrobes in place. LED strip lights under the cabinets are a great way to add ambient lighting in any room.

Neeraja has also carved out a pooja unit in this room, which is vastu-approved.

Godrej Homes: For Function and Comfort
godrej homes-mumbai home-master bedroom-bed-wardrobes-lofts-laminate finish wardrobes
This bedroom features ample storage and still does not look heavy on the eyes
godrej homes-mumbai home-master bedroom-bed-wall sconces-upholstered headboard

The master bedroom at this Godrej Homes flat seems like a serene and calm room with wardrobes and lofts finished in laminate flanking the bed. Since this room is vastu-approved, the wardrobes were supposed to be built on this wall and the only way to add more storage was by giving wardrobes on either side of the bed. Wall sconces illuminate the niche perfectly.

godrej homes-mumbai home-master bedroom-study table-concealed dresser-wall shelves
godrej homes-mumbai home-master bedroom-study table-chair-wall ledges-focus lights

Here comes Shilpa’s corner at home. This compact study corner at Godrej Homes has a sleek table and wall ledges that can hold books and curios. Recessed lights create soft focus on objects here. Right next to the study table is the concealed dresser, since vastu experts suggest against having exposed mirrors in any room.

Godrej Homes: A Compact Kid’s Room
godrej homes-mumbai home-kids bedroom-kids bed-platform bed-laminate panel
A platform bed is the best choice for a space-crunched kid’s room
godrej homes-mumbai home-kids bedroom-kids platform bed-hidden dresser-laminate wardrobe
godrej homes-mumbai home-kids bedroom-kids study table-kids storage

This room at Godrej Homes belongs to Santosh and Shilpa’s daughter and we must say, Neeraja has done an excellent job at carving out maximum space here. A platform bed with storage and an extended laminate panel running above it, this is a cozy space for her to relax in. School-going kids demand a lot of storage for their books, bags and the works. Therefore, Neeraja decided to give her a study table with overhead cabinets and ample space to keep all her essentials close to her.

“Both, Santosh and Shilpa were very easy to work with, since they knew exactly what they wanted from the very beginning. There was minimum back and forth and the design was finalised very quickly. The execution was also very smooth and we handed over the home to them on time. It was a lovely experience for me!”

-Neeraja Gode, Interior Designer, Livspace

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