Designer Chandni Aggarwal brings the Pathak’s home to life with a deft use of graceful colors and simple features. The result — an aesthetically pleasing and practical space the homeowners instantly fell in love with!

Gurgaon Home Design

Who livs here: Shambu Nath Pathak with wife Shobha and son Aditya

Location: CGHS complex, Gurgaon

Home type and size: A 3 bedroom apartment spanning 1,100 sq ft

Design team: Interior designer Chandni Aggarwal with project manager Sudhansh Daga and design manager Varun Chopra

Livspace service: Full home design

Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Entryway And Jalli Divider

The Pathak’s home is a testament to warm simplicity tied together with muted wallpaper. The elegant entryway steeped in soft florals is punctuated by a striking sunburst mirror and floating shelves.

In the living room, plush forms of the lapis blue sofas and beige ottomans dominate the space, and make for a comfortable TV viewing or entertaining experience. Chandni broke off from the mostly neutral-theme and added an exquisite jalli divider to afford privacy in the living and dining spaces.

Dining Area Adorned With Mirrors

In the compact dining area, things are kept simple. The undulated forms of a set of differently-sized mirrors force the eye to linger, while breaking the monotony of the wallpaper. The reflective surface and floral pairing effortlessly complement the Pathaks’ existing dining set.

Modular Kitchen With Abundant Storage

Don’t be deceived by this narrow, small kitchen! It packs in plenty of storage with optimal modular fittings — upper cabinets with racks to organize utensils, Blum drawers, which open fully to reveal items in the deepest end and a tall unit that hides away groceries, munchies and more. Chandni did away with the kitchen door to give the space an airy feel.

The sophisticated hob and chimney duo enhance the Pathak’s cooking experience. An arresting grey backsplash adds character to the kitchen’s black and white facade, and completes the look without overpowering the tight space.

Floral Master Bedroom

A floral accent wall in canary yellow easily ushers in a positive and calm aura to the master bedroom. To save space, Chandni added a back panel where the TV can be mounted. A slim shelf offers space for other tech paraphernalia.

Overhead, unlike the living room, the false ceiling was split into two sections – an interesting solve both from a cost-saving and lighting perspective. This lets the Pathaks to switch between mood lighting and  bright lights based on their needs.

Bedroom With Blue Accents

In 8-yr-old Aditya’s room, a simple striped wallpaper gives a mature touch to a room  otherwise replete in tones of blue. The bed with stylish storage is paired with a side table to solve most of his storage needs. The blue-green patterned roman blind provides relief from the clean lines all around, and helps regulate sunlight.

Guest Bedroom With Beige Notes

We left the best for the last. The guest bedroom uses neutral beige — a versatile hue that can complement any kind of bedding. A genteel reading chair with a matching side table are placed by the floor-to-ceiling windows for an uninterrupted reading session with the backdrop of a window with a view.

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