All 5-star hotel lobbies have such grand and luxurious designs, and we often make the mistake of thinking these ideas are just for those big lobbies. In truth, these lobby interior design ideas can actually be easily used in our homes! Confused? Take a look at these 10 hotel lobby decor that you can incorporate into your lovely home.

#1: The Grand and Elaborate Lobby Interior Design Themes

We know what you think – these deep and dedicated hotel lobby themes can’t fit into our small homes. But they can! You don’t need to use all the elements here, but just the impactful ones. For example, these common themes:

The traditional lobby interior design of Rambagh Palace, Jaipur

Image source: Taj Hotels

The vernacular lobby design of Taj Fort, Goa

Image source: Taj Hotels

The modern hotel lobby interior design of Four Seasons, Seoul

Image source: Four Seasons Hotels

You can use the colours and patterns, or even layered ceilings and lighting ideas from these hotel lobby designs in your homes. Rest assured, these little details can create larger impacts than you can imagine.

#2: The Distinct Cultural Elements or Art Work

A window to the past in the Taj Mahal Palace’s lobby interior design in Mumbai

Image source: Taj Hotels

The vintage art pieces preserved on the gallery walls of Taj 51 Buckingham Gate in London

Image source: Taj Hotels

Think of your living room and house lobby designs as a means to express your pride, and you’ll know what to do. These forms of decoration also serve as conversation starters and can make your spaces more visually interesting.

#3: The Luxurious Furniture Pieces

Some stately luxurious furniture in the lobby interior design of Four Seasons, New York Downtown

Image source: Four Seasons Hotels

Your furniture speaks a lot about your personality. It can show whether you’re simple or you like to stay current with fashion and trends. So be free and speak through your furniture because you will end up using and enjoying it more than your guests.

#4: The Expensive Floors That can be Muted or Bold

The bold green granite floor with white set-in stones in the hotel lobby of The Oberoi Grand in Kolkata

Image source: TripAdvisor

The shy marble floor in The Leela Palace, Bengaluru

Image source: TripAdvisor

Luxury hotels generally pair their marble floors with marble cladding on their walls. But you can choose a paint that matches the colour of your marble floor, or you can use faux-marble laminates to cover your walls. Either way, you’ll have a luxurious interior like these hotel lobby designs.

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#5: The Oversized Focal Points in Lobby Interior Design

The abstract crafted-metal piece in the hotel lobby interior of Four Seasons, Mumbai

Image source: Four Seasons Hotels

We can’t blame you if you’ve never focused on these lobby interior design ideas before. You were probably distracted by those huge focal points that these hotels install in their lobbies. We are not asking you to get a fountain in your living room or foyer; we are simply suggesting that you consider those big idols made of stone or metal for your home. They are even recommended by Vastu shastra, so this will be a win-win!

#6: The Gold and Velvet Finishes

The luxuriously warm lobby interior design of Taj Bengal in Kolkata with golden brass details

Image source: Taj Hotels

The satin and velvet upholstery on seaters in the lobby of Four Seasons, Seoul

Image source: Four Seasons Hotels

This lobby interior design idea is a no-brainer. In India, it’s well-established that these glossy finishes have a grand effect that people love. The use of these materials in interiors has been around for centuries and will never go out of style. Using them to create a timeless interior design for your home is actually quite a smart idea.

#7: The Spaciousness of Expansive Lobby Interior Designs

The spacious lobby interior design of Taj Vivanta in Goa

Image source: Taj Hotels

There is one thing that is common in all grand hotel lobby designs: free space. Space (or at least the impression of free space) is important in every interior design. But you don’t necessarily have to remove the non-essential furniture from your living room to make space. You can make the furniture stand together in small pockets and make space on one or more sides of your living room. A smart layout is the way to go about implementing this idea.

#8: The Smart Layered Lighting in Lobby Interior Design

The layered lighting in Four Seasons, Santa Barbara’s lobby interior design

Image source: Four Seasons Hotels

A good lighting design not only just brightens your home, it also creates an ambiance and highlights your furniture. Remember how we said that your furniture can be a form of expression? Well, strategic lighting highlights that expression. So make use of lamps, spotlights, sconces, chandeliers and more unique lighting ideas to enhance the experience of your guests in your home.

#9: The Large Fancy Rugs in Luxury Hotels

The series of colourful rugs in Jai Mahal Palace’s lobby

Image Source: Taj Hotels

Rugs are essentially used to visually demarcate an area from the rest of the floor space. It helps create zones and works great for open floor layouts. Since most homes these days have open living and dining areas, you can use this tip to differentiate one from the other.

#10: The Trend of Biophilia in Lobby Interior Designs

The biophilic lobby interior design of Four Seasons, New York

Image Source: Four Seasons Hotels

One of the prime requirements of hotel lobby designs is to give guests a relaxing vibe, and that’s what plants do. They can relieve stress and improve mental health. So if you’ve been thinking about indoor plants, we encourage you to add some foliage in your living room or house lobby design.

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We hope you’re inspired by our lobby interior design ideas, and you can use them in creative ways in your home. If you need help, we’re here.

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