The Complete Truth: How Much Does a Wardrobe Cost?

For most of us, it seems like we can never have enough wardrobe space. However, experts believe it’s just because things aren’t organised according to your lifestyle behind the wardrobe doors. Enter fitted wardrobes!

These major space-savers are tailored and customised to your needs. While the thought of getting a fitted wardrobe can be intimidating for some, the truth is far from that! At Livspace, we craft wardrobes that match your space, style and budget.

The factors that influence your wardrobe cost
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Before we dive into the factors, a few basics first! A wardrobe is made out of two parts – the carcass (which makes the inner body) and the shutter. There are several materials and finishes for both these parts. Depending on the materials, finishes and add-ons you choose for your wardrobe, the cost can vary.

Carcass Material: These are generally made of MDF and plywood. Designers and carpenters would tend to recommend MDF as the carcass material since it’s cost-effective and strong. A wardrobe made out of MDF can be around ₹60,000 and above. While plywood can range between ₹74 – 80,000. You can have them done up in any colour of your choice as well. You can read more about it here

Shutter Material & Finish: At Livspace, the shutters are done in plywood. Depending on your style, you can pick from a range of finishes. Laminate, membrane, acrylic, aluminium with glass or aluminium with lacquer. If you’re looking for something cost-effective and easy to maintain, laminate and membrane are good options. A laminate finish starts at ₹7,400 and membrane at ₹18,000. High-end options like acrylic and PU are between ₹25 – 28,000.

Sliding Vs Hinged/Swing Doors: Depending on your preference, you can have your wardrobe doors as hinged/swing-open (shutter attached to the closet) or sliding (shutters that can be slid open). If your room is compact and cozy, sliding doors are a great option. You can read more about it here. Sliding doors can cost between ₹60 – 67,000. 

Additional factors that increase the wardrobe cost
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Accessories: There are several add-ons for a wardrobe. You can put in different pull-out options for drawers, hangers, laundry bag, or trousers. A hanger pull-out can cost an extra ₹800 and a three drawer set can cost around an additional ₹12,000.

Lofts: If storage is your priority, you can add lofts to the top of your wardrobe as well. These are a great addition above hinged wardrobes to stash in extra things. But lofts aren’t recommended over sliding doors since it cannot take more weight. Putting in lofts can cost an additional ₹4,000.

A basic fitted wardrobe with 2 swing doors and no add-ons can cost between ₹21-25,000.

The big question: “Why Can’t I Choose A Freestanding Wardrobe Instead?”
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While you can’t move a fitted wardrobe like its freestanding counterpart, you can’t deny the fact that it adds value to your home.  It also allows you to organise things according to your preference. Also, these do not eat away precious floor space and keeps your room clutter-free! 

If you liked this post, take a look at 5 Practical Wardrobe Designs for Small Indian Bedrooms for inspiration. For advise on getting the right wardrobe for your home, get in touch with us!


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