Spatial organisation is a tough nut to crack, and sometimes going beyond a bed and two side tables can throw up all kinds of questions. Where does the vanity go? What about this awkward corner? Can I fit an armchair into the room? If at any point in your arrangement process you asked yourself these questions, this is the post for you. Here are some tips on planning a bedroom layout based on spatial rules, Feng Shui, vastu and good old sunlight.

#1: Place the Bed Against the Right Wall

The bed should not be placed against a well containing plumbing

According to Feng Shui, positioning the headboard of your bed against the main wall allows a better flow of energy. However, it’s best not to place it against a wall containing plumbing and drainage pipes because you don’t want clanking pipes disturbing your beauty sleep. If your room is rectangular, you can divide the space into zones, allowing you to push the bed up against a corner. In a square room, the bed is best placed along the central axes.

#2: Also, Let Windows Decide the Placement of Furniture

Keep the space in front of the window empty

If you have windows in your bedroom, you’re in luck. Allow your bedroom layout to flow around these windows, instead of blocking them in. Moreover, you can do this by leaving the wall with the window mostly bare, moving all heavy furniture to the other side. If you’re forced to push something up against the window, consider opting for a bed with a lower headboard. A desk or vanity unit that ends just below the window also works. Furthermore, if you’re dealing with a balcony, it’s best not to put anything in front of it, to allow light to pass through freely.

#3: Bring in Sufficient Seating

Empty corners can turn into cosy reading nooks

If you’re blessed with extra square footage, you might just be able to squeeze in an armchair or a bench. Empty corners are ideal to convert into a reading nook with an armchair and a standing lamp. Therefore, benches can be used along a window sill or against the foot board of a bed. If you don’t have much space next to your bed, consider opting for floating shelves over side tables to avoid visual clutter.

#4: Consider These Important Vastu Principles

Vastu says a wooden bed frame is the ideal choice

If you’re a big believer of Vastu, you should know that the bedroom layout is crucial in establishing a restful space. South-west-facing bedrooms bring the most luck, so you can place your bed accordingly. It’s recommended that your choice of bed frame be made of wood and not metal. The latter can release negative vibrations. When arranging your vanity unit, ensure the mirror isn’t directly facing the bed.

#5: Look to the Sun to Maximise its Benefits

Sunlight can help kill bacteria and dust mites

Exposing yourself to morning sunlight can help you sleep better, according to studies. Keeping this in mind, you could plan your bedroom layout in such a way that the first rays of the day hit your bed at an angle. Moreover, if you want to open up the bedroom, you can place the vanity mirror such that it reflects sunlight. Subsequently, unwanted sunlight can be minimised by strategically using curtains or structural additions. 

Moreover, these tips to plan your bedroom layout will create a happy, restful space out of your room!

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