Don’t let small spaces keep you from having the garden you’ve always desired.

If you can’t have one horizontally thanks to the paucity of space, make it happen vertically! We’ve put together some DIY vertical garden ideas that are not only easy to implement but also nice to look at.

DIY Vertical Garden #1: Stack your herbsDIY Vertical Garden

Source: Fancy frugal life

This stacked planter is a cute way to grow all your favorite kitchen herbs basil, thyme, mint, and cilantro  in one spot. It is relatively quick to put together and you can easily add more tiers. Add labels for each plant and place it a sunny spot that is easily accessible. For directions, go here.

DIY Vertical Garden #2: Understated pallet trayDIY Vertical Garden

This slightly time-consuming project can be used to grow a variety of ferns, herb, and succulents and can be propped in the balcony or patio. If you can’t find a pallet, opt for old shoe racks or book shelves that let you grow multiple plants vertically in its single frame. Get instructions here.

DIY Vertical Garden #3: A garden of bottlesDIY Vertical Garden

Soft drinks , fruit juices or just plain mineral water, we tend to easily accumulate a lot of plastic bottles almost every week. Give your home a winning sustainability story with this nifty recycling idea. If hanging the bottles seems undoable, you can line the bottles on your balcony railings or the edge by securely tying it with twine.

DIY Vertical Garden #4: Shoe storyDIY Vertical Garden

Source: Maddy’s secret garden

Perhaps the easiest one from the list!

Grab an old show organizer, stuff it with potting soil and hang it up. For the entire tutorial, go here. Alternatively, you can pick old pouches or cotton bags to create this kind of hanging garden. Make sure you choose the right sized pouches to accommodate the plants you want.

DIY Vertical Garden #5: Framed beautyDIY Vertical Garden

A beautiful garden idea that can adorn your wall indoors. You can gift this garden to someone too! Make sure when you start designing it you pick a mixture of light and heavy weight plants so that there is not too much pressure on the frame. Detailed instructions here.

DIY Vertical Garden

With shrinking home spaces, vertical gardens are slowly becoming a rage. They are easier to maintain than large outdoor lawns and can be quickly customized according to one’s needs. So look around your home and see what you can spare to make a beautiful vertical garden of your choice.