Ground floor house designs are never not going to be popular. That’s because they come with outdoor access, easy accessibility options for children and the elderly, and are also pet-friendly. Not only that, they are considered more energy-efficient because homes with ground floor elevation typically have more consistent indoor temperatures. They also offer easier escape routes in times of emergency and are safe.

Now that you know why ground floor house designs are popular among Indians, do you want to consider a ground floor elevation design for your own home? If so, check out the 5 ideas we have rounded up below.

1. A Ground Floor Elevation Home Makeover

A home with ground floor elevation gives you direct outdoor access and makes outdoor times fun. See how this home has transformed its outdoors to create a beautiful patio for its family.

2. A Ground Floor Elevation Home With a Mezzanine Floor

Love a swimming pool? A ground floor house design has enough room for one

Opening up to a swimming pool from your dreams, this modern ground floor elevation home also has a mezzanine floor. A mezzanine floor is perfect for storage, and is an additional/intermediate floor between two main floors of a home.

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3. A Modern Ground Floor Elevation Home

If you are into what’s trending, this ground floor elevation design might be perfect

A contemporary ground floor elevation design with sliding doors can really add a stylish edge to your space. In fact, with a patio area, a roomy backyard and a swimming pool, it just keeps getting better and better.

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4. A Ground Floor Home With Front Elevation Design

Want a striking front elevation design for your ground floor home? Consider this

When it comes to creating a captivating and visually appealing front elevation design for your ground floor home, consider:

  • A classical architectural style
  • Thoughtful landscaping
  • Balance and symmetry in design

5. A Simple Ground Floor House Design

A regal ground floor house design like this will never run out of style

It’s the classics that rule! Hence, a ground floor house design like this in India resembles a mansion and shows off sophistication and style. Columns, cornices and similar classical elements have enduring aesthetics that transcend trends.

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