When you’re storing clothes in small spaces, you’re likely to experience a musty or generally stale smell coming off your clothes. Throwing clothes in the laundry every time they smell off isn’t a viable solution. Neither is using artificial fresheners and scents because they could be too pungent or could ruin fabric in the long run. Here’s how to keep wardrobe smelling fresh naturally, so you don’t have to run for the perfume every time you open your cabinet doors. 

How to keep wardrobe smelling fresh #1: Vinegar

A diluted vinegar mixture can work wonders

Make a solution of equal parts of white vinegar and water and spray it on the inside of your wardrobe and on any drawers. You can also spray the mixture directly on clothes, but beware! Not all fabrics and colours react well to this solution. Always do a patch test before spraying it on clothes.

How to keep wardrobe smelling fresh #2: Baking soda

How to keep wardrobe smelling fresh-baking soda
Baking soda keeps odours at bay

A few spoonfuls of baking soda in a container in your wardrobe can work wonders in keeping the musty smell away from your wardrobe! Don’t believe something so simple could be this effective? Try it today!

How to keep wardrobe smelling fresh #3: Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds
Coffee grounds neutralise odours

Coffee grounds neutralise musty smells instantly, making them the perfect way to keep wardrobes smelling fresh. Place freshly ground coffee in a container and keep it in the corner of your wardrobe. You could also choose to hang it in a pouch, as long as the powder isn’t fine enough to escape through the holes and fall on clothes. It’s best to change the grounds ever so often so the trick doesn’t lose its effect. If this isn’t strong enough, consider adding activated charcoal to the mix. 

How to keep wardrobe smelling fresh #4: Potpourri

The fragrant potpourri will keep foul smells away

Potpourri is a mix of spices and flower petals designed to make a space fragrant. The naturally fragrant mix can be made at home or bought in packets. All you need to do is place it in a bowl or a gauze sachet so that the smell can permeate the cupboard. Consider turning the potpourri mix once in a while to keep it fresh. 

How to keep wardrobe smelling fresh #5: Essential oils

How to keep wardrobe smelling fresh-essential oil
These will have your wardrobe smelling like a spa in no time!

This hack is relatively inexpensive yet results in your wardrobe smelling almost spa-like. Soak a few cotton balls in essential oils of any scent you prefer, like lavender and lemongrass. You could place these cotton balls as is, in corners and drawers, or put them all in a plastic container that you’ve poked holes in. Again, you want to change these frequently so that the smell remains fresh. 

How to keep wardrobe smelling fresh #6: Activated charcoal

How to keep wardrobe smelling fresh-activated charcoal
Keep activated charcoal in the sunlight to release adsorbed odours before reusing!

Place a block of activated charcoal in an open container or a cloth pouch and keep it in your wardrobes. The activated charcoal absorbs the odours in your wardrobe, and keeps it fresh. And the best part? Keep the activated charcoal block in the sunlight for a while, and then you can keep it back in your wardrobe again!

How to keep wardrobe smelling fresh #7: Air freshener

How to keep wardrobe smelling fresh-air freshener
Miniscule amounts of car freshener work wonders in a wardrobe

If you were about to throw away your nearly empty bottle of  car air freshener, wait! Instead place it in your wardrobe. While the miniscule amount of air freshener might not make a difference in your car, it’ll keep your wardrobe from smelling musty!

These answers to a fresh-smelling cabinet are easy to carry out but work extremely well for wardrobes both big and small! 

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