Living in a home plagued by poor quality interiors can be as haunting as any ghostly presence! But how do you identify what constitutes “bad quality” before planning your interiors? We discuss 5 red flags that you need to keep an eye out for to steer clear of the ghosts of subpar home interiors. Plus, discover how Livspace’s innovative solutions are the green flags that ensure a spook-free interior experience!

Home Interior Quality 🚩#1: No Moisture-Resistant Core Materials

After your bathroom, your kitchen is the room that is most exposed to moisture. Prolonged exposure to moisture can damage your cabinets. Additionally, it can also cause warping and cracking as well as the growth of mould. Therefore, you should opt for moisture-resistant materials like plywood, MDF and HDF.

Livspace’s Green ⚐: Quality Checks and AquaBloc Technology

Our kitchen cabinets are powered with AquaBloc technology

Livspace ensures that you don’t have to encounter this red flag in two ways. Our cabinets and units go through multiple quality checks. In addition, our cabinets are equipped with AquaBloc technology. This seals off the panels, which prevents moisture from entering the core.

Home Interior Quality 🚩#2: No Warranty

Whether you are investing in a new washing machine or your home interiors, a warranty is essential! A major red flag in interior design is the absence of a proper warranty. This is because a warranty protects your investment. Additionally, it also ensures the quality of the materials you are receiving.

Livspace’s Green ⚐: Warranty

Modular storage protected with a flat 10-year warranty

At Livspace, we promise that you don’t need to face the nightmare of a home design not covered by a proper warranty. Here are the details of our unparalleled warranty:

Modular Kitchens (Aarambh and Premium)Flat 10-Year Warranty
Modular Wardrobes Flat 10-Year Warranty
Modular Storage Flat 10-Year Warranty
Semi-Modular Products (Metal-Based) Flat 10-Year Warranty
Livspace SofasUpto 3-Year Warranty
Livspace FurnitureUpto 1-Year Warranty
On-Site ServicesUpto 1-Year Warranty
Home Improvement Solutions Upto 10-Year Warranty

Home Interior Quality 🚩#3: No Quality Checks

Interior design is a substantial investment, and therefore demands durability. Inadequate quality checks raise red flags, hinting at potential longevity issues. Quality checks not only help in guaranteeing that all the measurements are correct, but also ensure that the design meets your requirements.

Livspace’s Green ⚐: 146 Quality Checks

Only the best quality materials for your home

Livspace offers 146 quality checks across various points, like manufacturing, delivery and installation, to ensure durable interiors. Some of these quality checks include:

  • Visual check of exposed surfaces
  • Testing hardware functionality
  • Checking shutter alignment
  • Checking products for unintentional bending or sagging
  • Ensuring no visible cracks

Home Interior Quality 🚩#4: Substandard Materials With Blister Bubbles

When purchasing furniture like wardrobes or kitchen cabinets, you want them to have a beautiful, flawless finish. However, using poor-quality materials can lead to unsightly bubbles on their surface, affecting the overall appearance of the product.

Livspace’s Green ⚐: AntiBubble Technology

Livspace wardrobes have a smooth, seamless finish

At Livspace, our products come with the revolutionary AntiBubble technology. We use a low viscosity synthetic resin material which allows the laminate to sit on the core material, without any bubbles. Additionally, this also ensures that the laminate does not peel off.

Home Interior Quality 🚩#5: No Durability

Are your cabinets getting jammed? Wardrobe hinges or channels not working properly? These are common quality issues homeowners face daily. Moreover, longevity becomes a major concern with poor-quality interiors.

Livspace’s Green ⚐: DuraBuild Technology

For long-lasting kitchen cabinets, choose Livspace

With our revolutionary technology called DuraBuild, we ensure that you do not have to face the inconvenience of poorly designed cabinets. DuraBuild offers several benefits like:

  • Highly durable cabinets. Additionally, soft-closing hinges
  • Increased load-bearing capacity
  • No transfer of dampness

How Can Livspace Help You?

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  • Proven Happiness: Over 75,000+ happy homeowners, a testament to our commitment to delivering satisfaction
  • Expert Guidance: Our dedicated designers can turn your vision into reality, crafting the perfect home for you

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Disclaimer: All contents of the story are specific to the time of publication. Mentions of costs, budget, materials, finishes, and products from the Livspace catalogue can vary with reference to current rates. Talk to our designer for more details on pricing and availability.