When you begin thinking of sprucing up your home, you are probably going to get bombarded with several ideas and suggestions. Some of them could recommend an interior designer, while others say a decorator is the way to go. If you are wondering what the difference between the two is, the key is to dive deep into their expertise skills.

Interior Designers:

interior designers vs decorators: Detailed designing

Qualification: Interior designers either attend a course in interior designing or get their bachelor/master’s degree by specialising in the subject. They are trained thoroughly with technical details related to design. In most cases, they have to pass an exam to get certified.

Scope of work: Designers are capable of designing interiors from scratch, including space-planning, making structural changes to optimise functionality. They can plan a kitchen with the exact dimensions to match your home’s existing layout. Most of them also help execute your dream interiors by mediating between vendors and carpenters as well as supervising work on-site.

Interior Decorators:

interior designers vs decorators furnishing changes

Qualification: Not all interior decorators have a formal education that specialises in interiors or get training in the subject. They rely on their sense of aesthetics when it comes to making a room or setting beautiful.

Scope of work: Decorators are handy when you need someone to enhance the beauty of the space by picking furniture or decor to match your preferences. They usually don’t work on kitchens, wardrobes or bathrooms that require functional expertise to execute. However, they can put together a whole look by sourcing the essentials and placing them at your home.

When do you call an interior designer or a decorator?

If you’re looking for a cosmetic uplift, merely related to decor, colour combinations and minor changes in furniture, a decorator should fit the bill.

However, for structural renovation or any kitchen and wardrobe changes, you need the expertise of an interior designer. They know how to change the layout of a space to define better functionality.

We hope this clears your doubts. Remember, an interior designer can be a decorator but a decorator cannot take up the task of an interior designer!

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