If your answer to the question, “Are you a beach person or a mountain person?”, is the latter, then this article on mountain view resorts is for you! The clouds floating in the sky, the beautiful greenery of the valleys and the magical misty mornings are just some of the reasons we love travelling higher than sea level.

However, we felt like you could do with another reason. Which is why we have compiled a list of five mountain resorts you can spend your time at. And enjoy the feeling of stepping back in too! These heritage properties with modern colonial interior design have maintained their high standards for decades. They are committed to making sure you take back more than just breathtaking views after your trip. 

#1: Oberoi Cecil — A Mountain View Resort in Shimla

The Oberoi Cecil mountain resort has a colonial style interior and views of the Shivalik and Dhauladhar ranges

Image Credits: Oberoi Hotels

Very few people can do luxury as well as the Oberoi Group and the Oberoi Cecil attests to that fact. Originally a humble single-storey guest house inhabited by famous author Rudyard Kipling, the Cecil expanded to its current specifications in 1884. It was one of the first hotels acquired by Mohan Singh Oberoi, the founder of the eponymous chain. Since then, its glistening woodwork, green-and-white colour scheme and Victorian-era construction have contributed to its stellar experience. Even today, it is ranked amongst the best mountain resorts not just in the country, but the entire world!

What We Love

The waffle ceilings in all the rooms in this mountain view resort are not just decorative. They make the ceiling seem higher and absorb the sounds in the rooms. We also love how the green-and-white exterior makes the building blend in with the mountains. What’s more, even the woody colonial style interior brings the essence of nature inside the rooms. 

#2: Taj Savoy — A Hill Station in Ooty

Taj Savoy captures the well-known ‘blue mountains’ of the Nilgiris

Image Credits: Taj Hotels

Founded under its IHCL Seleqtion Heritage sub-brand, Taj Hotel’s Savoy is definitely the crown jewel of Ooty, the Queen of Indian Hill Stations. Nestled amongst the Nilgiris, this hotel, with its colonial interior design, has a rich history of almost 200 years. It has been a flag-bearer of the classic colonial experience thereafter. Whether you submit yourself to the traditional afternoon high tea, or just enjoy your single malt in peace by the massive fireplace, the Savoy leaves no stone unturned when it comes to revisiting the bygone era. The intimate hotel rooms with its white-and-gold scheme and poster beds will make you check your calendar every time you wake up! 

What We Love

The best thing about the Savoy is how warm (by colour scheme and lighting) its colonial style interior is. And yet how beautifully it complements the contrasting cool and misty tones of the views outside. The hints of gold everywhere are an added reminder of the luxury you can indulge in at this resort. 

#3: Claridges Nabha Residence — A Royal Mountain Resort in Mussoorie

Claridges is an old royal residence that has Victorian and colonial interior design

Image Credits: Claridges 

Fancy a stay at a princely summer retreat turned into a mountain view resort by Claridges? You don’t have to ask us twice! The Nabha Residence in Mussoorie has it all: a British Raj-inspired architecture style, Victorian interiors, a mini museum dedicated to its previous owner, the Maharaja of Nabha, and incomparable views of the Himalayas. Moreover, the rooms continue with this interior style with poster beds, bright wallpapers and woodwork carefully preserved for almost a century. You can also take full advantage of all the modern amenities they have in offer. These include a Swedish massage and dedicated yoga classes as well. Talk about relaxing — in mind, body and soul — amidst a hilly backdrop. 

What We Love

This hotel has a beautiful blend of open, semi-open and closed spaces in its colonial house interior and exterior. This also gives it a resort style interior design. Apart from the charm of the space, the resort interior design allows its occupants to experience a wholesome lifestyle and not just a vacation. 

#4: Shervani Hilltop — A Mountain View Resort in Nainital

The Shervani Hilltop boasts views of the Naini Lake and the Himalayas

Image Credits: Shervani Hotels

The Shervani Hilltop is much younger compared to the other mountain view resorts on this list. But its legendary status is well and truly deserved. Away from the busy Mall Road, yet within walking distance of it, this is the quintessential boutique hotel of the hills. The lush green lawns with its timeless architecture are topped off with a bird’s-eye view of the main lake and the mighty Himalayas behind it. The room architecture is all about creating luxury through simplicity and without compromising on any comfort. Finished off mostly in white with a few pops of colour, the modern colonial interior design of the rooms perfectly complements the views. 

What We Love

We love the architecture of this mountain view resort, which has been predominantly crafted using natural materials. The use of stone and dark wood is evident in its exterior as well as interiors. The mix of open and closed spaces offer social opportunities as well as privacy.

#5: Stok Palace — A Historical Mountain View Resort in Ladakh

Stok Palace offers an authentic buddhist experience amidst the beauty of the valley

Image Credits: Stok Palace

A place as beautiful as the valley after which it is named, Stok Palace reflects its colourful heritage and eclectic culture through its design and architecture. For instance, the traditional access passages, utilisation of space and complex interconnected corridors showcase their old culture. They reflect the traditional importance of openness to promote social and religious activity during the heyday of the Namgyal dynasty. Also, the rooms are adorned with local murals that take you back to its early Buddhist roots instantly. Moreover, you can access a traditional Buddhist shrine called The Lhakchung. It also has a resident monk performing prayers and rituals daily. Can a mountain view resort get any more authentic than this? 

What We Love

The best part about this mountain resort is that there is no feeling of banality attached to it. Every aspect of the design, the materials and the experience are unique and authentic. Additionally, the architecture uses every opportunity to teach something about the people, culture and the region. For instance, the murals, the furniture, the functional interiors support the experience that the architecture must give its users. A beautiful experiential stay, we must say.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our favourite mountain view resorts. We also hope that our list allows you to enjoy the region, appreciate the architecture and interiors that these resorts celebrate. You can also read 4 Bohemian Villas To Stay At When Your Friends Finally Agree to That Goa Trip. Or if you are looking for ideas for your home, the read: 4 Hotel Room Design Ideas To Steal for Your Home.

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