Recently, the five-bedroom luxury villa in Goa where the movie ‘Dear Zindagi’ was shot was seen on Airbnb the next staycation (you can do a quick Google search under the name Bougainvillea!). The colonial-style renaissance bungalow quickly caught the attention of visitors to the Airbnb site with its rustic design and vintage home decor. In fact, we were so charmed by the house that we re-watched the movie to really get a sense of the place. It’s clear why the villa seemed to be in such demand; the Goa decor seen in the house is enough to make anyone want to snap up the booking immediately!

With a rustic design that complements contemporary comfort, this luxury villa in Goa is packs ideas you could steal for your own interiors. Here are some ways you can recreate the charm!

#1: Use Pot Vases to Add That Old-World Charm

Easily available, this element of Goa decor is sure to add some character to  your space

We loved the metal pots sitting under the staircase of the Bougainvillea. You, too, must have seen those metallic pots sitting in corners of your grandparents’ homes. . A classic vintage home decor, the pot is a staple in the Goa decor landscape. Not only does it add a bucolic touch to your interiors, it is easy to maintain as well.

#2: Look Out for Those Vintage Mirrors in the Common Rooms

Balance out the space with mirrors

The gatherings in Kiara’s (Alia Bhatt’s character) took place in an open layout of the formal-dining-cum-drawing-room. The room has quite a few vintage home decor pieces. One particular element that stood out was the liberal use of mirrors in the room to balance the heaviness of the classic work on the furniture. The mirrors are a common Goa decor used in almost every home. Place them right in your living room so it can stop the space from becoming visually overwhelming.

#3: Place Those Round Tables in the Corners

Use these tables as space to store items  storage or as display shelves

This  luxury villa in Goa is also equipped with oodles of storage. Every corner of the house has some kind of unique Goa decor. These round tables placed behind the couch particularly caught our attention. We appreciate its rustic design which is clearly straight out of a Portuguese painting. The good thing is, these tables can be customised to your aesthetic needs.

#4: Fit These Vintage Cupboards Right into Your Home

Get storage and wardrobes that have old-world charm

One of the biggest ways that this luxury villa in Goa is able to flaunt the rustic design is through the carefully crafted storage pieces in the house, which have an unmistakable antique charm. You can always get that look by reaching out to experts and getting these custom fits yourself.

#5: Lay Down Rugs with Artisanal Patterns

Go for intricate patterns and prints

Rugs and carpets aren’t news when it comes to  Indian rustic design. So, it’s no surprise that Bougainvillea has several carpets, out of which two can be spotted in the living area. The patterns on the rugs have intricate designs printed on too! It is an easy way to add a comfortable, cosy vibe to your home.

#6: Design a Colonial-Style Bedroom with These Goa Decor Tips

Engineer canopy beds for your bedroom

The antique theme is continues in the bedroom in this luxury villa in Goa. You can steal the look by copying the canopy bed, the rustic design wardrobe and the foot bench. Do not forget to complete the look by adding white curtains to the bed frame. If you have a balcony, then add in some extra seating there by placing an ottoman  where you can sit and enjoy your evening tea overlooking the lush greens from your apartment.

#7: Incorporate an Antique Chandelier

Add in these industrial-inspired rustic chandeliers

Your inspired Goa decor for your own apartment will be incomplete without including at least one chandelier design like the one seen in  this luxury villa in Goa .  Made in black painted metal, these antique chandeliers can fit in any room. You can spot these at several places in the luxury villa in Goa, including the living room, the bedroom and near the stairs.

We hope that the next time you’re looking to add some inspired Goa decor to your home, you will refer to this article. Love celebrity homes? Check out how We Created a Budget Version of Tamannaah Bhatia’s Home in Under 10 Lakhs!

Cover image credit: @dearzindagifilm on Instagram

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