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Gurgaon or Gurugram, as it is known now, is a city situated in the southwest corner of New Delhi. It is also known as the financial and technological hub. Whether you love spending hours at the Kingdom of Dreams or awaken your spiritual senses at the Sheetala Mata Mandir, Gurgaon has it all. Take a tour down memory lane at the Vintage Camera Museum that showcases cameras and prints spanning a century. Or enjoy bird-watching at Sultanpur National Park that is home to hundreds of bird species. Gurgaon has so much to explore. Let us tell you what we can do for you in interior design in Gurgaon!

Interior design in Gurgaon: What’s the scope?

Gurgaon has grown immensely over the past years and so have the various sectors. It is one of the fastest developing cities in India and the population of Gurgaon has been growing steadily. With the growing population, the no. of households are also on the rise and so is the demand for good interior design in Gurgaon. After a considerable amount of research and development, we decided to explore the scope of interior design in Gurgaon. We are now a part of the interior design industry in Gurgaon and are proud to say that our designers have designed several homes here.

Interior design in Gurgaon: What are the different interior styles that homes in Gurgaon can flaunt?

While there are a lot of design styles to choose from, there are certain styles that really stand out and are widely accepted. In this section we’ll be talking about styles like modern, contemporary, traditional, industrial, eclectic and so on. Let us discuss the two most common styles that people in Gurgaon are currently loving.

Interior design in Gurgaon: Contemporary style

If you enjoy things that are modern in interior design in Gurgaon and like to keep up with the styles of the moment, you are a follower of contemporary style. While it is sometimes thought that "modern" interiors are minimalist, in todays homes with interior design in Gurgaon, contemporary interiors are relaxed and inviting without being cluttered.

Interior design in Gurgaon: Key points for contemporary style

Clean forms, a balanced warm vibe, open spaces/layouts, each piece matters, modular, selective accessories, overscale art, accent walls/ art/ rugs etc. These are all major points to keep in mind for interior design in Gurgaon while using the contemporary approach to designing.

Interior design in Gurgaon: Materials and finishes used in contemporary design

Tile, marble, wood floors left bare, save a few area rugs are some of the flooring options that one can choose from for interior design in Gurgaon. Metals, glass & high-gloss surfaces can also be used in moderation. Allow natural light to flow in and avoid using heavy drapes. Light-colored wood finishes are preferred while designing with contemporary aesthetics.

Interior design in Gurgaon: Furniture shapes that can be used in contemporary design

Softened lines and geometric forms including curves (circles, cylinders, waves, orbs) are characteristic of contemporary style for interior design in Gurgaon. Visible furniture legs and slim (not dainty) silhouette are other features that can be added.

Interior design in Gurgaon: Prints, textures and colours to be used

Use abstract prints, bold geometric prints in moderation when you’re trying to go contemporary for interior design in Gurgaon. Smooth surfaces and natural fabrics (cotton, silk, leather etc.) can be used in abundance. A wide variety of neutrals, tone on tone colours are preferred. Bright pops of colour can be introduced judiciously.

Interior design in Gurgaon: Pop-up bright contemporary

What’s different from the main theme in pop-up bright contemporary? In this sub-category, primary and tertiary colours pop in the form of artwork, walls, soft furnishings or even accent furniture pieces. It is not restricted only to solid colour pops, think prints and textures as well. This style adds a fun spirit to the otherwise mellow contemporary colour scheme. Although, there is no change in form, spatial arrangement, materials etc.

Interior design in Gurgaon: Polished glam contemporary

This form of contemporary design introduces a luxe theme in interior design in Gurgaon with a distinct polished/glamorous element. These elements can be introduced through materials, finishes, lighting, add ons and so on. Metals in all its forms — from smooth to beaten, glass, crystal, shimmer, marble etc. that complement contemporary pieces can be used. A polished and sleek look can also be achieved by merely using unique focal wall designs at home.

Interior design in Gurgaon: Soft focus contemporary

This next sub category under contemporary design style focuses mainly on a tone-on-tone direction while celebrating elegance and a tasteful subtlety. What sort of patterns and textures should one use while going soft contemporary? Patterns that lack high contrast, textures that are natural, from sisal to fur, but make sure that all of these are used with restrain. Moderation in decor is the key, each piece is individually important. Earthy and neutral tones are essential. Bold strokes can be brought in careful, restricted way in focal areas without hampering the balance of the space.

Interior design in Gurgaon: Transitional (Hotel Luxe)

Another style that is very popular with homes in Gurgaon in Transitional design with hotel luxe features. For interior design in Gurgaon, people seem to love having a luxurious feel at home. So what is this all about? A close cousin of the polished glam theme in contemporary style, the transitional hotel luxe style is set apart by clear traditional elements. The emphasis lies on lighting which is a major similarity between contemporary and transitional style for interior design in Gurgaon.

Interior design in Gurgaon: Stand-out features of this style

Heavier drapes on windows and carpets add that comfort factor when it comes to interior design in Gurgaon. In the transitional style of design, accent walls and statement wall art are popular elements. Something that has gained popularity over the years in interior design in Gurgaon is upholstered walls. It is a trending design element and more homes are embracing this style with open arms. The vibe is warmer and of course in-line with luxurious hotel rooms for interior design in Gurgaon when you use this style. Use of wood also takes center stage and prominence.

Interior design in Gurgaon: Traditional or ethnic style of design

What else are the people of Gurgaon loving when it comes to interior design in Gurgaon? You will see a lot of traditional elements in interior design in Gurgaon. What do we mean by the traditional or ethnic style of design? It deals with reviving traditional methods; combining tradition with newer elements. Clean-lined but traditional upholstery is the hero in this style for interior design in Gurgaon. The overall theme could be pale and monochromatic or bright and comfortable, depending upon individual taste and preference.

Interior design in Gurgaon: Key points for traditional style

Traditional upholstery, chinoiserie elements, a mix of traditional and contemporary patterns, and classic decor are all key elements in the traditional style of design for interior design in Gurgaon. For any designer to design a home in traditional style, keeping these points in mind is essential.

Interior design in Gurgaon: Materials and finishes used in traditional design

A mix of traditional and modern patterns is what defines this type of interior design in Gurgaon. Clean furniture with grooves and an ethnic feel to it is preferred. To emphasise this style of design at home, think oriental rugs, painted pieces of furniture and chinoiserie wallpaper.

Interior design in Gurgaon: Prints, textures and colours in traditional style

Traditional prints and a mix of contemporary prints rule this style of interior design in Gurgaon. Mix traditional prints with modern prints. Combine Madhuban wallpaper with pale accents to get the look right. Elements of light, medium and dark can help you achieve the right look for interior design in Gurgaon. In this style, usually something black is used in the room and pale rooms can have dark accents.

Client testimonials for interior design in Gurgaon:

“We are so glad that we engaged Livspace to design our home. This home is like a weekend haunt for us and we were buzzing with ideas on decor. Richika is an amazing designer. She helped us through the entire process. The Livspace team has been very helpful and our home was completed in the promised time. We gladly recommend Livspace to our friends and family!”

  • Sonia Bhatia, Livspace Homeowner

“What we really appreciate about Livspace is the fact that they provide end-to-end services. Being busy individuals, we did not have a lot of time to spare to run after different vendors. Also, it was very easy to work with Harshpreet since our thoughts were well aligned. We love how she incorporated our heritage furniture into the design and we appreciate the efforts put in by the entire team.”

  • Vaibhav Goel, Livspace Homeowner

“ XYZ……..

  • Manish Sehgal, Livspace Homeowner

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“Livspace is a one-stop shop for interiors. We absolutely loved everything about it, especially how well Priyanka and her team designed our home. We think Livspace has got it right, in terms of design and being aware of trendy interiors. They were patient with our suggestions and open to experimentation. Also, from an execution point, Ronit and Kabir did an excellent job and took complete ownership of everything.”

  • Prateek & Ruchika Vasishta, Livspace Homeowners