The brick wall design is quite a versatile interior feature suited for any kind of home aesthetic—industrial, eclectic, scandinavian or contemporary. The exposed brick wall adds an element of  bold character to the space and can be used in any room to enhance its look.

An exposed brick wall living room, for instance, will make a great first impression on guests and visitors. There are multiple ways to incorporate brick wall design ideas in your home. For example, a brick wallpaper can also be used instead of an exposed brick wall. The latter will likely require more structural changes. But if you’d like to consider a few more hassle-free options, here are 10+ ways to do a brick wall interior right.

#1: Add a Creative Niche in the Living Room

You can customise a brick wall design living room to add interesting detail to the space

An exposed brick wall idea can be like this living room, where this white brick wall design for the living room works as an accent. It offers a unique rustic touch to the space. However, this is one of the exposed brick wall living room ideas among many. You can have an exposed brick wall design living room on two walls as well. Or, you can have an exposed brick wall design across your whole living room.

#2: Try Out the Ever-Popular Design in the Kitchen

Adorn kitchens with exposed brick wall interiors for modern elegance

While there are many exposed brick wall living room ideas you can try, a brick wall interior in India is also quite popular for Indian kitchens. Brick walls not only add visual appeal to the kitchen, but also suit any kind of style. Additionally, exposed brick wall ideas can cleverly play up the colour scheme of the kitchen, as they do for the above space. The mint-green exposed brick wall interior boldly contrasts the white monochrome of the kitchen and gives a classy update to the space.

#3: Create a Chic Bedroom With a Brick Wall

White exposed brick wall design contrasts easily with the wooden flooring in this bedroom

Looking to save your bedroom from the monotony of monochromes? However, using too many colours may impact its look (especially if you have a compact bedroom). In such a scenario,  your best bet is to play with accents! Exposed brick wall ideas help you do just that. Look at this brick wall for inspiration. Adding one exposed brick wall interior has given this bedroom the ‘oomph’ it needs.

#4: Dine in a Contemporary Dining Room

Brick wallpaper can prove more cost-effective

This brick wallpaper design keeps it simple, yet contemporary for this dining room fit to seat six. Not only is the paper design trendy, but it is also a budget decision. This cost-effective brick wall interior can be replicated on any wall in your house.

#5: Use a Brick Design in Your Kid’s Room for Playful Interiors 

This exposed brick wall interior can be later plastered too!

If there is a room that allows you to indulge in some delightful experiments, it has to be your kids’ bedrooms! A kids’ room with brick wall interior means you can have fun with what you decide to do in the space. It is especially suited to growing kids as the wall design can change for another design easily. 

#6: Utilise Brick Wall Interior Design to Display Decor

Add more spice to your brick walls with personalised decor

One interior decor trick is to use the brick wall design to display your decor. It not only enhances the style of the room, but also makes the decor its focal point easily. Thus, make sure to pick brick wall decor of contrasting colours to draw the attention to it.

#7: Go Bold With Black

Use exposed brick wall to display your love for darker hues

If you prefer darker colours, then a black exposed brick wall interior like this bedroom will make your space look elegant and dramatic. So, if you have an existing wall, it can be blackened using paint. 

#8: Pick a Colourful Brick Design

Colour your brick wall interior for a more cheery vibe

Indian homes are known for their tendency to play with colours, and colourful brick wall ideas can help you do that. Take this brick wall design paint that bathes this room in greens and gray hues, for example. This brick wall interior is all about adding vibrancy to the room.

#9: Make a Statement With an Unfinished Wall Design

Get a rugged industrial style with an unfinished brick wall design

This rugged industrial-style home flaunts an unfinished, exposed brick wall interior and complementary track lights. This brick wall design can also be achieved by removing sections of plaster from the walls.

#10: Get Artsy With Graffiti and Murals on Your Brick Walls

Graffiti accent brick wall

Bring out your artsy side on the exposed brick wall design by creating graffiti and murals. This requires minimum effort to amp up the space and instantly brushes the space with your personality. 

#11: Introduce Brick Design Interiors in Your Foyer

Add decor that contrasts the brick wall design harmoniously

Foyers are the entryway to your home, so why not use exposed brick wall ideas there as well? Since foyers are essentially an experimental space, a brick wall is a great way to bring in some character to them. Add some brick wall decor here, and you have a stunning entry to your home!

As you just saw, brick walls are capable of completely transforming your home interiors. So, if you’re seeking a refreshing change, we suggest you give it a try. You won’t be disappointed. Wondering how our customers feel about working with Livspace? You can check out the Livspace reviews here!

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