Lack of storage is often a persistent issue in most houses, but not our Livspace homes. We deliver modular solutions like wardrobes with loft that can take care of all your storage needs. From clothes to luggage, our cupboards can help you organise and enhance the look of your home.

What Is Loft in Wardrobe?

Wardrobe lofts are a perfect solution for lesser-used items like suitcases, old clothes, spare quilts, boots, and a hoard of unidentifiable items. This space tucks neatly above the wardrobe and cleverly hides away items that you don’t use often.

Types of Wardrobes With Loft

There are 3 types of cupboards with loft based on the wardrobe styles:

The Traditional Loft Wardrobes

The traditional swing wardrobes with loft design

Traditional cupboards are basically swing door wardrobes that are generally lighter when compared to sliding door wardrobes. Fitting a loft above these modular units is easier because they are sturdier.

The Sliding Door Loft Wardrobes

The doors of sliding wardrobes are wider than that of traditional ones

Since sliding doors are heavier than swing doors, hence, installing a new loft above such units can get challenging for carpenters. But Livspace’s technology guarantees sturdy and long-lasting materials that can easily build such modular pieces.

The Built-In Loft Wardrobe

These custom-made units are best suited for homes with low ceilings

A built-in loft usually requires custom work, as doors and panels of standard sizes will not fit. This is why they come at a higher price than other wardrobes. But in homes that have low ceiling height or have false ceiling, these seamless loft wardrobes can look tall and elegant.

Latest Wardrobe Designs With Loft 

Here’s our pick of contemporary wardrobe designs with loft that are not only trending but are so seamless in design that you’ll be wondering where the wardrobe ends and the loft begins.

#1: Glossy-Finish Neutral-Coloured Loft Wardrobes

Brighten up your room with glossy-finish loft wardrobe designs

Since a loft wardrobe can be a bulky addition to your room, choose a neutral-coloured laminate with glossy finish to make up for the lost space.

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#2: Timeless Veneer Wardrobes With Loft

Veneers are evergreen materials that can make your full-wall wardrobes look fabulous for a long, long time

To make up for storage, you might often go for a full-wall wardrobes like this, but you’ll soon realise the challenge of choosing the right finish for such a cupboard. Wooden finishes are usually the safest and best options in such cases.

#3: All-White Loft Wardrobe Ideas

All-white wardrobes are elegant and plush at the same time!

How seamless can a loft wardrobe be, you ask? Here’s your answer. As seamless as you want it to be. (Some of these look even better than walk-in wardrobes, but shhh…)

#4: Sunny Mustard Wardrobes With Loft

This list is incomplete without a vastu-approved loft cupboard design

Colours like yellow, white, peach and beige are good for the vastu of your home. So here’s a sliding wardrobe design with loft that isn’t as boring as your conventional options.

#5: Handsome Off-White Bedroom Wardrobe With Loft Design

A little pattern can change the look of your entire wardrobe with loft

We are here so that you never have to talk about storage woes again. Never ever. Delivering practical designs in style is right in our wheelhouse.

#6: Sliding Wardrobe Designs With Loft and Mirror

Mirrors are a gateway to the feeling of spaciousness

You can offset the bulky look of your lofty wardrobe with mirrors. The problem with sliding doors, although they save a lot of space in your room, is that they are wider and hence, even the loft shutters are big. This makes them look more elephantine and steal the focus from the rest of your room. Fix this with a mirror!

#7: Seamless Wooden Wardrobes With Loft

Your high ceilings deserve only the best

Wood can make any room stylish and bring warmth into it, especially the large ones. So if you have high ceilings, take advantage of seamless wooden wardrobes with loft designs to furnish your room.

#8: Luxurious Glossy-White Wardrobes With Loft

white glossy finish wardrobe
Are you going for luxurious look in your room?

Nothing speaks luxury like a glossy-white wardrobe in your room. Additionally, accessorise it with the sleek metallic door handles to complete the look.

#9: Cupboards With Loft Over the Doorway

A loft can be extended to use the space above your doorway for storage

There’s no reason why the space above the doorway of your compact bedroom has to go to waste. You extend the loft beside your door to make storage space above it.

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#10: Tricky L-Shaped Wardrobes With Loft

You can make loft even above your L-shaped wardrobes

Stylish and functional, this wardrobe has a deep loft and can swallow even the burliest of suitcases. You should also choose shutters in greige and neutrals to amplify the size of your room.

#11: Loft for Walk-In Wardrobes

A luxurious walk-in closet with spacious loft design

Say goodbye to your storage woes because here’s a brilliant solution that will cater to all your needs. This extensive wardrobe has cleverly taken up a good amount of real estate but the multiple lofts provided can house a plethora of heavy-duty items and knick-knacks as well. So who’s complaining about space now?

#12: Minimal Loft Wardrobe Design

This loft has lift-up shutters to use the low-height space above the wardrobe

Mostly Scandinavian, we love the crisp white and chic style of this loft wardrobe design. The lift-up shutters make this low-height storage possible and the sleek metal handles help in easily accessing the loft.

Advantages of Loft Wardrobes

There are many advantages associated with lofts:

  • They add more closed storage space above the wardrobes
  • The seasonal items that you may store here are safe from dust and damage
  • They make your wardrobes look taller with full height and add to the overall appeal of the room
  • The items stored here can be organised efficiently in a closed space
  • they can be built above an existing wardrobe without much hassle

We hope you found our ideas useful and have decided what’s best for your room. If you still need more inspiration, you can also read: 25+ Gorgeous Wardrobe Designs From Livspace We Love (Cost Included).

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