They often say that our interiors form the heart and soul of our homes. While this may be true, what does this mean for our exteriors? After all, it’s the first thing guests see as they approach your home. So, it’s only right that the exteriors show off as much of your personality as your interiors! We have rounded up some of our best exterior colours for your simple Indian house, including options that perfectly complement the outside aesthetics of your home. Let’s get started!

20 Simple Indian Livspace houses’ outside bursting with colour

Outside wall paint #1: Cream & brown

Warm and neutral exterior house paint colours make for a safe choice

Cream and brown is a timeless and versatile exterior paint combination that offers a sense of warmth and classic elegance. Cream and brown work well with various architectural styles – from traditional to contemporary, farmhouse to coastal.

  • Both cream and brown are considered neutral colours, providing a soft and inviting backdrop for your home
  • The wide range of shades within the cream and brown spectrum allows you to customise the look – ranging from warm and cosy to cool and sophisticated
  • These colours evoke a sense of nature and earthiness
  • This combo allows for easy pairings with bolder accent colours for shutters, doors, and trim (think rich reds, navy blues, or forest greens)
  • Cream and brown tend to camouflage dust and dirt more effectively than lighter colours, requiring less frequent cleaning

Outside wall paint #2: White & blue

Blue and white are a classic combination for house exteriors

No Indian house colour combination outside is as timeless or evergreen as white and blue.

  • Make sure your exterior wall paint colour combination doesn’t look jarring next to the surrounding landscape colours
  • Similarly, lighter shades of blue are best suited for a small Indian house colour combination outside

Outside wall paint #3: Yellow and brown

Go for bright exterior house paint colours to make a statement

For those who want to take a turn for the unconventional, go for a bright exterior wall paint colour combination. Yellow and brown work well for styles like craftsman, bungalow, or some Victorian homes, where the warmth and earthiness of these colours complement natural wood accents. Note that yellow can be bold and intense, making it potentially overwhelming for an entire exterior if used in a too-bright shade.

Outside home colour #4: Grey and red

Eye-catching highlights make this exterior paint combo fresh and unique

Your house’s exterior colour need not be limited to just the walls. Kick things up a notch by experimenting with painting doors, windows and furniture as well. Paint the door in a bright hue, such as a beautiful cerulean, and keep the rest of the house colour outside muted. This creates a focal point and helps you select the exterior colour from a wide range of basics.

Outside home colour #5: White, grey and brown

Opt for a tone-on-tone colour combination for your exterior house paints

Tone-on-tone combinations have been used extensively when it comes to Indian house colour combinations outside. Decide whether white, grey, or brown will be the dominant colour, impacting the overall mood.

  • White serves as a bright highlight, reflecting light and adding crispness to the design
  • Grey acts as a sophisticated and grounding element, preventing the design from feeling too stark
  • Brown introduces natural warmth and an organic feel to the palette
  • Grey and brown tones tend to show dust and dirt less prominently, simplifying upkeep

P.S.: Consider small pops of bold colours for elements like the front door, shutters, or landscaping.

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Outside home colour #6: White and slate grey

The stark contrast between crisp white and a cool slate grey offers a clean and contemporary look

The cheery canary yellow used inside the balcony stands out beautifully in this home complete with slate grey and eggshell tones. White can soften the intensity of a darker grey, while a deep grey creates a striking outline and grounds the overall effect.

Outside wall colours #7: Brick red, grey and white

Industrial-style exterior colour walls highlight the texture of the bricks

If you thought paint was the only way to decorate your Indian house colour combination outside, we’d like to let you in on a little secret.

  • Textured walls with bricks or other materials can work just as well to bring in some colour and a rustic look to your house’s outside colour combination
  • An exposed brick wall combined with pristine shades of white is just the right mix of the industrial and Scandinavian styles

Outside wall colours #8: White, blue and red

Use colours that add contrast to the base exterior colour of your walls

While painting the entire building in a single colour is a viable option, it can lack originality and look plain. Instead, consider breaking the monotony by painting your window trims in contrasting colours. Shades of red, blue, yellow and green can look great when paired with white. However, be sure to go for a bold colour as lighter pastel shades might look washed out when paired with a strong white.

Outside wall colours #9: Brown on peach and white

Add an earthy touch with warm rustic colours for your home’s exteriors

Love adding an earthy touch to your exteriors? Shades like brown and terracotta are an absolute must in such cases! What’s more, going for a shade like brown or terracotta is a perfect way to target a traditional Indian house colour combination outside. House exteriors in sandcastle and latte colour varieties from the brown family paired with greenery make for a picture-perfect quaint home. Moreover, the roof tiles add to the beauty of the colour palette, giving it a nostalgic touch.

Outside wall colours #10: Yellow with cream or white

White outlines complement sunshine-yellow walls

Are you a fan of butterscotch ice cream? What if we told you that you could douse your entire home in this hue? Since this is a bold shade, consider balancing it out with white window trims and painted doors. Go for neutral colours as highlights as bold colours can make the home look too overpowering.

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Simple outside colours of Indian houses #11: Green and off-white

Green and white are easy on the eyes

Green is a beautiful and energising shade that is reminiscent of all things nature. Pair it with dark grey roof tiles and it’s a match made in heaven.

  • A sage green with a creamy off-white offers a subtle look, while a deep forest green with a crisp white creates a bolder statement
  • Off-white tempers the vibrancy of green, preventing it from overwhelming the exterior
  • The combination allows architectural details to stand out, whether it’s beautiful trim work or interesting textures
  • Warm whites work well with warmer greens, while cool whites pair better with cooler shades of green

Pro tip: Add depth with accent colours in natural materials like wood, stone, or terracotta for a rustic touch.

Outside paint colours for home #12: Orange

Make a statement with a strong bold colour like orange

Being a bright colour, orange pairs best with contrasting shades. If a lot of greenery surrounds your home with a clear view of the bright blue sky, orange might be the perfect colour for you.

Outside paint colours for home #13: Beige

Confused with the multiple colour choices? Keep it simple with beige

Live in a small house? Colours like beige can help create the illusion of a more expansive exterior. Being a neutral colour, beige lends an airy and open vibe to any space it decorates. In terms of your exteriors, this means it can give off the impression of a bigger home.

Outside paint colours for home #14: Peach

A subtle peach shade is one of the best colours to deck up your exteriors

If beige is too dull for your liking, you can take things a step further by going for a peach instead. As an Indian house colour combination outside, this saturated colour can lend a lovely rosy glow to your exteriors. You can pair it with shades like greige or taupe with brass accents to further accentuate it.

Outside paint colours for home #15: Regal white and red

What better way to keep things classy than with white walls and red roof tiles?

There’s nothing like keeping it classic with a bright shade of white complemented by red roof tiles. Red accents on features like doors, shutters, roof tiles, or architectural details create a vibrant focal point. However, if you choose to go for all-white exteriors, be sure to invest in weatherproof paint and materials as they can end up looking discoloured with extended exposure.

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Outside paint colours for home #16: Pink and blue

Blue bliss with pastel pink accents

Pastel pink works beautifully with its opposite on the colour wheel. Maintain a good balance between the two colours. A common approach is to use one colour as the dominant shade (usually blue) and the other as an accent (usually pink) on doors, shutters, or trim.

Simple outside colours of Indian houses #17: Navy blue

Navy blue is a classic colour that won’t go out of style easily

Navy blue pairs well with white, cream, grey, and even pops of colour like yellow or red. If you live in a hot climate, navy blue can absorb heat, making the interior of your home hotter. You might consider using it on the north or east side of your home or pairing it with a lighter colour on the south or west side.

Simple outside colours of Indian houses #18: Greige

Small cracks, big drab? Paint it cement

Some cement paints are designed to create a textured finish, which can be a decorative element for specific areas of your exterior. It can even be a suitable option for patching small cracks, holes, or imperfections on existing concrete elements like porches, steps, or patios.

Simple outside colours of Indian houses #19: Burgundy

Using burgundy as an exterior wall colour can evoke a sense of heritage and tradition

Burgundy is a deep, rich shade of red with undertones of purple or brown often associated with luxury. It can be combined with neutral hues such as white, beige, or grey for a classic and timeless look, or with bold accent colours for a more modern and eclectic style.

Note: Regular cleaning and occasional touch-ups may be necessary to prevent fading and maintain the colour’s intensity over time.

Simple outside colours of Indian houses #20: Red

Bring a bit of colonial Calcutta into your house exterior

Red has historical significance and is often associated with traditional and historic architecture. Many of the red and green houses in Kolkata are part of the city’s colonial architectural heritage, dating back to the British colonial period. These houses often feature distinct architectural styles such as Neo-Gothic, Victorian, or Indo-Saracenic, with intricate details and ornate facades.

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Tips on the outside colours for simple Indian houses

Which colour would you choose?

  • Choose a paint colour that matches your doors, windows, roof, and other exterior fittings to avoid visual clutter
  • Exterior decoration is not just limited to painting your walls. You can also paint your doors, balcony, and windows in contrasting shades to match your theme
  • Try to stick to durable paints and materials while designing the exteriors of your home to avoid weather damage. Cement, emulsion, and acrylic paints are best suited for your home’s exteriors
  • Darker colours can lend a modern edge to your home. However, they might also fade faster than lighter shades. If you’re going in for a dark shade, you might have to touch up your exteriors more frequently
  • Texture paints can be a great way to accentuate your exteriors, adding an element of interest to them

Vastu Shashtra on outside colours for Indian houses

Have you picked your favourite Vastu-approved exterior colour yet?

If you thought neutral shades were best suited for vastu, you might want to think again. In fact, most of the Indian house colour combinations outside covered in this list are vastu-appropriate! Here are a few house exterior colours that are considered auspicious for Vastu:

Simple outside colours for Indian housesVastu-Compliant? 
Light blueYes
Yellow Yes
Orange Yes
Dark redNo
According to Vastu, these colours can refresh and calm your exterior, helping attract positive energy

Dos & don’ts for interior & exterior house colour as per Vastu


  • Blue is a great exterior colour for ensuring peace in your home
  • Green is considered an auspicious colour to attract peace and good energy; perfect for new couples
  • Yellow as an exterior house colour can increase happiness
  • White colour for your exteriors can help you make the right decisions when paired with another shade
  • Orange and red are great for the south-east direction of your home interiors


  • Try to avoid red for bedroom interiors
  • Excessive use of white can have negative effects; don’t use all white for your exterior house colour
  • Avoid the south-west direction as it isn’t considered holy
  • Avoid dark or very bright colours for the kid’s bedroom interiors

Factors to consider while choosing an exterior house colour

  • Colour combinations: When choosing house exterior colours, opt for contrasting or matching combinations. Don’t overdo it, or it might look overwhelming
  • Colour choices: You might want to avoid darker shades as they fade quicker than lighter shades, while lighter shades gather dust quickly. Depending on your neighbourhood, make a decision that fits your home the best
  • Light: The sunshine your home receives can go a long way in determining how your house’s exterior colour will look. Sample a few shades to see how the colour will turn out and try to avoid colours that fade quickly
  • Surroundings: The surroundings of your neighbourhood can make your home appear brighter or darker, hence take into account the mood and your surroundings
  • Durability: When you’re picking a house exterior colour, be mindful to pick weather-resistant paint like acrylic, cement and emulsion. Also, choose low-maintenance to reduce your workload
  • Accessorise beyond paints: While choosing the right colour combination is essential, you can try adding furnishings, plants and artefacts to add character and help your home stand out

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