There’s something exciting about gutting out an entire bathroom to make it look brand new– but sometimes, our budgets (or rental agreements) don’t agree. If that sounds familiar to you, you’re in the right place! Without further ado, here’s how to take a bathroom from ho-hum to magazine-worthy with just a few changes. This curated list of bathroom decor ideas is a testament to the power of small tweaks.

Idea #1: Step up the greenery

Plants contribute to a positive atmosphere

‘Plants in the bathroom’ isn’t the first decor idea that comes to most minds, but bringing the outdoors in has its perks. For starters, it livens up a space that is used on the regular but not given as much attention as other rooms. Plants contribute to a positive atmosphere which is great if you view your bathroom as a place to relax and wash off the day. Depending on how much counter space you’ve got, you can opt for big indoor plants or potted plants that can perch on a ledge or sink counter. Hanging pots and climbers give off a tropical vibe and make use of vertical space.

Idea #2: Bring in fresh linen and curtains

Buy towels in complementing colours

This might seem like a simple swap but it does wonders to the overall look and feel of your bathroom. Consider opting for bath towels that are directly off your colour palette or complementary to it. Similarly, new mats can freshen up the floor– ensure you get a type that is water-absorbent and easy to throw in the wash. If you have a shower curtain, consider changing it for a transparent one, to let light flow, or a printed one for contemporary flair.

Idea #3: Move shelves to the wall

This will reduce visual clutter

Floor space is prime real estate in bathrooms, so less is always more. Choosing floating shelves over stands is always a good idea. They reduce visual clutter and make the bathroom seem more spacious. Open shelving also allows you to keep track of the items you have, which reduces physical clutter as well. They’re perfect to add a few personalised trinkets onto, to infuse character into the space.

Idea #4: Add a display tray with incense

Add incense sticks and candles to it

To capitalise on a space as private as a bathroom, consider adding a display tray to your decor ensemble. This tray can house special decor pieces that add character to the bathroom and are functional. Incense sticks are one such option– they spread a comforting fragrance around the bathroom, removing the need for artificial air fresheners. Scented candles and diffusers are suggestions in the same vein that make the atmosphere more relaxing.

Idea #5: Add a pop of colour

A lick of fresh paint can freshen up walls

Most home-owners steer clear of bold colours for bathrooms, but a bright pop here and there won’t hurt. Consider infusing a bright colour into the space by way of an accent piece, bath linen or even a fresh lick of paint on the walls and cabinets. This colour will act as the focal point, diverting eyes from anything you might not want to attract attention to (unsightly tiles, we’re looking at you). It’s also a great way to dress up an otherwise boring bathroom interior.

Pro Tip: Achieve storage goals with your bathroom decor ideas by placing woven baskets. These can hold fresh towels or double up as wastepaper baskets.

No matter how tight your purse strings, these bathroom decor ideas will instantly elevate the space and create a fresh atmosphere! Check this out for more ideas: Bathroom Designs to Handle Every Need.

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