Aquariums are an intrinsic part of many Indian homes. They add an element of interest, while the fish make for easy-care pets! Hobbyists looking to change up the decoration in their aquarium or first-time owners starting on a blank canvas may wonder how to make decor that is pretty, safe for fish to live in and ideal for the type of water. Here are a few springboard tips:

Aquarium Decor #1: Live rocks for freshwater aquariums
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Creating a natural habitat

Fish often use decorations for shelter, much like they use coral reefs in the ocean. These reefs also form an important part of the ecosystem. To give your fish the same degree of comfort, consider adding live rocks. These are stones packed with bacteria, micro- and macro-organisms. These help to clean the water through natural bio-organic filtering processes. 

Aquarium Decor #2: Live plants for freshwater aquariums
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Patches of greens

For freshwater aquariums, live plants are irreplaceable. These organic additions ensure that the water is clean and oxygenated. They also act as an alternative source of food so they don’t have to entirely depend on packaged feed. Live plants are natural decorative items that make your tank look more authentic and improve the health of fish.
Aquarium Decor #3: Synthetic corals for saltwater aquariums
saltwater aquarium-corals for aquarium decoration
Colourful corals

Most plants you use in freshwater aquariums can’t be used in saltwater counterparts. To play it safe, consider using synthetic corals and algae to mimic the underwater landscape. Synthetic decorations are longer-lasting than organic additions. Also, while they don’t give off fresh oxygen like real plants, they’re easier to keep clean overall. With synthetic decorations, hobbyists have more of a say in colour, size, material and type, unlike real plants. 

Aquarium Decor #4: Novelty figures for saltwater aquariums 
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Collectibles for your aquarium

If you’re planning to use your aquarium as a setting for a movie scene or creative idea, this tip is for you. Well-placed novelty figures based on a theme can make for an interesting tableau– an additional focal point other than the live inhabitants! Good-quality novelty figures will not be affected by the saltwater, and are durable and tasteful to boot. 

Aquarium Decor #5: Backgrounds for all aquariums
background designs-corals for aquariums-plants for aquarium
 It is all about the right setting

A cost-effective way to add more colour and depth is to add a background. This could be a picture background, depicting the ocean or adding 2D visual elements, or a plain background to highlight the fish and decorations. Aquarium backgrounds also serve to block the equipment from view, making the overall final piece, pleasing and neat rather than cluttered and unfinished. 

When deciding decor, pay utmost attention to the type of water, size of the aquarium and species of fish that will live there. 

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