2020 was both a difficult and unique year for home interiors. On one hand, we spent so much time indoors, and on the other, our homes had to address so many new needs. So, it was no surprise that we welcomed 2021 with a host of new interior design trends; you can read them here. As the year progresses, we need an urgent need to add touches of liveliness to homes with colour and contrast. Decorating wall ideas are particularly relevant to address this need. And the home interiors trend we are discussing today is all about walls. 

Without peaking your interest any further, let’s get straight to the trend, which is colour bold and bright colour blocked walls!. 

What is colour blocking?

decorating wall ideas-colour blocking
Contrast is king!

The technique of using diametrically opposing shades from the colour wheel to create contrast  in patterns is called colour blocking

The Origin of Colour Blocking: In Art and Fashion

colour blocking-mondrain painting-colour block dress
The iconic colour block dress from Saint Laurent and Mondrain’s painting

The technique by itself is not new or restricted to decorating wall ideas. In fact, we can trace its origins back to Dutch painter Piet Mondrain’s work. What stood out in his paintings is a graphic use of contrasting colours that we now identify as colour blocking. In the 1960s, this style found its way into fashion too. Who hasn’t seen the iconic colour blocked dress designed by Saint Laurent! That dress (very similar to the one you see in the picture here) went on to define ‘mod’ fashion in the years to come. 

The Trend: Colour Blocking Walls

decorating wall ideas-blue couch
The trend that requires just a few buckets of paint

This trend basically puts colour blocking in the context of decorating wall ideas for contemporary homes. The contrast of bright solid colours breathes life into any space instantly. And there is no rule against decorating a room around a colour blocked wall. You could go for neutrals or whites to let the wall stand out or choose to have furniture in the same colours as used on the wall for continuity. 

Here’s some inspiration for simple colour blocking you can try today!

While colour blocking gives us visually interesting walls, it is incorrect to assume that its only purpose is aesthetic. The following are some of the ways in which colour blocking can be useful for your home. 

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#1: You can use it to segregate space

green wall-dining space
No partitions needed

If you have a dining area within your living room, you can use colour block decorating wall ideas like this to segregate the space. 

#2: Providing faux architectural breaks

colour blocking-wainscoting wall
Also, don’t miss the wainscoting

Originally, architectural breaks were intended to provide relief from monotony. However, elaborate architectural breaks are not feasible to incorporate in compact apartments. Instead, you can use colour blocking to create faux breaks like these arches. 

#3: Creating continuity

wallpaper designs-colour blocking
The yellow pops match

If a space looks well-designed and you can’t put your finger on why it is so, then it is probably design continuity. Colour blocking too looks better when used with continuity. For example, the yellow pop in the painting here echoes the yellow band on the wall. 

#4: Making a statement with walls

yellow wall-moulding on wall
The perfect patch of colour

That block of vibrant yellow can be the perfect highlighting backdrop for an exquisite painting or a framed photograph. 

#5: Stretching out space

wall painting ideas-headboard designs
Lines help to make the wall look wider

Linear colour blocking like this can help you make your walls look wider. Here, the paint is interspersed with veneer panelling to create a textured accent wall. 

#6: When your wall is a canvas!

accent wall-wall paint-colour block
V for victory!

If you like experimenting with a bucket of paint, you don’t have to be bound by shapes or geometric conventions to colour block your walls!

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