If you find yourself feeling tired and lethargic even after a full night’s worth of sleep, chances are your bedroom is to blame. Alongside changing your bedtime habits and eliminating stressors, making simple changes in your bedroom’s layout could make a world of difference. This article is the answer to your ‘how to make bedroom perfect for sleep’ conundrum.

Tip #1: Opt For White or Neutral Colours

how to make bedroom perfect for sleep-pink bed-green bedding-floral armchair
Neutral colours can ease the mind

Cool-toned colours are the secret to sleeping better. They’re said to lower your blood pressure and heart rate, which alerts your body to slip into a state of rest faster. Bedrooms with blue accents tend to perform better on the sleep scale. Grey, eggshell blue, silver and lavender are also great choices; neutral colours work just as well. While white colours are common, we have shown you how to work with pastel colours here. You could accommodate these colours by way of painted walls, accent walls or visual accents.

Tip #2: Control the Lighting

how to make bedroom perfect for sleep-pendant lighting-curtains-wooden bed
Blackout curtains can help keep the room dark

Lighting can make or break a good night’s sleep, so ensure its nearly completely in your control. An easy trick to keep the room as dark or as light as you need is to use thick fabric for blackout curtains. You can always layer sheer fabric behind it for that easy-breezy look. Subtle warm lighting is best for bedrooms as they’re not too harsh– dial it up or down with the use of sconces and recessed lighting.

Tip #3: Cut Out Clutter and Electronics

how to make bedroom perfect for sleep-bookshelf designs-blue wardrobe
Keep your bedroom organised

Bedrooms being sanctuaries to unwind in, they can’t be cluttered or logged in all the time. To truly ensure your peace of mind and sleep better, consider cleaning your room of unnecessary decor, piles of clothing and general messes. Ensure everything has a place of its own so that looking for a notebook or charger doesn’t become stressful. Keep the use of electronics to a bare minimum because, aside from disturbing the peace and quiet, exposure to blue light affects your sleep cycle.

How to Make Bedroom Perfect for Sleep Tip #4: Choose High-Quality Bedding

how to make bedroom perfect for sleep-blue bedding-blue wall trims-white curtains-wooden flooring
Opt for a mattress that is easy on your spine

Don’t skimp on the quality of your bed linen or mattress, because this is where you spent at least a good few hours at night. Invest in a mattress that is easy on the spine and adapts to your posture without losing shape. Deck the mattress up with bedding made of linen or Egyptian cotton so that your skin feels well-rested and you don’t feel too hot or too cold. Keep warm blankets handy in baskets nearby, just in case you need to layer. 

Bonus Tip: If your bedroom serves different purposes, it’s best to designate task areas. This way you can separate work from relaxation and meditation from sleep, and have your body thoroughly focused on the task at hand. 

‘How to make bedroom perfect for sleep’ is a question well-worth asking (and answering) because a good night’s sleep can solve a host of life’s problems!

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