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Welcome Positivity With These 8 Easy Vastu for Home Secrets

These vastu for home tips will help you welcome positivity into your home


Try These Stunning Terracotta Tiles and Give Your Home a Modern Retro Look

Terracotta tiles are making a comeback! This guide will help you understand all the details of this evergreen material


How to Get the Perfect Modern House Design for Your Indian Home

Modern house design is often confused with contemporary design. This article will clear up that confusion and also give you designer tips on how to get the modern house interior that is best suited for Indian homes! Examples from Livspace homes included.


20+ Hilarious Design Fails That Will Instantly Make You Want to Hire an Interior Designer

These interior design fails will not only make you laugh, but also make you realise how some of them are downright dangerous. Stay safe out there, call us and avoid these design mistakes by getting the services of experts!


How to Calculate Your 4BHK Interior Design Cost: A Definitive Guide

Identify factors that affect costs and see Livspace’s detailed cost breakup to get an estimate of your 4BHK interior design costs


What Is HDF-HMR? Is It Better Than MDF and Plywood?

HDF-HMR, a popular choice for kitchens, has many advantages over MDF and Plywood. As Frank Kafka says—Better to have, and not need, than to need, and not have. But in this case, you do need this material, especially in your kitchens and bathrooms.

low-budget-simple-house-design 1

10 Secrets to Help First-Time Homeowners Get Interiors on a Low Budget

Shush! Hacks for a low budget simple house design exclusively stated by our designers.


10 Different Types of Wood That Are Ideal To Use for Furniture in India

Don’t let the many different types of wood confuse you while selecting furniture. This list will help you find the best wood for furniture in India.


30 Indian Superstitions That Invite Good Luck and Prosperity Into Your Home

Indians take the effects of superstitions in India quite seriously. Here are a few Indian superstitions that can help you bring good fortune to your side.

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7 Best Secrets That Will Make Your 1BHK Interior Design Look Bigger

Here’s how you can optimise the available space on budget

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