Fixing a broken tap has a lot of perks. For starters, it saves litres of water every year. It also reduces the likelihood of your sink corroding or ugly water stains appearing. Finally, it means getting rid of that annoying drip sound. While fixing a broken tap is not for everyone, there are home hacks that you can carry out to reduce the damage. These guidelines on how to fix a leaking tap are a great starting point!

Problem #1: Too much water

Consider getting a tap regulator to fix this problem

The solution: If water jets out from your tap in full force, leaving you soaked, there’s a minor problem at hand. Too much water coming out of taps increases wastage and is just generally unnecessary. To tackle this problem, consider getting a tap regulator. These fixtures better regular your water flow and direction. You could opt for the fixed regulators or one of the swivelling spray kinds, depending on your need. If your tap juts out enough, a fixed regulator can do. Spray regulator extends the reach of your tap, making it easier to wash up and spread the water.

Problem #2: Water leaking from the sides or front

This requires an expert like a plumber to solve

The solution: Whether your tap is leaking from the nozzle or from a gap in the fixture, this tip has you covered. You could go the technical route and change the washer. These create a watertight seal within the pipe, stopping water flow when you turn the tap off. If it’s loose or worn out, your tap might leak, so it’s best to install a new one. If you don’t have the time or industrial skills to take the tap apart, consider wrapping the leaky area up with a strip of cloth until a plumber arrives.

Problem #3: Too little water

Happens due to hard water deposits

The solution: In the event that your tap is letting out too little water, it might be that there’s a blockage on the inside. Low pressure is often caused by mineral deposits, which build up over time especially if your supply is hard water. To solve this, begin by taking the tap apart and cleaning the funnel from the inside. Vinegar is said to remove hard water deposits, so consider soaking a rag in the liquid and placing it down the pipe for half an hour. You could also check the tap nozzle to ensure no spray holes are plugged.

Problem #4: A rusty tap

Use vinegar and baking soda mix to clean

The solution: Rusty taps are dangerous to use and can contaminate the water if not taken care of immediately. To wipe the rust off a tap, mix equal parts vinegar and baking soda. Apply the paste onto the rusted areas with an old toothbrush and work it in. Take care to get all the grooves and crannies in your fixture.

These tips are sensible solutions on how to fix a leaking tap. However, if you think you have a bigger problem, consulting a professional plumber is your safest bet! Check this out too: Why Does Your Bathroom Look Dirty?

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