The idea of interior design home has never been more important. Our home acts as our protective cocoon within which we take refuge. It nurtures us and shapes the way we live. Since, our emotional needs lie at the core of how we experience this space, let us first understand what it means to “feel at home.” Hence, it’s not unfair to say that a house may be built of four walls and a roof but ‘homes’ are much more than that.

But how is that you create a home out of a house? You could go through a million different design ideas until you find what you are looking for. But at its core, a home is well designed if it adheres to these 10 thumb rules. 

Interior Design Home Commandment #1: It Should be Healthy

interior design home-white walls-floral accent chair
Natural light and ventilation are key for good health

Your home should capitalize on the available natural light and provide optimum ventilation. It should care for you and your family by being ergonomically sound and minimising the chances of accidents and injuries. Only when you have these can you expect to have a sense of well-being in your living quarters. Dark and dingy places are not good for your physical or emotional well being.  You can check out how to create well-lit spaces in your home

Interior Design Home Commandment #2: It Should Have a Place for Everything and Everyone

interior design-wooden rafters in ceiling-low height storage unit
Homes must attend to all you needs

Your home needs to be accommodating. It should be able to make space for all its people and their activities and belongings. So if you need a space to gather and celebrate, you need to invest in a large living room with cosy furnishing. If you are an avid reader, your home must have space to store your precious books and may be a quiet reading corner. 

Interior Design Home Commandment #3: It Should Pay Attention to Detail

interior design home-wooden flooring-c-shaped ceiling
A lot of thought must go into what is ideal for you

Ever heard the saying “God is in the detail”? When it comes to the home, this phrase rings true not just for the aesthetic detailing but the thoughtfulness and thoroughness that goes into making it an enjoyable space. If your interior design ideas are optimum, they will include details that tie in with your personality and lifestyle.  Learn how you can personalise rooms while using your existing furniture.

Interior Design Home Commandment #4: It Should Evolve With Your Needs

interior design home-wooden flooring-pull-out bed
Homes should be durable and evolve to cater to your needs

Most people do interiors for their homes only once in their lifetime. Thus, a home should be designed for life. Besides catering to your present needs, it should be equipped to anticipate your future requirements. So if you are a couple and intend to have a child in the future, your interior design ideas must account for your future needs like more storage, baby-proofing etc. Moreover, your interiors also need to be durable. Basically, it needs to withstand the test of time. 

Interior Design Home Commandment #5: It Should Respect Your Privacy

interior design-wooden flooring-private reading space
Does your home have a spot for ‘me’ time?

Your home should be able to set healthy boundaries between common spaces where your family and guests congregate and private spaces which celebrate individuality. After all, home is the only place where you can be yourself without the fear of impunity. So, whether you want ‘me’ time or family time, your home should cater to both.  Pick ideas to unwind in private spaces from celebrity homes

Interior Design Home Commandment #6: It Should be Innovative

interior design-smart homes
The tech you use in your home should not become obsolete in a hurry

Your home should be designed smartly: it should embrace products that can make your daily chores simpler and it should be future-proof when it comes to technology that is relevant to your lifestyle. Make sure your home (and the tech you install in it) does not become obsolete too soon. Smart homes are definitely the future, so invest in smart technology.  You could start with some of these decorative and customisable smart switches.

Interior Design Home Commandment #7: It Should be Value for Money

green accent wall-wooden bed
It doesn’t have to be cheap but must give you return on investment

You shouldn’t be losing your sleep over the financial upkeep of your home, be it the design or its maintenance. Affordability aside, every rupee you spend should be worth it. It’s also important to point out here that value for money is not the same as inexpensive. If you are getting the returns (in kind) for your investment into your home, then it is value for money as far as you are concerned.   Check out how our homeowners cut designing costs with these creative hacks.

Interior Design Commandment #8: It Should be Comfortable

floor-to-ceiling panelling-mirror panel
Your home should put you at ease

Comfort goes beyond the lazy Sunday mornings spent in PJs or Netflixing all day. It is about building a private sanctuary where you feel totally relaxed. It’s not the comfy couch that you refuse to leave on your bad days but the vibe around your home that puts you at ease immediately. It could be achieved by factoring in some familiar elements from your hometown or adding a few cherished heirlooms you have owned forever.  Take cues from this Gurgaon 4BHK where comfort is all that matters.

Interior Design Commandment #9: It Should Help You Live Better

blue chesterfield sofa-bench design
It not just about about functions but also about your dreams

Your dreams should not have to be limited by the square footage. Your home should be built to cater to your needs and aspirations and be the place where you repair and rejuvenate. So do not shy away from aiming high or getting something that you fancy. After all, you do the interiors for your home just once and your design ideas must make room for your dreams.

Interior Design Commandment #10: It Should be Beautiful

yellow tufted sofa-gold trims on wall
Aesthetics is just as important as usability

Because that’s important too! And since “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”; the best way to define beauty is whatever makes you happy and houseproud. Being around settings that you consider aesthetically pleasing is actually good for your emotional health. So your home must be kind of beautiful. For example, this is the sun-soaked home of a self-professed colourist!

If you found this piece about the most basic interior design ideas useful, also explore what kind of interiors do you want, cheap or cost-effective?

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